Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 26: 80 Degrees, 95% Humidity = Christmas In Texas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I love the holidays because everyone is so happy. I have met some of the happiest people while finding, who are just full of the spirit. So this week was amazing. We got to eat with members every single day of this last week. For a branch it is a very difficult task for the members to feed the missionaries all the time, but on the week of Christmas we definitely received that kind, present from the branch. I love eating at members houses because we get to know the members better, and strengthen the bond, but we also get the chance to bring more spirit into the home as we are able to share a message at the end. It has been awesome because many of the families we had dinner with have young men and every one has told us that they want to out with us, and prepare to serve a mission. So I'm pumped because this week we have a young man coming out with us every single day of the week. I'm super psyched for the experiences they all get to have.

We had a lot of highlights this week. The first and most obvious one was Christmas. It was awesome. On Christmas it was 80 degrees with 95% humidity! so it was a little bit different than walking in a winter wonderland. But it was still really good. So Christmas morning we had district meeting and we all brought presents for someone, who we chose about a week ago, to do a white elephant gift exchange. It was so fun watching everyone open their presents. I got a super awesome sweat band, and tons of candy that was so good. Then After we went to the Howells (a family in our branch) to talk to our families. It was really cool to talk to my family. It was weird because it almost seemed like a dream. It was really cool to see their faces and hear their voices though. It was a great Christmas present. Then later we ate dinner with the Jarvis family. It was a lot of fun. They have 3 little kids and we were having so much fun with them. This was the best Christmas on the mission I have ever had.

Last Tuesday (sorry I'm jumping all over the place) we had the chance to go finding in little Mexico of Navasota. Throughout the night we had a few contacts, but we weren't having too much success. We decided to knock one more trailer and then call it a night. As we knocked it, a person opened the door, and we did our normal door approach, and he was like come in come in (in Spanish). So we sit down at a table and a lady comes out and she speaks perfect English and no Spanish, but this girl had the perfect questions. We didn't have a lot of time but we were still able to do a run down of the Restoration. She kept asking questions about our church, and every time we answered her eyes lit up and she kept saying: No way! It was pretty incredible to watch the spirit work with her. At the end of the lesson, we even gave her a soft baptismal invitation (a baptismal invitation that doesn't have a specific date on when they will get baptized) and she said yes. We gave her a restoration pamphlet and invited her to read and pray to know that these things are true. Her name is Kelly and the guy's name is Asencion and we are so excited for them. Many times the spirit guides us and puts miracles in our path, but sometimes it won't be until the last moment, luckily for us, we were just patient enough to find a miracle.

One of the things that has been driving me to be better and better is, 4 months ago, Elder Christensen and I were teaching a lesson to our investigator named Joe. It was a solid Restoration lesson, but I was so frustrated because I was so timid to share anything. I remember though, we watched the first vision video with Joe, and the spirit completely took over Elder Christensen. As he was bearing his testimony I felt more at peace and Joe was also so touched. He showed so much love and compassion for him like he knew him for a long time. In that moment I saw God work through my companion, and ever since then I strive to feel that same spirit, love and compassion that I watched E Christensen illuminate. So yesterday, I came very close to having an Elder Christensen-Joe moment. We went over to Brother Hamners house (Elder Pesci reactivated brother Hamner and gave him the priesthood, plus brother Hamner is a flipping stud!!), and his friend Kimberly was there. Well we got talking and it was all just small talk, but then she started asking questions about the church. So we dove right into the middle of the Restoration, and talked about how when Jesus Christ was on the Earth He established His church. She understood, but then we went back to the beginning of the lesson and covered how Heavenly Father loves us, and we explained Prophets as well. She was starting to get it and it was really fun to watch. Well when we got to the first vision, we played the same video that E Christensen and I played to Joe 4 months ago. As I was listening to the words, I got the chills so strong, and a feeling of love swept over me. As we testified that Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father appeared to Joseph Smith I could feel the spirit so strongly. We then shared about the Book of Mormon, and I testified that it is true. In that moment I shared with her my own personal conversion story, and how I know the Book of Mormon is true. As I looked into her eyes I saw something, I felt something, and I knew she felt something. The spirit was speaking through Elder Atkinson and I. She told us that she is excited to read the Book of Mormon. We invited her, just like I invite all of you, to pray every night to know that the Book of Mormon is true. As she does this, and as we all do this, we will gain peace in this life and the life to come, but also know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true.

In moments like these, I feel honored by God, that He let me be apart of them. I am grateful for this work. I have seen Heavenly Father help me, and I have seen my savior carry me. I love all of you, and I hope you guys have a great New Years. Talk to you guys next year ;)

Love Elder Heiner

Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 25: Merry Christmas!!

Dear Family and Friends!!! Can you believe that it is almost Christmas? I can't wait! In Texas, Christmas is exactly the same as Utah except it's 75 degrees and absolutely no snow; it's very sad. It's super weird because the coldest it has gotten here is like 40 degrees, but that was like 1 night. So it is a lot different temperature wise. But we still have a lot of lights and houses decked out and ready for SANTA to come. Plus we have been saying a lot of Elf quotes and The Grinch quotes. So it still feels like Christmas. But the best thing about Christmas is, it is just a time a happiness and joy. So many more people are willing to talk to us. It's pretty incredible!

So I got a new companion and he is super cool. His personality is very similar to mine so it has been a lot of fun. We even payed basketball with a couple of super cocky kids, and we destroyed them. So fun!!!

Tuvimos algunos milagros que pasó este semana pasada. (We had some miracles that happened this past week). This week our Zone Leaders have come out with a commitment for each one of us to do, and that is to invite at least one person to be baptized each day. If every companionship invites at least one person to be baptized each day for 2 weeks we are going to have a zone activity. That's pretty awesome for us because our zone has about 30 missionaries, and can you imagine how many baptismal invitations that will be in 2 weeks. Most definitely a lot! We have already seen a few miracles that have come from doing this as well.

One miracle we had was we went to a part member family's house for dinner and the father (Brother Morris, who is not a member, and the only reason he isn't a member is because he needs to file his divorce papers, and get divorced) started talking about one of his friends who lives close by who is interested in the gospel, and could potentially be someone really interested in the gospel. Brother Morris said that next time we come out to his house, we can go knock his buddy's house. This is called a referral. Referrals are amazing, and have made an impact in my mission because the two people that have been baptized on my mission were referrals. So I am so excited to go knock his door this week. After dinner we started the lesson, and the lesson that we had planned in nightly planning was the atonement of Jesus Christ. So we shared Alma 7:11-14. The spirit was really strong as we bore witness of our saviors atonement how he bore ALL the sins of the world, temptations, pains and sicknesses of every person. At the end of the lesson Brother Morris said that scripture hit him really hard. He realized that he has had so many blessings and he  knows that this is what he should do, is file his paperwork and be baptized. It's so AMAZING! We re-invited him to be baptized on January 31st, and he accepted the invitation. We are so excited for him, but not only him, but we are so excited for his kids to finally have a Melchezidek priesthood holder in the family. I'm positive that the kids (who are members) have been praying for a long time, to one day get the chance to see their father and mother's baptism. This is an amazing work that is happening!!!

Another couple miracles that we had were we went out finding in a trailer park with tons of Hispanics. We call it little Mexico because so many people speak English in Navasota, so it was fun speaking Spanish again. But we went out finding for 2 hours and found 2 families of 4 and one of the families, we had an entire restoration lesson with them and invited them to be baptized. They said that they would, if they know more. It was so amazing.

Last night we had a lesson with one of our investigators named James. We taught him the plan of salvation, and the spirit was really strong. It was funny because Elder Atkinson and I both forgot our English scriptures and I forgot my IPad in the car. All we had were Spanish scriptures but luckily James lives with a someone who is less active and she had scriptures, so we just used hers. But at the end of the lesson we invited him to be baptized as well and he said: "if I know enough I'll be baptized". So we set his date for January 31st 2016. It was super sick!

So we have had a lot of success and we are looking forward. Merry Christmas everyone. I am so excited for this Christmas. Everyone remember what the true meaning of Christmas is. Our Savior Jesus Christ has given us everything, and a second chance. I invite all of you to watch: Why we need a Savior, and share to a friend or put it on social media. I love all of you. Have a great Christmas.

Love Elder Heiner

Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 24: Everyone Is Drunk In Navasota.

Dearest Family and Friends

How the flip are y'all doing (sorry for my language)! Everything is just dandy in good ol' Navasota Texas (my Texas accent is almost as good as my sister Maddy's, but I just can't get to that level of awesomeness haha). Random question, have you ever tried talking in scriptural terms? Well it's really fun! Like this: And it came to pass that this week was amazing, the Lord hast blessed us in in our trials, yea he has taken our infirmities and has made them light. Behold it has crossed the mind of our President that Elder Pesci shouldest no longer be staying in the place they call Navasota. So yeah it's really fun. But transfers are tomorrow and it has been a really fun, eventful and amazing 6 weeks with Elder Pesci. So I'm staying in Navasota and I'm so excited to take over the area and help Navasota branch. I get a new companion tomorrow, and I am excited for the lives we will bless together.

We had the opportunity of taking the two priests out in our ward on splits. The first ones name is Clayton. He is a stud. He helped teach our English Class, and did a pretty good job for only being in Spanish 2. I know that if the missionaries asked me to help teach English class, I don't know how willing I would have been. So he did a fantastic job. He also got to go out on a split with Elder Pesci and he got to experience what a missionary does. He got to meet a couple of drunk guys that wanted Pesci and Clayton to preach to them. But E Pesci and Clayton also went to a new investigators house that we have and showed them the Christmas initiative video: Why we need a savior. It was a great experience and the investigators (Poly and Patty) loved it. It is fun to see the experiences that we have as missionaries help bless the youth prepare for there opportunity to serve.

On Thursday we got to take Charlie, a 17 year old priest who was baptized only 10 months ago, out on splits as well (splits are when 1 missionary goes with another person who has the Aaronic Priesthood and is at least a priest, vice versa). Well this time it was Charlie and I who got to go on this split. Charlie is so cool, because he has literally no fear. He will do whatever you ask and more. So we went to an investigators house named Albert. Albert is 17 and has a lot of
great questions about the gospel. Well before we got there I invited Charlie to invite Albert to watch the Christmas initiative video: A savior is Born, and to put it on social media. Well before I tell you what happened, let me paint a picture of what this placed looked like. It is in the ghetto part of town, there were at least 6 African American dudes drinking and smoking. One of them had there car running right next to the house and was blasting some rap music. It was really dark, But it was awesome because Albert was home. We had a really cool
experience. We shared "A savior is born", and Charlie owned his invitation. He even invited him out to church without me even telling him. Right out of the blue one of the drunk guys came over and said: Hey guys I wanna listen to y'all but I'm drinking and smoking right now, so I can't, haha. But then Albert said the coolest thing I heard this week. He said, " I never want to drink or smoke or even drink coffee; because I always want to be in control of my body. That my
friends is the definition of a person being PREPARED by the LORD! After Charlie was telling me how excited he is to go on a mission to find people like Albert who are ready for the gospel. What an amazing night!

Yesterday was a tough day. I was really sick and my stomach was in knots all day long. I was taking a lot of medication but the pain would not stop. Last night I was laying on my bathroom floor and just praying to our Heavenly Father asking for the pain to stop. I swear I heard a soft whisper, that said: " Just be patient". Then 10 minutes later the pain just stopped. It went from excruciating pain to none at all. That moment was so powerful and it gives me the chills talking about it again. Everyone . . . I can testify to all of you that Heavenly Father answers prayers. He loves us. Even in that small moment of pain, he heard me, he blessed me, and he strengthened me. I know that if we are in the face of trials, and we cry unto our Father, if we are patient enough, eventually he will bless us, and take away our infirmities and make them light.

I love all of you. Have a great week, and Trust in the Lord!

Love Elder Heiner

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Hello, Hello, family and friends!! How are you all doing.  I love getting all of your emails. I love hearing about your lives. Each one of you has blessed my life and I love hearing how the Lord is shaping yours. It's crazy how time goes by so fast. It's even more crazy when you think about how fast time goes in the eyes of God. 2 years is only a couple minutes in the eyes of our Heavenly Father, and that is why every second counts. This week though time was going really slow for the first few days, but then picked up speed by the end. Did anyone else feel like that, because I'm positive that God tampered with time and made one minute feel like two minutes. Even when I slept during the night I felt like I had the longest sleep on my mission (that was actually really cool, I love when God makes sleep feel longer). God definitely has a sense of humor. But I love Him, because He has opened the way before me and has created a path for success. 

My new cowboy boots from my parents. Now they match Elder Pesci's.

We had a couple huge miracles that happened this week. The first was: we had a huge youth event on Wednesday where the primary, young men, and young woman, were going to be combining and all making Ginger Bread houses. Activities like these are huge for us missionaries because we have a possibility of getting investigators there and less actives. So that was the focus. We were focusing on one less active family in particular. We have tried countless times to get this family to activities, and church, but they just won't do anything. So on Wednesday about an hour before the activity, we went to their house and two of the members in our ward showed up at the same time, we all focused on getting them to the activity. They were both heaven sent. The father and the three kids were all able to make it to the activity, and they had a great time. The only reason why they came though (this is my thought), is because the members were there and helped them feel loved. The members are the key, that keeps recent converts from going inactive. If an investigator gets baptized and doesn't have a good relationship with the members, it will be really tough getting that person to stay active. Well that was one miracle on Wednesday, but something even cooler happened, is we had a investigator come to the ginger bread house making activity, who just showed up out of the blue and brought her two kids. Plus she even brought her friend. Then we had another member pick up another investigator and bring her to the activity, and she loved it. All around it was amazing.

On Friday we had a zone conference. A zone conference is a big training that we get from President on how we can better our efforts in the work. Well the main focus was working with members. It was perfect because it was exactly the training we needed to help better our branch. One of the tips that he gave us that we are really working much harder at, is filling up the "things to do" box on our planner. He told us that box should be chock-full, and if it's not we need to repent. We made that a focus and has really paid off over the past few days. I have seen the blessings come more fully as we are looking for ways to involve members in the work. The Lord is able to bless the missionaries efforts but also bless the Branches efforts, as we unite with the lord in hastening his work.

Elder Pesci and I have created something that is really cool (I don't know if other missionaries have used this, but if they have, then I give credit to you, wonderful missionaries out in the world, haha). Well In our planning studies each night, one of our most common used commitments that we plan to give investigators: is come to Church, Pray, and Read in the scriptures. We know that if people are willing to do these three things it will start a path for success. Well E Pesci and I like to call this your spiritual CPR. How are we reviving our own lives. Are we giving our all by reading, praying and going to church? Or are we casually going to church, dozing off in our reading, and or saying repetitive prayers with no real thought and feeling? As I have been on this journey I have found that the spiritual CPR only works, when we put in our all. This is my invitation to all of you. Are you putting your all into the Spiritual CPR? If you don't feel like you are on the right path, or have a lot of trials in your life; serve a friend or neighbor, or go out with the missionaries, or invite them to your home (missionaries love having dinner with members because it strengthens the bond between them, and the love that is shared is amazing, plus food is always a good thing!!!). I promise that as you go to church (which includes giving service), read diligently and pray sincerely to our loving Heavenly Father; you will see miracles in your life, but also in the lives of those you love. I know when ever I need to be revived from a slump I'm in, I focus on my spiritual CPR, and what needs to be better.

I love all of you guys so much. I hope you have a lovely week and day and hour and minute, and if it gets to that point, even second. Make it a great day or not the choice is yours. Every day is a good day, but some days are better than others, so GO have a better one!!

Love Elder Heiner

Here is an awesome sun rise on the way to zone conference.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week 22: 5 Months Down! 19 More To Go!

Estimado Amigos Comó estan? (Dear Friends, how are you? Ojalá que ustedes tuvieron un buen semana. (I hope you all had a good week). Anyways, this week was boss. It also made my stomach hurt from all the food. Man, we had a bunch of food, it was crazy!! So the highlights of this week were: Thanksgiving, cash money jack, Albert, Blitz the heck out of Navasota, and Elder Pesci got hit on by an Old dude at an old folks home. Let's jump right into it!

So Thanksgiving was sweet. We went and ate with the Stuart family in our branch. They cooked up some fried turkey, and so much other food. I stuffed my self to the max. I couldn't walk afterwards, and then they said "ok now we have pie!!" I barely scarfed it down!! It was so good but it made me so sick and sleepy. La lucha fue (the fight was) real.

On Wednesday we were going through our area book and decided to go to an old investigators house named Albert. He is like 17 and he is super cool. Well on the way over to his house, we were walking and this guy comes over and he's like: "Hey my name is cash money jack and I want you guys to preach to me". Next thing ya know he is giving E. Pesci and I hugs. After he's like you (me) are super and cold, but you (E Pesci) are super warm (in a super gangster accent btw). Then coincidently Albert came over and we started talking to him, and he said, "I see that you've met the crazy guy who is always on crack. We just laughed. It was so funny. But Albert had so many questions about the gospel that it was crazy. We taught him the restoration, and it was stellar. He has been so prepared, and we are so excited to go back and see him.

On Saturday we had the opportunity to go on a BLITZ in our area. Now what that is, is when other missionaries from your zone come down into your area and help find more people. Well we had Elders Aholele, Jones, Moon and Lee come down, and we all went contacting for 2 hours. One miracle that happened, happened to Elder Aholele and Elder Jones. They were knocking a a door in a trailer park and after they knocked it, the people inside opened the door and quickly said, "come in, come in, it's too cold." Next thing they knew they were seated down at their dinner table and started eating dinner with them. They taught family history, and at the end they said a prayer. The father told them that he was feeling something that he had never felt before, and that he liked it. They told the father that it was the Holy Ghost. He told them to come back. They found an entire family of 6 people!!! It was absolutely incredible! Also on the Blitz, we split up companionships and I went with Elder Moon and we went to this area where there is only people who speak English. Well on one house in general we knocked, a lady opened. We talked to her and she said that she has lost her son, and that actually she was talking to her aunt who is a Jehovah Witness and she was doing bible study with her, but she wasn't too thrilled about talking to her aunt. She said that it wasn't a coincidence that we came over. We gave her a BOM and read the third paragraph, and explained that this book will help you gain more peace in your life. She told us that earlier she was talking to someone about how she can find more peace in her life, because life is so hectic. She was so excited. We got a return appointment for Tuesday, and we are so excited to teach her. She has been so prepared by the Lord to hear our message.

So every Tuesday and Wednesday we do service at the old folks home here in Navasota, and call out Bingo. Well this old geezer went up to Elder Pesci and just was whispering really quietly. Elder Pesci looked really creeped out and went back to calling bingo. Well later he told me that the old man that he was talking to him was completely hitting on him. He said that was the weirdest experience ever. Well miracles keep coming, and it is so fun to see. I love serving. It is amazing! I love hearing how all y'all are doing. If any of you feel like you are struggling, focus on your relationship with our Father in heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ. Those two have been my best friends out here, and I know They will bless all y'alls lives as well. I love you all!!!

Love Elder Heiner

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Week 21: Texas A&M, Baptisms and Family History

Aloha!!! This week was a good one. It was jam packed and filled with work. Elder Pesci and I were trying to go for the most lessons that we both have ever had in the mission. A solid 30!!! 30 lessons in one week is already extremely hard, but it is even harder when you are in one of the smallest areas in the mission. By the end of the week we finished with a solid 25. Even though we were just short, it was fun giving it all we got! We worked so hard! Like insanitly hard!! Plus we were so blessed for our efforts.

So last Tuesday we went up to College Station Texas, and we went and played volleyball with our zone. Well on the way up we decided to go to the Texas A&M Football stadium (Kyle Field), and the door was wide open so we decided to go in. We walked inside and there were a lot of workers, and we said hello and went on our way. Not one person told us to leave. We actually got all the way down to the field. It was so sweet!! That stadium is so big and was so sick!!!

Anyways, we have had so much training on a new curriculum. It's called Family History. I'm not sure if you guys have heard of it, but it's actually pretty cool. Because of it, we had a huge miracle come from it. Yesterday we knocked on a door and did the new "family history door approach" to a lady named Hope. She started telling us that she would absolutely love to find her ancestors. We gave her a My Family pamphlet and she was looking through it and kept telling us how happy she was that she can do this. She said that she is going to tell her whole family about it as well. We invited her to our family history class on Wednesday, and she said that she is definitely going to come. Absolutely amazing!!!! Family History can lead to so much. I invite each one of you to fill out a My Family pamphlet because it is a great resource and tool. I have definitely seen the blessings come from doing family history.

On Saturday my old investigator Milton got baptized, and I got permission to go all the way down to Houston to see it. It was amazing!!! It was probably the happiest I have been on my mission. I loved him so much. He is 18 years old and just a stud. The best part about it was that his dad Lorenzo (Elder Christensen and I's recent convert) was able to baptize him. It brought tears to my eyes as Milton came up out of the water with a huge smile on his face!!! This is why I am on a mission. To bring souls and families into the fold of God to live in happiness forever.

I love missionary work. We are all so blessed to have the gospel in our lives. I don't know where I'd be without the gospel. I know we hear that phrase a lot, but honestly, I would be in a rotten place without the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have seen he miracles come and come and come. It's pretty amazing. 

I love all you guys so much!!! Remember who you are and what you stand for. Because y'all are children of God!!!

Love Elder Heiner

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 20: I'm On TOP Of The WORLD, HEY!

I'm still in the Wild West. Everyone looks like cowboys, and says y'all, yes sir, and yes ma'am, and I have started to say all of those. I fell like a real Texan. I even want to get some cowboy boots but they are just so darn expensive. But there was a few things this week that stood out over the rest and I'm excited to tell all a y'all. 

On Tuesday we were going around and nothing was happening. We Elder Pesci and I both were sick, and were not doing super hot. We were going to go back to the apartment and reboot when right out of the blue, a miracle happened. I had a really strong impression to go over to a less active members house that missionaries had tried to get into contact with countless times, and had no luck. Well we went over to a home (they were a less active and part member family) and we were able to talk to a lady (who is not a member) on her front porch. She told us how she wants a perfect body, because she has had so many problems, and we shared how one day you will be able to have your perfect body, and we can actually explain this to you next time we come. So she told us to come by on Saturday. We would have never gone over there if I hadn't listened to the spirit. I know that the spirit leads and guides us, and we must listen to him because he will bless us and others. I know her life will get better as she follows and learns more of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father is guiding each one of us, but if we aren't listening, and keeping his commandments, we won't know which way to turn. 

So I am deathly afraid of heights!!! On Saturday we were helping a member in our ward finish his giant car port, and we had a lift thingamajig, to help us put the car port together. Once we finished the car port (which took like 6 hours with 5 guys) Elder Pesci got in the lift thingamajig and took it all the way up to it's highest point. So basically I was on top of the world, Hey. It was super scary but a lot of fun. But I was ready to get off of it haha.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to a mission meeting. We had Elder Packer (President Boyd K Packer's son) come speak to us. He focused his topics on faith, the culture of the spirit and how we can receive revelation. He talked about how almost everything we do is related to faith. Like when we go to the store, we have faith that we will be able to get the groceries and make it back to our apartment. Faith is everything, and when we have a greater amount of faith, we will be blessed. 

This week I want each one of you to pray for someone, I don't care who it is, but pray for a person who you really care about. I have found that when I pray for others I am able to feel the love of our Heavenly Father more than when I just pray for myself. Have a great week. I love you all. Remember who you are and return to some place with honor.

Love Elder Heiner

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week 19: A Small Town in Texas called Navasota

Guess what? I'm in the middle of nowhere!!! Navasota Texas is my new area, and it has about 7000 people in it. Back home, whenever I thought of Texas, I thought of Cowboys and Ranch's and wide open plains. Then I went to Houston, and it wasn't like that at all, but here, I'm finally out in Texas. Transfers were crazy! I'm up here with an Elder named Elder Pesci. He is an awesome Elder. He has taught me a lot already in the week that I have been with him. Since we have such a small area, we have to work extra hard, and I like it!!!

A few things that happened this past week that stood out the most: I had the weirdest lesson of my life, we went to the temple to do baptisms for two recent converts and three of the youth in our branch who got to go for the first time, and I had THE biggest roller-coaster P day in the history of history. So let's jump into it!!!

My first day in Navasota we taught a lesson with to a man who is an English Professor at Sam Houston College and so smart. We were planning to teach him about the Restoration, but he had already been taught that lesson like 10 years ago. He told us that Elders 10 years ago had taught him and they drank Ice Tea together (I feel bad for those Elders because they probably didn't know what they were drinking haha). So we were prompted to share the Plan of Salvation with him. But right before we started he's like: evil really fascinates me. I was like "what!!!!!" I tried to tell him that everything has its opposites, and he's like: " no everything doesn't have its opposites". He wouldn't let us talk and this guy was just nuts. As we started up again on the P.O.S., he told us that stuff didn't really interest him, and that he is going to let God know all of that information. We then showed him the hope of God's light, but I forgot to explain the video in the beginning so he thought I was insulting him, when that wasn't the purpose at all. We were trying to tell him, that it is by the power of prayer and fasting that you can know the truth of all things but he took it in the wrong way. Overall, it was the craziest, weirdest and most frustrating lesson I've had. I was so excited to get out of there!!! But it was a great learning experience. Heavenly Father is pretty humorous because Elder Pesci and I just laugh every time we think of him.

The most spiritual part of the week was when we had the opportunity to go to the temple with a recent convert family named the Fairs. Billy and Maddy are recent converts and we got the opportunity to go to the temple with 3 other families who were going to the temple for the first time. It was the!!!! A older sister, who looks just like grandma (it's weird, they look so similar) brought like 100 names to do baptisms for the dead, and it was awesome!!!! The spirit was so strong and it was awesome because we had our Navasota family doing baptisms together. Billy and Maddy's sister, Melaine who was the first one to get baptized in there family, came as well, and it was her dream to have her family go to the temple together. The spirit touched everyone's hearts that night.

So P day was pretty weird. It had its super highs and lows. As a district we played Fruit ball. It's like baseball but with fruit. It was sooo much fun. Then a little later we went to the Navasota river because it is super full, and I pulled a super sad move; I locked the car keys in the car. We had to wait for a guy to come unlock the door for an hour and 15 minutes. Then that night we were driving and we were inches away from hitting a deer that bolted across the road. Oooohhhh man it was a roller coaster of a day.

I have a new favorite Mormon Message that I like to share with people, and it is "The Will of God". I love it because our Heavenly Father is the Gardner and sometimes we feel like we have been cut and can't grow back, but Heavenly Father gives us trials so we can be stronger, because he knows the past, present and future; and I know he knows what we need. So if any of you are going through a hard time, pray to our Heavenly Father for help. He knows you, and loves you, and will not let you falter forever. 

I love all of you. I love hearing about your lives. Maddy I'm so happy that you are still positive as ever and are fighting through Junior year. Anamarie I know you are going to be a professional cello player by the time I get home. Brett, you are going to easily beat me in basketball, and William is going to be a professional cleaner by the time I get back as well. Thanks Mom and Dad for all the support. I love you guys so much.

Love Elder Heiner

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 18: Flooding is FUN!!

Houston floods
It's so crazy how long I've already been out. Yesterday was my 4 month mark, and it honestly doesn't feel like I have been on a mission for 4 months. It's probably because the weeks go so darn fast. Just like this last one. This week was fun. I got to go on 2 exchanges this week. Exchanges are always fun because I get the opportunity to go be companions with someone else in my zone. The first one was with Elder Pogroszewski, and we were in his area. It was a lot of fun. Elder P. has a ton of energy and is super funny. He also is a great teacher. He is pretty amazing at it, considering the fact that we both came out together. We had this amazing lesson with a girl named Angela. She is not keeping very many commitments, which was super frustrating. She also won't give up smoking. So we taught her about fasting, and showed her the "Hope of Gods light" Mormon message (we share this to a lot of people, and it is amazing because investigators, less actives and strong members, can all relate to this message, in some way or another). We told her that the only way you can find happiness, is first pray to God and then fast to be able to receive an answer to your challenges. We told her that she may not even like the answer that she gets, but trust God, and everything will be OK. She told us that she was just thinking that right as we said it. It was funny because it kind of scared her. But I know the spirit taught that lesson, not us. But overall it was a great lesson. 

The other exchange was with Elder Bonzo. He is in a biking area, so we got to ride bikes the whole time. A lot of lessons fell through which was super sad, but we had one lesson with a guy named Daniel. He has a baptism date for November 15, and is really excited. He has been through a ton. He had addictions to drugs and alcohol, and his life was getting worse and worse. A few months before Elder Bonzo had met him, he had given everything up, and wanted help from God. It is no coincidence that Elder Bonzo and Sellers found him. We shared with him the "Hope of Gods light" video again, and he related to it almost exactly. It was crazy. He was so open with us about his past, and I was grateful for the opportunity to meet him and help him. We even got him to meet a couple of YSA's in our ward, which was perfect for him. Fellowshippers are so important btw. On our way back home, the wind had gotten really bad and it was blowing straight in our faces and we had to bike 3 miles to get back home. That moment when you are peddling as hard as you can and you are going a good 4 miles per hour, yeah that was us. When we got back to the apartment, I collapsed on the floor because my legs hurt so bad. Our exchange went into the next day as well (Saturday). Saturday morning it was raining so hard. We kept getting flash flood warnings at like 2 am in the morning on our phone. There were so many streets that were flooded. It was crazy. On Saturday we did a lot of street contacting. Contacting on a bike is so much better than in a car (because in a car it is a little bit more difficult for obvious reasons). It was nice talking to everyone we passed, and saying hi to everyone. It was weird when we switched back, to not be on a bike anymore because I felt like I wasn't working as hard, it was sad :(

More flooded streets

This week we also had Zone meeting and learned a lot of great new ways to teach. President Mortensen has amazing ideas. The scripture that we are going to start using a lot is Acts 19:1-6. A lot of times when people tell us that they have been baptized by the another church, its like a mechanism goes off in our brains like oh no . . . But now when people tell us that they have been baptized by another church, we are going to show so much happiness. Because what they did was a great act of faith, except it wasn't by the authority. Well the Acts scripture explains how many disciples were baptized under Johns name and not under the Saviors. So they were baptized again. This is the same principle (except I am leaving out a lot of details). So we need to help those who have already been baptized that they are amazing for following the example of Jesus Christ, but that they need to be baptized again under the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of God.

Our zone (take 1)

Well, transfers are tomorrow and I am leaving Liberty. It's been a fun 3 months, but now President is sending me off to some new place. I am excited to serve wherever I go. I know that the Lord will help me, just as he has helped me serve here. It's time to leave my baby area and start a new. I will be leaving a lot of great people, a great ward, and a great view everyday. Already in these 2 transfers I have started to see a change in me. I have become much closer to my Heavenly Father and my savior Jesus Christ. There is no way that I could be here on a mission without their help. From that first week in the MTC, that felt like an eternity, to now, I know that my Savior Jesus Christ has been carrying me through the tough times. I know that he is carrying all of you as well. I encourage you all to solamente (just) think of positive things. If negativity comes, find something positive. I have found that a lot of the people that don't have too much out here, are so happy. We are blessed with so much.

Our zone (take 2)

I love you all. I hope, wherever you are, remember that your savior KNOWS YOU. He is helping you in your hardest of times as well as the easiest of times. Stay Classy my friends.

Love Elder Heiner

Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 17: The Gift Of Tongues is REAL!

This week was awesome. Elder Christensen and I have been doing so much work. Elder Christensen said that he has never been teaching this many people all at one time. But the week started on Wednesday. Literally though. I don't know what happened to Monday and Tuesday. If anyone knows where Monday and Tuesday went, can you tell me? Thanks:) On Wednesday I really tried to do things that I needed to get done, and not be the following trainee, and rely on my Elder Christensen to do everything. I kept thinking of the quote: See a need, Fill a need. There is always a need, like always, and It's our jobs to fill that need immediately. If you push the need off to the side, it will become lost or forgotten, that's why it is so important to fill that need immediately. Elder Christensen has taught me that when ever you have a good thought about something, write it down immediately. Don't wait, because if you wait, you will forget. So I give that same challenge to all of you: when you have a thought about doing something later, write it down, either on a piece of paper or in your phone, or somewhere where you can look back to it. Because the spirit gives amazing ideas, like really though, I think He is pretty good at it. So if you have a good thought, write it down!!!! 

Still on Wednesday (btw). We had a lesson with Milton, Lorenzo's son. We taught him the 3rd lesson: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I studied more for that lesson, than I think I have studied for any other lesson on the mission. We had a really good plan laid out prior to the lesson as well so we were expecting it to be a bomb lesson, and guess what? IT WAS!!! Not only was it good, but I understood everything that was said. It is usually super hard for me, especially because Milton and Lorenzo are from El Salvador, and have the strongest Salvadorian accent. But when Lorenzo was talking, I understood and was following along. In the lesson I was so overjoyed that I literally was laughing. I couldn't believe I could understand him. Usually I just sit there and nod my head, like yeah that makes sense, then I usually ask Christensen: what did he just say? But no!!! THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS FOR REALS!!!!! The spirit was so strong and I LOOOVVVVEEEEDDD it! I know that learning something new takes hard work and dedication. But if we really focus on accomplishing little goals at a time, the final goal will be right around the corner. It's just like my dad always said: "You can't eat a whole whale all at once, rather you take one bite at a time".

On Thursday everyone in our zone had interviews with our mission President. It was really nerve wracking, because my mission president scares me. I don't know why. But don't worry I got through it. He gave a lot of great tips and points on how I need to take action. He also said to read "Adjusting to Missionary Life" again. I remember doing that in the MTC, but I really skimmed over it, because it really didn't apply to me. But here in the field it is much different, and that booklet has really helped me. Every time I have free time (which is like never) I do it and it helps so much. So all you missionaries out there, I challenge you to read that again.

Friday and Saturday were both amazing. I'll start on Friday. Guess what? You'll probably never guess, so I'll tell you ;) I finally shaved!!! Yeah that's right. It took a whole 18 years for those facial hairs to be cut off, but it finally happened. I used Elder Christensen's old electric shaver, and I think I pressed too hard, because my face hurt for the whole day. But besides that, we had planned to teach 3 lessons with a member and another lesson but every single one canceled; it was so sad. But the positive thing was, was we taught English Class and we had 4 new dudes that showed up . . . and I'll tell you a bit more about those 4 dudes in a few lines down. Saturday's are the day that we go and visit all less active families. We got the opportunity to visit with 3 families. The Farley's, Raul (he is just a single dude, so I guess he isn't a family) and the Martinez'. They were all so amazing. We also invited them to the one and only Halloween party that the 3 wards in our building have. So yes, we had a Halloween party and it was so much fun. We had 10 less actives come and 8 investigators come. It was incredible!!!! It was great because the ward rented a bouncy house, made a gallon of dip and it was sick (name that movie). Great turn out, after we had worked so hard to get everyone there. The less actives and all the investigators met so many people in the ward. I loved it!!!

On Sunday, we were planning on getting a ton of people to church. But it was raining so hard on Saturday and Sunday, that the streets were flooded all over the place. So when church started we only had one investigator come, and we were pretty frustrated. But half way through sacrament meeting, those 4 dudes from English Class showed up. It was a miracle!!! They thought that English class was at 11 on Sunday, but in fact it was Church. After sacrament meeting a lot of the ward members went up to them and said hello and introduced themselves. T'was amazing. Even more amazing was that all 4 of them stayed for the 3 hour block. Also another amazing event that happened on Sunday was, we had a Mission President's Fireside. What happens is all the Spanish missionaries go and sing in a fireside, and recent converts and President Mortensen all give there testimonies. The best part, was at the very end when we sang Army of Helaman in Spanish. I got the chills so bad. The spirit was so strong.

I have one quick challenge before I go. This week we have been trying to focus our efforts on the youth. I have been sharing with them some of my favorite talks from General conference (Your four minutes by Gary Stevenson, and Mountains to Climb by Henry B Eyring; are two of my favorites) and encouraging them to read them and share them with a friend. Some of them came back and told me how it went on Sunday, and they said that it went great. That being said, I give the same challenge out to each one of you. Find one of your favorite talks or quotes or scriptures and share it with a friend. Help lift a person up this week. 

Have a great week all you lovely people. Remember that Heavenly Father will help us with any challenge or trial we face, as long as we have faith in him and WORK through our challenges. 

I love you all. 

Love Elder Heiner

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 16: Hoarders, Elderly Convention, and The Temple

This week was filled with service opportunities. Our first one came on Tuesday. We had the opportunity to help a family in our English ward clean out their garage and house because there were people who were coming to inspect it. We were like . . . YEAH we would love to help, because I feel like that's what us missionaries do, is help personas. Entonces, we went and helped. When we got there and went inside, their house was filthy. Everyone be grateful for what you have because this house was just awful. I don't have words to describe how awful this house was. We helped for an hour, but they just had us move trash to the side, to clear out this one area. It was insane!!! It definitely made me grateful for what I have, because there are elementary school kids who live in that house and I can't stand to think what they go through.

But now on to the positive side of things of service. We had an awesome chance to help at an Elderly Convention because we are "ELDERly" hahaha. . . see what I did there? I thought it was good. But we had the opportunity to serve people and give them food, and other things. We had our whole zone helping out, in our bright yellow shirts, and it was a lot of fun. There were a few elderly who wanted us to come to their house and help them out with more service. I was like of course. I'm excited to help them soon. But the Elderly Convention was so cute to see all those really old people with their spouses dancing. Precious!!! I was like, I hope this is like me and my wife one day.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with Elder Norton. It was fun. We first went to Felix's house. He is this really old man who is less active and he is a hoarder (just to let you know). We went to throw away some of his stuff, and all he told us to do was fold plastic bags and put them in a bucket. He was being really stubborn and wouldn't let us throw anything else away. We started thinking of ways to throw things away but he caught us every time. It was fun and really funny. He really didn't like Elder Norton because he always caught him throwing away things, but the good news is that he never caught me . . . Wahaha (That's my missionary evil laugh). We started ripping bags and that helped a lot, but then he caught us again. SOOOOO . . . yeah I now can say I have folded plastic bags and put them in a bucket, one more check off my BUCKET list ;) After we got done folding plastic bags at ol man Felix' house we went and strolled down to the border of the mish, and took some pics of Houston, because E. Norton had never seen the sky scrapers. So after we looked all cute and such we went and taught a recent convert lesson with Raul. We taught him family history, and it was amazing the spirit was so strong. I love teaching the Plan of Salvation and Family History because the spirit is really able to testify that the things we tell them our true. I am so grateful for the opportunity to know where I am from, why I am here and where I'm going after I die, because there are so many people that do not know this truth. 

On Saturday we had the opportunity to go do baptisms for the dead with Lorenzo (who was baptized a week ago). It was amazing being in the temple again. The spirit was so strong. Lorenzo said that it was such a wonderful experience. He was so happy. He had the biggest smile on his face in the temple. I love the temple. I encourage you all to go to the temple. Especially you guys in Utah, because there are so many people who have to drive so far just to get to the temple and in Utah its just right down the road. But I love the temple and I love the peace that I feel there. If any of you haven't been in a while, GO!!! If you can't go inside, go sit on a bench in the temple grounds, because the spirit is so strong on the grounds as well.

The rest of the week was amazing. I am coming closer and closer to my savior everyday. I have pleaded with my Father in Heaven in my prayers for guidance. I have such a strong testimony of prayer and I know that it can bless lives. If your life is hard and you have a lot of trials in your life, CRY UNTO OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN!! HE IS THERE!!! I love you all and I hope you have a lovely week. 

Love Elder Heiner 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 15: Peanut Butter Jelly Time, The Cops, and Milagros

Wow time flies when you are having fun (Elder Freeman that was for you). This week was fun, stressful, a bit nerve racking, and FAST!!! Our mission does an event called 8 week Follow-up. What it is, is all the missionaries who came into the field on August 12, get to have a big meeting with nuestro Presidente (our President), to see the progress on our teaching. Prior to the meeting, we had to complete 3 outlines of the first 3 lessons in PMG (Restoration, Plan of Salvation, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ). Before the 8 week follow up, on Monday and Tuesday, I was stressing so much. I thought we were going have to teach all three lessons, but thankfully we just taught parts of each lesson. It was awesome to see Elder Fitt and Hermana Bowman, because it brought back good memories from the MTC. It was weird how much I missed them. It felt like just yesterday when we were the only ones left in our tiny MTC room, just the 3 of us, being taught by Hermano Mecham. It's crazy that it's already been a transfer and a half since leaving the CCM (MTC). Anyways, when we started teaching during 8 week, President came over and sat right next to me. I was like "come on President you could have sat by 29 other missionaries." He stayed for like 10 min to hear my lesson about the Apostasy (btw our lessons were in Spanish, and I struggle with teaching in Spanish, English is just fine, but Spanish es mas dificil ((is more difficult)). Finally he left and it was a relief, like I was much happier. Before he left he gave me a few pointers to practice Spanish more (I saw that one coming haha), and to simplify things down. I'm grateful for the guidance that he gave. I know that the gospel doesn't have to be complicated. If the spirit bears witness to the investigator that these things are true, it doesn't have to be super long. Overall 8 week was a great experience. I learned so much. Elder Christensen and I have already been using a lot of the tips that were given. 

Guess what . . . It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time (EXTRA EMPHASIS)!!!! But we lost the Jelly. But that's ok. On Thursday we got the opportunity to go to a peanut butter factory, to help serve. Every month, a companionship in our zone gets to go to the Peanut Butter factory, and make and process peanut butter. We had heard a lot of good things about it. When we got there, the guy who was introducing it, told us: You all are going to love your jobs extra much after you do this job. I was like, why? (All scared and such, was my face). So for 5 hours we basically put lids on to the peanut butter. The time went by soooo slow. I think someone might have turned the clock back a couple hours, because it just dragged on and on. But don't worry, I am pretty good at putting on lids. You guys would be proud. Well on that note, lets get to some milagros (miracles).

This week was packed with things to do. We didn't have too much time to go finding, but we managed to open up a slot of 45 minutes on Thursday to go knock some doors. We had found this giant apartment complex that was really hidden, that had never been knocked in the history of Elder Christensen's Liberty experience (Liberty is the name of our area), entonces (then) we didn't know what to expect. On our 3rd door there was this 6 year old girl was looking at us through the window of her apartment, and just was not going to open the door. Finally her mom came, and we did our door approach and the mom let us in. The little girl was absolutely sure that we were the cops!!! It was really funny and cute all at the same time. The husband came into the room and we taught both of them the beginning of the Plan of Salvation (there names are Hector and Jennifer). The spirit was super strong and they were glued onto us. We had just finished telling them where we came from, when we left them on a cliff hanger at why we are here. It was kind of like when my mom told my sister and I stories when we were small, and said, "I'll tell you tomorrow"; It was like that. I was even shocked that we left them off right there. But I know it left them wanting more, which is what we know they need. We are going to meet with them on Wednesday and are really excited. In the rest of that 45 minute period we had knocked, maybe 10 doors, and had found 4 new investigators. Heavenly Father blesses his children when they put an effort to accomplish a goal. 

Another miracle was partaking the sacrament. It was amazing to renew my covenants with Heavenly Father, after not doing so in 2 weeks. Sacrament meeting felt extra special. I am grateful for the opportunity to renew my baptismal covenants every single week, and be clean. It is an incredible blessing to take the sacrament that should never be taken lightly, and I am oh so grateful for it.

Thanks Mom, you are the best mom in the whole wide earth. Thanks family for the lovely box of happiness. The pictures from home are so cute. I can't believe you found giant stuffed bears at Costco. Everyone looks and sounds like they're doing so good. I love it.

Well I hope all of you have a splendid week. Remember that you can get through any trial with the help of the Lord. Even if it is something smaller, like learning a new language. I know that y'all can do it. Because everyone is a child of God, and He loves us, so He will help us along the way.

Hasta Luego everyone. 

Love Elder Heiner

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 14: General Conference and I was Stalked?

Our awesome zone. Take 1.

This week went by so fast, and not too much happened. We had a ton of lessons fall through, which was super sad, but sometimes those kind of things happen on the mission. Everyone says that they don't have any time. It was really funny because we went out finding and we knocked this door and the person said: sorry I don't have enough time, but she was watching TV. and I was like, come on I've heard better excuses than that. But that's ok, she just wasn't prepared by the Lord to hear the truth, but maybe one day she'll be ready.

A few things that happened this week that are pretty amazing is, we got 4 referrals this past week. Elder Christensen said that it has been so long since we had even received one referral. I definitely have a testimony that every member is a missionary. One of those referrals was from a less active named Hermana Cosillo, and the guys named is Joe. He speaks English, and he definitely has been prepared by the Lord. We taught him the restoration and he felt the spirit very strong. We asked him if he can read and pray about if these things that we taught him about are true. He told us that he is a bad reader but that he will try.  We followed up with him and he said that he had read for 3 hours. He would read the Book of Mormon, then ponder it, and then read again. He read 5 chapters, but when he told us about them, he knew those chapters. He didn't just read to read, yet he read to be spiritually nourished. Plus he came to the priesthood session and then came to both sessions on Sunday. We are excited, because we are going to set a baptismal date with him tonight for November 1st. He is so prepared.

We have another huge blessing that has come up in the past 2 weeks. Lorenzo, the guy we just baptized, his son who is 17 just got here from Salvador. Lorenzo has been teaching everything starting from the restoration, and his son is understanding it. Man I love Lorenzo. Milton, is Lorenzo's son's name, has come to church twice, and we are going to set a baptismal date the next time we go over to his house. Lorenzo has more of his family still coming over from Salvador and I can definitely see this family one day being sealed in the temple. 

So General Conference was absolutely splendid. I had a lot of questions going in which most of them were answered within the first session on Saturday. My favorite talk was by Dieter F Uchtdorf and I loved when he said this, "Brothers and sisters, if you ever think that the gospel isn’t working so well for you, I invite you to step back, look at your life from a higher plane, and simplify your approach to discipleship. Focus on the basic doctrines, principles, and applications of the gospel. I promise that God will guide and bless you on your path to a fulfilling life, and the gospel will definitely work better for you. God will take you as you are at this very moment and begin to work with you. All you need is really a willing heart, a desire to believe, and trust in the Lord. As you exercise a little faith and begin your walk as a peaceable follower of our Lord Jesus Christ, your heart will change. Your whole being will be filled with light. God will help you become something greater than you ever thought possible. And you will discover that the gospel of Jesus Christ is indeed working in your life". Many times we have doubts with the gospel, or within ourselves. In that moment when you are feeling defeated, take a step back, and look at your life from a higher plane. Don't look at yourself through mortal eyes, because you might miss something, look at yourself the way our Heavenly Father sees you. I know that you will see a difference.

Thanks everyone for your support and help with getting me to this point. Thanks mom and dad for the packages, and the coat. Even though it still is 80 degrees every day, I have heard it gets freezing, like Elder Fong in Canada haha, but thanks again. Tell Kim and Janise thanks for the package and the card. Also can you ask Grandma and Grandpa if  they knew a Tonya Anderson from Star valley, because she is in my English ward and she said she grew up with some Heiner's in Star Valley. I also love hearing how the families doing and I'm glad that William actually loves me. That was the #cutestvideo ever. I'm also glad dad didn't stalk me when he was here. You didn't, right dad?!!!! Cause if you did I would have gotten all crazy up in here!!! Probably not right here or anywhere but you never know. But it was really weird knowing that he was in my area. Plus we went to visit a guy kind of close to the Castillos, so technically I was like 2 minutes away by car from my padre (father), so that was crazy!!!! 

I love you all and I love hearing how your lives and missions are going. Stay strong, and never forget that your Heavenly Father loves you. He has a plan for all of you.

All of you, stay #cute, and remember who you are. 
Hasta Luego 

Love Elder Heiner

Our awesome zone, take 2.

Here is us missionaries with some random people from the Houston 5th ward. Elder Nortons face is the best.
(He is on the right side of me.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 13: Lions and Panthers and Bears...Oh My!!

Oh my goshness, I feel that all the days keep blurring together. Elder Christensen has the same problem, because we were teaching an English class, and E. Christensen told everyone (this is like 25 people): Hey the next class will be on Thursday he said it like 3 times, and then I told him, Hey, you know today is Thursday? For the next 15 minutes he was telling me: How is it Thursday, there is no way that it is Thursday, like it can't be Thursday. I told him it would be ok, and that was that. Anyways this week was sad and happy all at the same time. Since it is a new transfer, two Hermanas (Sisters) in our transfer left. It was sad, because we were the closest district in the field, and it felt like the MTC all over again. Elder Christensen was feeling down too. He was telling me that it usually doesn't feel this sad when you switch districts, but it was. We lost Hermana Marlowe, and Hermana Perry, who were both awesome, but that's ok, cause we got Hermana Tate and Hermana Bues. I don't have any pictures of Bues and Tate, so you are just going to have to imagine them. Hermana Bues just came in and it feels weird because I'm not the newest one in our district anymore. But it still feels like I just got here. Gosch time flies!!!! One thing that was awesome that didn't relate to missionary work, was we got to go to the Houston Zoo for P day last week. We took the tracks, and got to go see some aminals (yes I misspelled that on purpose). Twas a fun P day for sure. 

Anyways this week we got the opportunity to teach Raul. He is a new investigator from English Class. We taught him about being baptized, and we asked him: why do you think Jesus Christ was baptized for us if he was a perfect being? He told us: Well he first had to set the example, because if he didn't do it than why would we have to, so yeah its because he had to set the example. We were both astonished because we were about to tell him the same thing. We told him that: it was by the correct power and authority from God in which he was baptized, and for that reason, is why he went to John the Baptist. We asked him if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by that same power and authority that was was used when Jesus was baptized? He told us that he would love to, but that he wants to make sure that he is ready. We made him feel loved and told him that we are there for him. So now we got another baptism in October. Estoy muy animado!!! (I am very animated)

On Thursday we got to teach Raul again and we taught him the Plan of Salvation, and we had a member present named Juan. Juan is like 23, and is a couple years off his mission, and is an amaaazzzinngg teacher. I was struggling to teach in my broken Spanish, and then Juan finished it and made it beautiful. So awesome. Having a member in a lesson is amazing, because they are another witness, but also they are the key for that investigators future, because us missionaries won't be in this area forever, but the members will be there for a while, so it is awesome to have members to be a witness and a friend. 

Wednesday was a great learning day. It had its ups and its downs, and I learned so much. Elder Christensen and I had some pep talks too. I was struggling because I felt that nothing was happening that day, but Elder Christensen has a talent, at listening and lifting someone back up. In missionary Lingo, when a trainer gets a trainee they call them their son, and I get to call him dad. Usually the trainee stops calling his trainer dad within the first week, but I still do it all the time. He really is like a father figure, because he has been serving a mission for 20 months. We have had at least 2 or 3 long talks together each week in the 7 weeks he's been my comp. We also had dinner at the Castillos on Wednesday, and they were getting back late because they got a flat tire, but they stopped by a food truck, and got fajitas, and I can honestly say: I believe that it was the best fajita meat I've ever had in my life. My first bite, I literally said OHHH MYY GOOOSSSHHH, super loud. Someone asked if I was ok, and I was like: this is the best thing ever!!! It was pretty great. 

Well this week I have had my challenges and my miracles. I have been praying for a certain thing on my mission, and yesterday I finally received the inspiration and the revelation that I was searching for. I can testify to you that Heavenly Father really does answer our prayers. I have become best friends with my savior Jesus Christ and also my Father in Heaven. I know they are watching out for each and everyone of us. 

Heavenly Father is waiting to answer your prayers, so for that reason, is why you must first pray. I don't know if I have shared this yet, but I have a favorite quote from a movie, that says: If you build it, he will come. I turned it around to make it say: If you seek it . . . IT will come. If you are willing to go for something, it WILL come. I know this to be true. 

Have fun all you fine people and I love all of y'all. 

Love Elder Heiner

P.S. The movie is Field of Dreams if any of you didn't know.