Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 95: Last Full Month Of The Mission Starts Now!

I'm so glad for the opportunity I have to serve the Lord in this area! I absolutely love The Woodlands! It's definitely one of my favorite places I've ever been to. This week Elder Wells and I hit it hard again, setting two dates, increasing the faith of member missionaries and having amazing experiences! 

On Tuesday, to start it off we had such an inspiring zone Conference! We talked about the ways we can ignite members in the work! One thing I've learned is that we always need to be relevant! Make ourselves known and always inspire! Wherever we are there is someone who needs us! We were also instructed on ways how we can more effectively build the kingdom of God! We took all of our last former Investigators who had ever gone to church, or who received a date in The Woodlands Elders and Hermanas area and found 5 names who we prayed about and felt inspired could receive a baptismal date within the next 30 days! Throughout this last week we have had the chance to talk to so many of our members about the list, and we are excited to set some baptismal dates pretty soon! 

But speaking of baptismal dates, Elder Wells and I set two dates on Tuesday after the conference with David and Zurri, a couple of our new investigators! They are amazing, and really show great desires to change! They weren't able to go to church yesterday, but we know the Lord will definitely help them prepare for May 27! 

The best part of the whole week was yesterday! We had so many spiritual experiences! The first one was that after the sacrament was passed during church, I sat next to a less active that had come to church that day, and a couple minutes later he looked at me and asked if he could talk to me for a sec. We stand up and go to the foyer. He then started to ask me some questions about the church, things he definitely wasn't happy about! I could tell he was angry, and I was getting a little frustrated myself, but then I had this thought and I know it wasn't my own thought, but it said, look at him how I look at him!!! Then here's how our conversation went: Me: how has your reading in the Book of Mormon been? Him: I don't like reading it because it's boring, and I just can't do it. Me: What's holding you back from reading it? Him: well first I don't want to and second Obispo's asked me to read it and even the prophet has  asked me to read but I'm still not gonna read it! Me: Well, what do you like to read about? Him: well I like reading about WWll but that's about it. Me: you know I just finished the book of Alma and I know you'd really like it, because it talks about exactly what you like! Him: hmmm I guess I can try it! In that moment the spirit was the strongest! I gave him a hug and felt that maybe something might change within him! We went back into the chapel and then sat down! 

Later that day we had dinner with a family, and I was impressed to share Alma 48: 8-9, which talks about how we need to fortify our weaknesses to prepare for the world, and as we shared how we can, the spirit was really strong and the mom, told us that this was an answer to her prayers. That in Sunday school she received the same spiritual confirmation to pray and fast to find out what to fortify! It was so cool! Then later we had a musical Charla Fogenera that our ward put on, and it was a huge success! We at least 100 people show up and at least 30 of them were non members. It was awesome! It was super nerve racking though because I sang two songs being apart of a duet! It was the first time I had ever sang in front of a crowd that big, without a whole choir with me, but the spirit was there and it turned out really good! The whole charla fogenera was awesome though, and after we had the chance to meet all the non members that people had invited! A lot of seeds were planted! To finish off the Sunday we were in the area of one of the Less Active members in our ward. We didn't know what to talk to her about but in desperate measures the spirit always pulls through! She really opened up and told us a lot of personal trials she'd been through, and as I sat there I felt the spirit really strongly and was able to share a lot of my trials and how God has been able to help me. I had the thought to share the story from the Mormon message the hope of gods light, and how Todd was so close to taking his life, but because he showed his faith and "fasted", other people "true friends" were able to come into the picture and save his life! She told us that she had never thought about fasting about the answers she's been searching for! She told us she will fast for an answer, of what she needs to do! 

I just want to share with y'all the power that the spirit has in helping our lives! I know that without the spirit I would just be a 19 year old kid "trying" and probably failing at helping people make righteous changes! But we do have the spirit, and the blessings that come from it! I invite all of you to find out what you can do to fortify your weaknesses and fast and pray to know what you can improve, so that we can qualify to have the spirit! I love you all so much, sorry this letter was so long today馃槉! 
Make it a great one!

Love, Elder Heiner

This is Bryan, he came out with us for 9 hours on Wednesday! He's a stud!

That moment after a long day when you pull up to one of Gods most
beautiful creations! Miracles! Sorry the photo is a bit fuzzy. 

Thanks so much for the package mom! I love you! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 94: Living In Paradise!

This past week was stacked with good stuff! It's already a blessing being in one of the prettiest places in Texas, but what's better is that here in The Woodlands you have so many different types of people, food, cultures, and what's best is that when your a missionary you get to experience all of it! We met so many people from Venezuela, El Salvador, Honduras, Argentina, Columbia, and of course Mexico! It was absolutely incredible being able to meet so many people from so many different places and teach them all about the gospel! 

One of our new investigators that we have is named Dora. Si, como Dora la exploradora jaja! She doesn't like her name because she says that's what everyone tells her! But she had a lot of great questions about the Plan of Salvation! She is visiting a member in our ward for a couple months, which is perfect time to get her on board with baptism!! 

Ok I gotta write about the food that we ate this last week! It was hmmm hmmm good! The members definitely spoiled us! For our dinners we had: Carne Asada (de Honduras), Subway (de Am茅rica), gnoiquis (de Argentina), lo mejor arroz con frijoles y carne (de Honduras), m谩s carne asada con pan (de Argentina), and top it off with some Arepas (de Venezuela)! It was so good! It was probably one of the best weeks of food I've had in a long time! Ahh it was so good!!! 馃構 

On Friday I got to kick it with Elder Barrus my old companion. We had our exchange in The Woodlands! It was just like old times, except for now we are old and feeble! We went contacting and after going for a bit, we knock the door of this Argentine guy, and he lets us in! Honestly I could only understand about 50% of what he was saying haha! But he let us in and he told us that he was a member! It was awesome! He told us that he was actually thinking about coming back to church, and then next thing he found, were two missionaries on his doorstep! That's pretty awesome if you ask me! But half way through the discussion, he asked us, "puede entender mi espa帽ol"? I was gonna say like, umm not really, but then Elder Barrus says, "si entendemos todo"! I was like, dang it haha! He was really cool though and is excited to come back to church! At the end of the lesson I asked Elder Barrus if he could actually understand, and he was like, not at all haha! Then later that night we went and taught Dora (la exploradora) again! One thing about Dora is she can talk!!! 馃槻 She went off at the beginning of the lesson for 30 min until we could get anything out of our mouths! But once we finally could speak we taught a great restoration lesson! Dora told us that she already knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet! We want to set a date for baptism with her this week! We are so excited!

We are also teaching someone named Irma! She has a baptismal date for next month but has been going through a lot of trials! Elder Wells and I taught a powerful Plan of Salvation lesson with her yesterday, and we hit hard on our purpose in this life and the atonement! I've definitely seen a lot of trials in my life and I felt the spirit so powerfully as I bore my testimony of the atonement and cleansing and liberating feeling it brings! Her and her kids promised to read the Book of Mormon and find the peace that it brings! 

Spiritual Thought:
Our ward is really missionary minded and it is absolutely incredible! Yesterday in Priesthood we taught everyone how they can give a Book of Mormon to a friend! We asked those to raise their hand who had given one away, and we asked how they did it!. One member said that they had talked about the church before, and it was a easy transition! We then asked all the elders quorum and j贸venes if they had ever shared their beliefs with their friends and almost all of there hands shot up! The Hermano that gave the Book of Mormon away, talked about the amazing feeling that he had when he gave it away! We then role played with one of the youth on how to give a BOM to a friend! After we finished and testified of the power of the Book of Mormon we asked all the brethren, who would want a Book of Mormon to give to their friends? We had about 20 people raise their hand, after giving each one a copy, I knew that there would be so many more people learning about the Book of Mormon! My invitation is the same to all of you! Who is one person that you know, or maybe even kind of know that could receive of Book of Mormon? I invite you to pray about who could receive one, and give that person a Book of Mormon! I know that you will feel a different kind of spirit as you do so! 

Thanks y'all I hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much! 

Love, Elder Heiner!

Elder Barrus and I!

The Woodlands

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 93: Happy Easter!

Whoa this week was good! It went by extremely fast! We also had a ton of tender mercies as we were obedient! One thing that I've definitely seen in my mission is obedience brings blessing! We also had a very happy d铆a de la pascua! 馃悾 I hope y'all had a great Easter and really spent a lot of time with your families, and or remembering our savior Jesus Christ! It definitely was amazing learning more about him, and remembering his resurrection! 

So this week we had a lot of tender mercies like I said. Start it off on Tuesday! We got the chance to do service at Special Angels. If you don't remember what that is from a year ago, its where we get the chance to serve mentally disabled adults! They truly are angels 馃懠! We played Monopoly with them, and they are sooo fun! I know Heavenly Father has an amazing place for these people in the next life! 

Wednesday I got to go on another exchange with Elder Progroszewski. Don't ask me how many I've done with him, cause I couldn't tell you! We put up English class flyers and while we were doing so, we met a lot of cool people! We put one up at a salon and while we were there we got talking to one of the clients and got a lesson set up! While we there Elder Pogroszewski got his Eye Brows threaded haha! It looked so painful 馃槚! I literally died laughing! We later went contacting at a new apartment complex, and we only had one door open and she was a Hispanic, and she let us in! Blessings!!! We taught a great lesson and we are going back this week! 

Spiritual Thought:
Cada semana recibimos (toda la misi贸n) una carta de nuestro presidente de misi贸n por correo electr贸nico, y la semana pasada el escribi贸 algunas cosas que me impact贸, que yo quiero compartir con ustedes. En su carta el habl贸 sobre el proceso de aumentar la fe, el dijo: I have been reminded of my first experience of going to the gym after my mission. I quickly realized how much strength I had lost, and began the process of building strength back up. For muscle to grow, two things must happen: Muscles need to experience experience stress/tension. The stress needs to damage the muscle so the muscle can be built back up or repaired. If you want this process to happen faster, you need to lift more weight. There is one critical requirement that has to be present to protect you from injury if you are going to lift heavier weight: you need to have a "spotter". A spotter is a person who is there only to help you be successful. They don't necessarily touch the weight, if they don't need to, but they are there to make sure you succeed. A good spotter will push you beyond what you think you can do because they know what your objective is and they want to help you achieve it! He or she will hold you accountable.

Like President Mortensen said, the way for muscles (faith) to be built is that they must experience a huge amount of stress and by so doing must be damaged, so they can be built again! Now, I know that God gives trials of our faith so that our faith can be strengthened, but I also know that he calls amazing spotters! Some of these spotters may be bishops, leaders, parents, friends, and or neighbors. God has called specific spotters to bless our lives! We must always remember to trust the specific spotters that God has called. As we do so, our faith will be strengthened and we will be able to lift the heavier weight! 

Keep on trusting, reading, praying, attending (church), partaking (the sacrament) and following the spirit! As your spotters push you, you will be able to see more blessing come! 

I love y'all so much! 

Love, Elder Heiner

Confetti eggs before smashing them馃榿! 

Confetti eggs after smashing them馃榿!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 92: Finding Brings Blessings!

What a week! Elder Wells and I really hit it hard his week! The faith is building so strong here! I was so happy with the success that we had! Every day was a grinder but we never put our heads down, and at the end of every day we saw miracles! It was nuts!

This week we went finding like crazy! It was probably the week of my mission where I have gone finding the most! We found a ton of new investigators! I have never found so many people in The Woodlands! Every single time we found a new investigator, it was when we had knocked for hours, and we had a forth floor last door moment! 

The best day of the week was Friday though by far! We had an amazing zone meeting and I learned all about charity, and how I can be more like our savior Jesus Christ! We then got to go to lunch while the Zone Leader and District Leaders were in a meeting, and while we were there a man approached me and he asked, I just want to know the difference between modern Christianity and Mormonism. I talked to him a little bit about prophets and how God always calls prophets, which led to the Book of Mormon. He had questions on the Book of Mormon and I just bore testimony about what it is and also what are the promised blessings he will receive when he reads! He said he would read it! We gave him a book and set up a time to see him! It was incredible! Then I got the chance to go on an exchange with Elder Christensen up in the Louetta area! It was amazing! Elder Christensen planned a whole day of finding! We went from 3-9pm with a 20 min break for dinner! We passed out at least 100 pass along cards but Elder Christensen told me, "we are finding a family of 5 today"!! We went all day with a lot of rejections, talking to UFO fanatics, asking to use the restroom in strangers homes (it's one of my favorite contact ideas haha), getting a ton of potatoes and fruit from people, but still no success! Until 9:05pm! We were getting ready to leave and we talked to one more person, who . . . let us in 馃槀! We shared the prince of peace video and then tied it into the Restoration, and gave them all a copy of The Book of Mormon! The spirit was so strong in the lesson. When Elder Christensen bore his testimony about the BOM the spirit filled the room! Plus guess what, they were a family of 7!!! After the lesson we got back in the car, and I looked at Elder Christensen, and said, I can't believe that just happened!!! It was absolutely crazy! It was one of the biggest miracles of my mission! And topped off an incredible exchange!

Spiritual thought: 
Esta semana pasada estaba leyendo sobre las historias de Ammon, Aar贸n y sus hermanos en El Libro de Mormon, y me encanta uno vers铆culo en Alma cuando Alma se libr贸 sus hermanos. Es Alma 20:29 que dice: Y cuando Amm贸n los vio, se entristeci贸 mucho, porque he aqu铆, se hallaban desnudos y ten铆an la piel sumamente excoriada, por haber estado atados con fuertes cuerdas; y tambi茅n hab铆an padecido hambre, sed y toda clase de aflicciones; sin embargo, fueron pacientes en todos sus sufrimientos.

A veces es dif铆cil a ver la luz adentro de la obscuridad. Me imagino que Aar贸n y sus hermanos pudieran murmurar, quejarse, o perder su fe! Pero eso no es lo que hicieron! Ellos ten铆an fe, ten铆an caridad, obedec铆an los mandamientos de Dios hasta que hubieran librados! Este historia es similar a nuestras vidas. Porque, vamos a pasar por medio de aflicciones que son tan dif铆ciles, pero cuando recordamos la misericordia que Dios tiene, y damos nuestras vidas a El, eso es como podemos ser librados! Eso es como podemos ser mejores disc铆pulos! Cuando leemos en el libro de Mormon y oramos y asistimos la iglesia, especialmente durante los tiempos que no quisi茅ramos,  pero cuando los hacemos porque estamos dispuestos a seguir, eso es cuando recibimos las bendiciones que deseamos.

Thanks y'all for all the prayers! I love y'all so much! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Heiner

Service at the Butterfly farm in Spring Tx
Elder Christensen represents! #Milagros 

We are ready for Star Wars!

Bowling with the District!

It's a Christmas miracle!

That security on that house tho! Haha

Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 91: Goodbye Houston! Hello Again Woodlands!

So last week I got transferred out of the Houston 3rd Ward, and it definitely was hard to leave behind so much! But my new area, or old area you could say, is The Woodlands! Exactly a year ago I served here and I am so excited to be back! It was absolutely incredible being with and seeing so many families that I love! Plus we saw so many miracles this week as we put our faith in the Lord! Plus we had General Conference, so overall you could say that it was an incredible week! Let me tell y'all all about it!

My new companion is Elder Wells! He is from Alpine Utah! It's so weird having a companion from Utah and even weirder because we grew up so close to each other! But he's a stud, and has definitely worked me hard in this area! The best feeling is coming home and just feeling exhausted from all the hard work that we put in from the day! Missionary work is amazing! 

Alright time for some Miracles!!! One of the investigators that I was teaching a year ago, that was going through a lot of struggles, is being taught again, and has a date! His name is Julio and his moms name is Irma! They were a knocking miracle that Elder Phister and I had, and now they are progressing super well! Yesterday they followed us to General Conference and absolutely loved it!! Julio is 18 years old and he has a baptismal date for April 22nd and tonight we want to set a date with his mom Irma! We are super excited!

On Saturday we had a cita set up for this kid (he's like 18) named Mike (It was set up at the beginning on the afternoon session of conference), and we started teaching a tiny bit about the restoration and taught what prophets were! Then I had the prompting to clarify the difference between a disciple and a prophet! Then we turned on General Conference on his phone and literally 2 seconds after we turn it on, Elder Hales starts his talk on what it means to be a true disciple!!! Elder Wells and I looked at each other like, no way haha馃槃! At the end of the talk Mike loved how it talked about how we can't be part time disciples (I love this guy)! The Lords timing was absolutely perfect 馃憣!!  

So this week we had a commitment to find 5 new investigators and going into Sunday we had only found 1, but yesterday at 8pm Elder Wells was prompted to go to one of the houses that he thought was a former investigator. I don't think it was the right house with the former inv, but there we found 4 new investigators! We shared the new video prince of peace (if you haven't seen it, you definitely should), then got into this huge conversation about prophets, and religion! They loved it and are willing to learn more! We are going back on Tuesday! What miracles! 

I know this letter is a little bit long but I just wanted to add that I loved Conference! It was such a spiritual experience for me! One of the take aways that I had is that many of the talks if not all of them talked about how we can be more Christlike and become more like Him! I loved the emphasis on the Christlike attributes! I know that as we have faith in Jesus Christ and remember "His" atonement, we are diligent in doing all the small tasks (like reading the BOM, praying, going to church, etc.), we will be brought out of bondage! I definitely know that when we do our part line upon line precept upon precept that we will receive the light of the perfect day! Thanks y'all for everything! Make it a great week!

Love, Elder Heiner

This Is Heber from H3! Definitely going to miss him!

 Saying goodbye to some of my favorite families in Houston 3.

Elder Wells and I at the start of the new transfer!

Priesthood Session with the Elders Quorum! We had the best
dinnerand then we were spiritually fed! (Bendiciones 馃榿)

This is what happens after a long day of contacting!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 90: Goodbye Houston

Transfers are here and I'm out of H3! My son Elder Jessop will be taking over the area, and will have another trainer! Man he's gonna do a great job! I feel sad to leave, but I'm excited for the new adventure that I'll have somewhere else! 

This last week was great first we had Zone Conference! It was incredible! We talked about the priesthood and how the priesthood is the key to be able to see God again! President also made an equation that I will always remember is priesthood power = Personal Worthiness * Righteous Activity. The only way that we will be able to enter into the presence is by that Priesthood Power, but we we have to we have to be worthy and acting in righteousness! Truth right there! 

Just remember that when trials come to always remain faithful, and always count your blessings! But most important, pray to our Heavenly Father he will help and love you to the end!

I love you all have a great week! Love, Elder Heiner!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 89: Prayer Brings Miracles

Hello family and friends. This last week was a good one! I feel like I say that every week. Ahhh the time is going so fast as well! Weeks are turning into days and days are turning into minutes. I wish there was a button to slow time down! But I know there isn't so the goal is to make every day just the best, and this last week there were a ton of blessings and miracles that we saw as we made each day great! 

On Tuesday I got to go on exchange with Elder Barton. He is a stud, and just talks to everyone! We were in Burger King getting a late lunch / early dinner, and there was this couple that was in line right behind us, and we started talking to them and got on a topic of religion, and she started telling us that she just lost her husband. So we were inspired to share the Mormon Message Mountains to Climb with them. They went to a booth and watched it, and came back in tears and they told us that that was exactly what they needed! It was incredible! Then later I got to give Samuel Acosta his baptismal interview, he is the H3 Hermanas investigator. He is a great kid. I got the chance to perform the baptism, and give him the gift of the Holy Ghost (in Spanish). That was one of the only things that I haven't done, is give someone the gift of the Holy Ghost in Spanish, so now I can check that off the bucket list! But Samuel definitely has a lot of desires to follow Jesus Christ, and I'm super excited for him to learn more about the gospel y crecer cada dia!

On Wednesday we had a money day! Started it off with teaching Rodney and Jennifer, our Burger King miracle! We taught a great lesson on prayer with them, and talked about how Heavenly Father always wants to answer our prayers! So we invited them to cry out to him, and ask for help! It was awesome! Then later that night we shared a lesson with Maria Escobar, one of the investigators that we've been teaching a while. We bore powerful testimony on the Book of Mormon and on the power of prayer! The spirit was sooo strong! This week we have been inviting so many people to not only read in the BOM, but also to pray each and every day and to literally cry out to him during our struggles! Maria at the end of the lesson prayed and thanked God for everything she has been given like 4 times in a row. Oh my goodness, the power of prayer is so powerful! Our Heavenly Father wants to hear us, and not just for a couple minutes before we go to bed and after we wake up, but he want to us to talk with him. To express all our feeling to him! 

So this week we were doing prayer texts, where we continually texted members to say their prayers. We followed up with them yesterday and each one who was part of the challenge to pray each day, said that their week was so much better, than the weeks before. I know that prayer is so important! I feel so much love, knowing that my Heavenly Father is cheering me on. Where ever we are and whatever situation we are in, our Heavenly Father is waiting to answer our prayer, but he can't unless we CRY out! Unless we truly ask! Remember that he will always answer us! He won't let us quit through the hard times, and he will challenge us through the comfortable times! As a father he always wants us to improve! So my invitation to y'all is to truly pray. Give thanks for everything you've been given, and communicate whats going on in your life! He loves you! 

Miracles always come as we put our faith in our savior Jesus Christ and we are continually communicating with our Father in Heaven! I love y'all so much! Make this week the best week you possibly can! I love y'all!

Love, Elder Heiner

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 88: Keep On Keep'n On!

Weeks are passing by faster than ever! It's crazy how fast time is going! This last week we saw a lot of miracles and I had a lot of very powerful learning experiences! We found a few new investigators that have a lot of potential! We also just found out that one of our main investigators, who's barrier for baptism was her getting married, got married like 3 weeks ago. We were talking to our Ward mission leader and he told us that they got married! I was super surprised and happy, all at the same time! So we could be setting a date soon with Maria Escobar! I also had the opportunity to baptize one of the Hermanas investigators! Her name is Maria, and she was so prepared! When we performed the actual baptism, the water was sooo hot! Hotter than a hot tub! It hurt to move, it was that bad! But Maria was awesome because even though it was so hot she was willing to do it! There were a lot of amazing blessings, and I'm just grateful for the people I have in my life right now! I have been blessed with so many amazing friends, and I just want to say thank you! All of y'all have helped me out so much, and I'm grateful for everything! 

Remember the love that our father in Heaven has for all us! That he will never leave us stranded! So remember to do all the little things right! Keep praying, keep studying, keep fasting, keep serving, keep reading in the BOM, keep going to church! When we keep doing the small things, our lives will be filled with more joy and happiness! 

I love y'all so much! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Heiner :)

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 87: There Is Always Light!

Spiritual Thought for the day! I was reading a talk by Robert D Hales in the 2002 General  Conference called Out of Darkness Into his Marvelous light, and it says something that I absolutely love:

When I was a boy, I used to ride my bicycle home from basketball practice at night. I would connect a small pear-shaped generator to my bicycle tire. Then as I pedaled, the tire would turn a tiny rotor, which produced electricity and emitted a single, welcome beam of light. It was a simple but effective mechanism. But I had to pedal to make it work! I learned quickly that if I stopped pedaling my bicycle, the light would go out. I also learned that when I was “anxiously engaged” in pedaling, the light would become brighter and the darkness in front of me would be dispelled.
The generation of spiritual light comes from daily spiritual pedaling. It comes from praying, studying the scriptures, fasting, and serving--from living the gospel and obeying the commandments. “He that keepeth his commandments receiveth truth and light,” said the Lord, “and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.” My brothers and sisters, that perfect day will be when we will stand in the presence of God the Father and Jesus Christ.
Sometimes people ask, “Why do I have to go to sacrament meeting?” or “Why do I have to live the Word of Wisdom, pay tithing? Why can’t I have one foot in Babylon?” May I tell you why? Because spiritual pedaling takes both feet! Unless you are fully engaged in living the gospel--living it with all of your “heart, might, mind and strength”--you cannot generate enough spiritual light to push back the darkness.

Let us make sure that we are always pedaling with both feet so that we can produce the efficient amount of light that we need! I know that when both feet are pedaling, no matter how dark, we will always be able to see what's in front of us! I love this gospel and this church! It is all so true! 
Thanks for all the prayers family and friends! 
I love you all so much!

Love, Elder Heiner

Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 86: I LOVE To See The Temple

Hey buenos Dias family and friends! This week was much different than most because I was super sick! Thanks so much for all your prayers! But overall it was an awesome week! We found a lot of awesome people to teach! Friday was one of the only days I was able to go knocking and elder Jessop and I went out and knocked for a few hours, and we found so many people! We met this person that I had taught about a year and a half ago and taught her an amazing Restoration lesson! It was incredible to be able to bear testimony of the restoration! Shortly after we taught another great lesson with a guy named Gabriel, and Elder Jessop nailed the 1st vision and it was super spiritual!! Elder Jessop is awesome! He is doing so good! 

We also got to go to the temple! It was such an amazing trip! The spirit was so strong, and I felt so good! I definitely needed the temple! It is such an amazing place! I invite y'all to go to the temple when you have the chance! I love this gospel! It is so incredible! Thanks y'all! I love each and everyone of you so much! 

Love, Elder Heiner

We are starting a service project, where we get to help kids who are going through a hard time!

I found the cutest baby husky while knocking doors!

 I got a Valentine's Day package from my momma! Thanks mom!

H3 missionaries at the temple! It was amazing!