Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 4: District Leader, Mr. Friendly and ADD ;)


The weeks just fly by. I can't believe that today I will have been in the MTC for a month. It feels like just yesterday that we were dropping me off. This week has had it's ups and downs. Pero (but) most of the time it's had it's ups. We had a lesson every day this last week and one thing that I have realized especially while I am here, is that I always need to plan for the specific person that I am teaching that day. Last Thursday Elder Fitt and I had the opportunity to teach our (role play investigator, who is actually our teacher) Rafael. We hadn't planned too much, but we had a commitment set in place and we were planning on following one of our lesson plans from a previous lesson. It didn't go very well. I was all over the place and I wasn't sure what to say next. Elder Fitt kind of kept us in the right direction, but it was just a rough lesson all around. So whoever is reading this, MAKE SURE YOU PLAN. Porque esta es muy importante (because it is very important). Entonces (So) on the yesterday of today, we were teaching Naeli, our TRC investigator (who might be LDS or might not be), and we planned really hard for it. At the beginning we shared a joke with her, and it's Que hace un Pez . . . NADA hahahaha, so anyhways ya that was really funny, and if you don't know what it says, well lo siento (I'm sorry). Naeli had a lot of trials in her life, and the message that we wanted to share with her is the restoración (restoration) and how we can pray to Dios (God) and how he can help us. A little side note: Dad when we taught the Restoration we did it exactly how we used to practice it back home, pero (but) it was in Spanish instead of English. So that was neat. Ok back on track: we also showed her a video (this is one of my favorite mormon messages, it's called The Hope Of God's Light. I really encourage you to watch it because it is increíble (incredible)) and the spirit was so strong in the room. The lesson went so much better when we had prepared a lesson that was based on her needs. I love it when a plan comes together!! 

Ok, so the week was pretty much fantastic. We received a new district in our zone with 13 people in it. It's crazy, and they are all so awesome. I've got to know them all really well. But one of the sad things that happened, well its kind of sad, is that the district that was two weeks ahead of us left on Monday. I had grown so close to those Elders and Sisters, that it was hard to see them go. In sacrament meeting we sang God Be With Us Till We Meet Again. I just broke down. Elder Craig and I were crying pretty bad, and it wouldn't stop. It was even worse because my make-up was running and my hair wasn't #perfect and so that was just super cray cray. But really I miss them so much. They taught me so much. But they're going to have a fiesta down in Argentina. Sunday was also a cool day. I became the district leader for our district, its funny because we were having bets on who would be district leader and Elder Craig was pretty positive it was me, and he said if it's not you I'll give you 6 dollars. Pero 6 dollars is like more money that I get in a week on my special card of fun. So it was sad when I got called to district leader because I didn't get 6 dollars. Pero (but) it's going to be a cool experience.

Elder Heiner (second from left on bottom) and his new district while serving in the MTC

I'm sorry I'm all jumbled in my email today. Pero (but) its alright. So yesterday we had a devotional and testimony meeting, for the special Tuesday fun night that the MTC does, it is indeed super sweet. But what sound system does it have (name that movie). Yeah so we had a devotional and the topic was based on prayer and how we can receive revelation. It was amazing. One of the things that I got out of the meeting, was that the speaker said that we need to make our prayers super sincere, and make sure that we are talking to God like we are talking to our parents. It was a great devotional, pero it twas a bit boring, pero that's was alright, I forgive him, who spoke. I say him cause I can't remember his name at this moment. But I'll probably remember later, so remind me Pero #Imightseeitinaweek soooo #swag. Another little side note, my favorite thing to say is #swag or #wusup. It's pretty fun. The testimony meeting was great afterwards as well. The spirit is so powerful when everyone bears their testimony in our district. #ESMUYBIEN (it's very good). Mi español (my spanish) es still mas o menos (is still more or less). Pero (but) it's coming along. 

Me encanta (I love) hearing from all y'all, it's great to hear how your lives are going. It's funny that you just got that letter that I sent you, because I sent that so long ago. Pero its all good. If you want to send me candy you can, but you don't have to, it's just up to you, because I wuv you guys so mucho (much) it's just muy (very) cwazy.

Elder Heiner and his companion Elder Fitt from Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the Provo Temple. 

A funny thing that happened is yesterday, in a leadership meeting, our branch president called me Mr. Friendly, and yesterday my companion thought that I have ADD because I have been so crazy, but don't worry its a good crazy. It's kind of like a Brady Heiner crazy and almost a Maddy Heiner friendly. Pero I still am not as cool as Sarah Heiner, cause she's just too cool you know. Also one more side note is that my favorite word is pero (but) if you didn't figure that out by now. 

Soooo LOLTTYL Y Hasta Luego (laugh out loud, talk to you later and goodbye)

Me ama usted mucho (I love you a lot)

Love Elder Heiner

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Week 3: Missionary Pictures for MOM... Finally!

ALOHA y Hola!!!!

Can you believe it, it has already been 3 weeks!!! The time just keeps flying by. This past week has been fun, stressful, spiritual, and overall amazing.  On Wednesday of last week, we went to the temple, and it was so nice to go do an endowment session. The spirit was very strong and there were parts of the endowment session that I had never understood until when we went last week. The Celestial room was so spiritual, but it doesn't compare to the Mount Timpanogos Celestial room. Pero (but) it was still so amazing. 

We didn't have to teach last Wednesday so that was a benefit, because it's hard feel the spirit for me when I had been relaxing the whole day and then jumping back into the normal routine. So that was a bonus.

On Thursday we had the opportunity to give a lesson to Rosi, our TRC investigator. She doesn't talk much and its hard to keep a conversation going with her. Sadly she was sick, so we got to give an emailed lesson. Email lessons are the best because we can make the lesson sound amazing with the little amount of Spanish that we know. So that was a blessing. The email was amazing. We talked about baptism and we aren't sure what she is going to say because she still hasn't emailed us back.

Friday and Saturday were a blur. The time flew so fast. On Saturday we were sitting in class and I looked at the clock and it was already 4:30 pm. Time flies when you're having fun. An additional side note is that one of our goals as a district is to finish the Book of Mormon before we leave. Its so cool to read the Libre de (book of) Mormon every morning before breakfast, grammar study, and teaching time, because it gets me into a spiritual mood. 

Sunday was a really cool day. Elder Fitt and I had the opportunity to teach the priesthood class discussion. We taught how the holy spirit helps in our lives and with our investigators. I love discussions because it is a great opportunity for us to teach, but it is also a great way for me to learn more about the spirit. Sacrament meeting was really cool, pero (but) I'm still not used to the sacrament prayer being in Spanish, it's different but its still amazing.

Monday was very inspiring. Elder Fitt and I taught a lesson, that was the best lesson we have ever given. It was on the restoration and the first vision. We started the lesson off with a joke in Spanish (Qué haciendo pescado (what are you doing fish?) . . . nada (nothing/swimming) (nada means fish and swimming in spanish) . . . get it, I might have said it wrong in Spanish but if you think really hard you'll get it) and that got our investigator, Rafael, laughing and involved early. I said the prayer in the beginning of the lesson and I was still laughing so hard that I forgot how to start the prayer in español (spanish), instead of saying nuestro quedido padre celestial (my dear Father in Heaven) I said en el nombre de jesucristo (in the name of Jesus Christ). My bad. Pero (but) it was still fine. The lesson was so amazing that I started laughing and crying because the spirit was so strong. The lord has helped me. After the lesson I tried to think back on what I had said that made the spirit so strong, and I couldn't remember what I had said in the lesson. The spirit was literally putting Spanish words in my mouth. It was amazing!!! Today was sad though, because we had our oldest district leave today. It was sad because I had become so close to a lot of the elders. They were all so awesome (Elder Davis, Elder Jones, Elder Barron, and Elder Dunn) they were the happiest people, and still are the happiest people. They are going to do great in the mission field.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to the Tuesday devotional, and it was by an Emeritus General Authority and he taught about how we can be better missionaries. He taught that the best missionaries love their companions, the people, and those they come into contact with before they worry about themselves. I've been trying my best to love everyone. After the devotional we had a testimony meeting and the spirit was so strong. I shared how in our lives we can't stray near to the cliff, and that we need to drive as far away as we possibly can. One bump can knock you off the edge. I also bore my testimony of those times in my life where I had fallen off the edge, and when I had those people to help me get back up. It was an amazing testimony meeting.

Don't worry dad I am getting all your emails, pero (but) I'm sending all the letters to mom just because mom is my HB. Pero (but) next week I'll send you my giant email. That is awesome that you have a Japanese exchange student, but its lame that right when an outgoing student comes, I leave. That's lame. It's also sad that Mad Mad is gone. I just cry da whole time. Pero (but) that's cool that she is doing humanitarian work in Guatemala. Well I miss y'all (another side note, is as elders we can't say the word, "guys", its like a swear word in the class, so I've been saying howdy and y'all a lot. So basically you can just say that I'm already a true Texan) and I love hearing from y'all. 

Gracias por (Thanks for) the cookies they are good, pero (but) I think I'm fine without cookies this week because we've been eating so much junk food already. So that's OK. Pero gracias por todas cosas (But thanks for all the things). I know that what I'm doing is what the lord wants me to be doing. It's tough, it really is. Nobody really talks about how hard the MTC is, but it is definitely really hard. But it has it's moments. I love this gospel and I'm so grateful for my savior Jesus Christ for bearing the sins of the world. He is amazing and I'm grateful that I will have the opportunity to go out and teach his gospel. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!!! 

Love, Elder Heiner

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week 2: White Chambers, The Holy Spirit and a Rainbow :)

Hola!!!!!! (Hello)

Two weeks down 102 weeks to go. Pero (but) this week went by so fast. There was a lot of really spiritual experiences this week. So in the last week we (Elder Fitt and I) are teaching two investigators, pero (but) this week we are teaching 3, and our teacher Hermano Mecham told us that we are going to only have 18 minutes to teach, instead of the whole 30 minutes, which is hard for us, because we had a solid lesson planned on the restoration, eternal families and prayer; but since we had such little time, we just decided to do the lesson on eternal families and prayer. We started with a prayer, and jumped right in. In the first 5 minutes we were struggling speaking the language and figuring out how to translate our message, and at this time I was looking at my notes a lot, and I got a really strong prompting that said, " put your notes down, and I will help you". The spirit was so strong, and our investigator Erik, felt the spirit, and was touched by our message.

The best moment of the week, It was either last Thursday or Friday. We were just finishing up the day, and we all went outside, and the sky was so pretty (I'm sorry mom I didn't get a picture of it), there was a rainbow and the lighting on the clouds was amazing. Just then our other teacher Hermano Mella (our district has the best two teachers in the MTC just to let you know) yelled, "GET BACK IN THE CHAMBERS". I laughed so hard. To give you a perspective of our classroom, we are in a 3 story building, but our classroom is in the basement, its white brick, and it's smaller than my room. So everyone has been saying GET BACK IN THE CHAMBERS all week. 

My favorite day has been Tuesday's by far. Every Tuesday we give a lesson at 4:15pm then have dinner at 5:45, then go to a devotional at 7, then have a district testimony in our room for an hour, and yesterday was probably the best day yet. At 4:15 we went into our TRC meeting (Teaching and Resource Center, I think that's what it is) and we are teaching Rosi. It was a first lesson, and we had a prepared to teach her on the Restoration and the first vision. So the entire lesson is supposed to go 45 minutes, but when we finished the restoration part we still had 25 minutes to kill. We were nervous. The spirit definitely helped us out big time. After our restoration lesson we gave her a libro de mormon (Book of Mormon), and shared our testimonies on the Libro de mormon (Book of Mormon). we then taught her about baptism and she was confused because she had already been baptized into the Catholic church, so that became a bit awkward, but the spirit didn't let us down. We taught about the authority and how after Christ had died, and all the apostles died the authority was taken off the earth. She understood this and she said that she would pray about the book of Mormon, pray about Jose Smith to know that he is a true prophet of God, read the introduction of the Book of Mormon, and go to our church with her friend; so for a lesson that was all over the place, it turned out to be amazing. Later was the devotional and Benjamin Banks spoke (I don't think you know who he is because he is an old quorum of the 70) but he was amazing. He said many times: the way to be a successful missionary is to be an example. People notice first how you act. He also shared a lot of personal experiences. Like one that was really funny: He said that when he was a mission president one of his missionaries saw a little boy throwing a fit with his grandpa. So the elder went over took off the little boys hat and pretended to throw it out the window. The little boy felt his head, looked at his grandpa, then looked at the elders. The elders then said think of putting that hat on, and it will come back, so the little boy closed his eyes and thought really hard. Then the Elder put the hat back on his head. The little boy felt his hat, then picked up his hat, threw it out the window, and said do it again!!! Everyone in the audience laughed so hard!!! Brother Banks was amazing speaker and he said, never give up, because the devil is trying to tear you down, and if you give up, he has won. The spirit was so strong. After the devotional we had a district testimony meeting and it is probably the most spiritual testimony meeting I have ever been in. The theme was families can be together forever,working hard to go find those people out on our missions, and trials. Who are you going to see at the gate when you die, is it going to be family, friends and loved ones. I know I want it to be all those I will find. Yo se que la expiacion is verdadero. Yo se que Jose smith es un profeta de Dios. Yo se que el espirtu santo es verdadero y ayudando me, en el nombre de jesucrito amen. (translation: I know that the atonement is real. I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God. I know that the Holy Spirit is real and helps me. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.)

Here is a quote I just found. Hope you like it!!
“Your Heavenly Father loves you—each of you. That love never changes. It is not influenced by your appearance, by your possessions, or by the amount of money you have in your bank account. It is not changed by your talents and abilities. … God’s love is there for you whether or not you feel you deserve love. It is simply always there.” Thomas S. Monson

Mom thanks for the pics and for the album, I love it. I love hearing about your lives back home, and I'm glad that you could get dad to go to the parade. We could see cars parked on our street of people getting ready to go to the parade on the 4th. I'm sorry I don't have pics, the problem is is that I need to get a cord that plugs into the computer, I'm running out of time, sooooo Recuerda Quienes Y Hasta Luego (Remember who you are and goodbye).

PS I need to have you send me a pair of jeans, and cookies (thank you again for the cookies my companion loooooooved them, direct quote from Elder Fitt) 

PPS we had watermelon and it was really good. so your awesome and dont get mad at me cause Im no longert  puncuating. Adios (goodbye).

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week 1: Highlights, Challenges and 20 Three Pointers :)

One week is down and I can definitely tell you that the first three days were the hardest days of my life. On the first day I struggled to be myself because I didn't know anyone, and I was so lost, as I explained in my first email. But the second day was the worst!!!! Not to be a pessimist, but if you are coming into the MTC all those future missionaries out there, you need to prepare to wake up at 6:25, study for at least 9 hours a day and go to bed at 10:30. My body still hasn't adjusted to the sleep schedule yet. Although my espanol (spanish) is improving, teaching investigators in Spanish is really difficult!!! I really wish I had Maddy's skills with speaking Spanish porque mi espanol es muy malo, entonces (because my spanish is very bad, then) if you are speaking a language on a mission in the future, practice practice practice and one more thing is . . . practice. Besides the hard things in the MTC, the good thing is that I made it to Sunday. All the missionaries a week in or higher were telling us to just make it to Sunday. Once I did that it was great. So we have been teaching an investigator in Spanish (it's role played so it's not completely real) and it is really dificil (difficult). Our first lesson was awful. Elder Fitt froze up on his Spanish, and my Spanish is no bueno (not good), and I was so excited to get through that lesson, but as we have been preparing I have felt the spirit so much. On our second lesson, we were preparing to teach the restoration of the gospel and talk about the first vision, and I was preparing and practicing I was overwhelmed with the spirit. I started laughing and crying at the same time. It was probably the first complete confirmation that Jose (Joseph) Smith actually saw the Father and Jesucristo (Jesus Christ). So that was a very cool experience, and one that I will remember for a long time. Saturday and Sunday were both very cool. Saturday was the fourth of July and we had a fourth of July devotional. What I learned and what was taught that the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was sent at the right time and in the right place, and Heavenly Father helped all those fighting for their freedom, win and conquer. Another lesson that was taught from the devotional was that we need to always have TRUST. It's the T word, is what I call it. Trust is key. We need to always have trust in our Heavenly Father that he will bless our lives, and if we do what he asks, then he will be able to TRUST us. Another part of Trust that is key is that we need to always make sure our investigators can trust us. We need to be happy, able to listen, and ready to help those in need. Sunday was also really cool, and it was the first time I had completed a real 24 hour fast. Don't worry mom I'm still alive!!! It was really cool to fast for something I really needed help with. I was able to feel the spirit really strongly the whole day. Plus dinner time was pretty amazing because I had so much food, pero yo come muchos comida (but I eat a lot of food) anyways so it wasn't that much of a difference. Later en la noche (in the night), we watched a movie called the character of Christ, which was a talk by Elder Bednar. He explained that we need to not worry about ourselves all the time, but focus on serving others. He explained that we can't be like the cookie monster and be like, "I wan't cookie now" or "I wan't baptism now" we need to have patience and be more Christlike. It was an amazing movie/talk!!! I absolutely love the spirit that is felt here. I also love my district. We have ten personas (people) in the district, 4 of which are hermanas y (Sisters and) 6 are Elders. Our district is already so close, and I have especially come very close to my roommates: Elder Fitt (mi companero) (my companion), Elder Bell and Elder Craig. The two other elders are really cool too (Elder Gosch and Elder Freeman). I have pictures pero (but) I forgot my camera in my room so I'll send a lot next week, sorry mom:( 

I love the letters I got back, and I am sorry that all you are not yet emotionally stable. I know that if you have faith in the Lord he will bless you. But I am so excited to get beat by Brett in basketball when I get back. I have been practicing so he better watch out. Yeah it was funny, yesterday I was unconscious. I missed three shots the whole morning and probably made 20 three pointers. The people who are playing with me were wondering why I wasn't playing college, and I was like "I just wan't to be like my old man and drain threes in peoples faces." Es muy bien (It's very good). So watch out Brett. I also loved the package that I got from all y'all. I started laughing and crying at the same time. I know that I will be a happy spiderman one day because of Maddy and William. But what most surprises me is that Dad gave me a Pro V 1 golf ball and Anamarie gave me her favorite rock, I bet both of you (anamarie and dad) were so sad to give those away. Lastly not firstly, I testify and conquer that if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God . . . James 1:5. I'll be happy to tell you that I have been drinking plenty of water and doing just fine. 

One last thing if you would like to use and email me, I get the letters that night instead of reading them all on Wednesday. Sorry to all you people I didn't respond to, my hour is running short and I'm too legit to quit and for that reason is why I must quit. 


Hasta luego y buenos suerte (Goodbye and good luck).

Love Elder Heiner!!!

PS elder freeman will send me some of the pictures on his camera and send them to me so I can send them to you:)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 1: Elder Heiner's First Email

Hey everything is going great. It's been tough, because it's been go go go, and I'm taking in so much right now. I now know why everyone says the first day is the hardest day. Everything is so new and it's strange because we are diving straight into the language and the gospel. The language is really tough, but it seems that all the missionaries in my district are struggling as well, so I'm excited to learn with them, but talking is a struggle because I can't speak Spanish at all. Besides that I am still excited for what is to come, but I've been struggling to open my mouth, but knowing it is the first day, I'm sure I'll be able to do better later. My companions name is Elder Fitt, and he is a cool guy, he has a good sense of humor, and he is from Baton Rouge Louisiana. It's hard to keep a conversation going for a while because he is not a sports fan, and you knowing me, I love to talk about sports, and he ran cross-country which I hate running soooooo that has been bit of a struggle, but it has also been fun. We have not yet unpacked, and I don't have a clue where I am going because all of the buildings look exactly the same. I'm doing my best, and it definitely is a new experience but I can't wait to learn and act as a tool in the hand of the Lord. 
So enough about me, let me know how the fam is doing, I know William probably thinks I'm a poo head still and maybe when I get back from my Mish he'll actually love me (that's what I'm hoping). I hope you and mom aren't still crying cause then I'll cry (again). I bet the transition is weird, because it is definitely very weird for me. I love you all so much, and have a great time in AF. Also today is P day, so I will email you guys every Wednesday. Take Luck, and Recuerda Quienes. Love ya

Love Elder Heiner