Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Week 3: Missionary Pictures for MOM... Finally!

ALOHA y Hola!!!!

Can you believe it, it has already been 3 weeks!!! The time just keeps flying by. This past week has been fun, stressful, spiritual, and overall amazing.  On Wednesday of last week, we went to the temple, and it was so nice to go do an endowment session. The spirit was very strong and there were parts of the endowment session that I had never understood until when we went last week. The Celestial room was so spiritual, but it doesn't compare to the Mount Timpanogos Celestial room. Pero (but) it was still so amazing. 

We didn't have to teach last Wednesday so that was a benefit, because it's hard feel the spirit for me when I had been relaxing the whole day and then jumping back into the normal routine. So that was a bonus.

On Thursday we had the opportunity to give a lesson to Rosi, our TRC investigator. She doesn't talk much and its hard to keep a conversation going with her. Sadly she was sick, so we got to give an emailed lesson. Email lessons are the best because we can make the lesson sound amazing with the little amount of Spanish that we know. So that was a blessing. The email was amazing. We talked about baptism and we aren't sure what she is going to say because she still hasn't emailed us back.

Friday and Saturday were a blur. The time flew so fast. On Saturday we were sitting in class and I looked at the clock and it was already 4:30 pm. Time flies when you're having fun. An additional side note is that one of our goals as a district is to finish the Book of Mormon before we leave. Its so cool to read the Libre de (book of) Mormon every morning before breakfast, grammar study, and teaching time, because it gets me into a spiritual mood. 

Sunday was a really cool day. Elder Fitt and I had the opportunity to teach the priesthood class discussion. We taught how the holy spirit helps in our lives and with our investigators. I love discussions because it is a great opportunity for us to teach, but it is also a great way for me to learn more about the spirit. Sacrament meeting was really cool, pero (but) I'm still not used to the sacrament prayer being in Spanish, it's different but its still amazing.

Monday was very inspiring. Elder Fitt and I taught a lesson, that was the best lesson we have ever given. It was on the restoration and the first vision. We started the lesson off with a joke in Spanish (Qué haciendo pescado (what are you doing fish?) . . . nada (nothing/swimming) (nada means fish and swimming in spanish) . . . get it, I might have said it wrong in Spanish but if you think really hard you'll get it) and that got our investigator, Rafael, laughing and involved early. I said the prayer in the beginning of the lesson and I was still laughing so hard that I forgot how to start the prayer in español (spanish), instead of saying nuestro quedido padre celestial (my dear Father in Heaven) I said en el nombre de jesucristo (in the name of Jesus Christ). My bad. Pero (but) it was still fine. The lesson was so amazing that I started laughing and crying because the spirit was so strong. The lord has helped me. After the lesson I tried to think back on what I had said that made the spirit so strong, and I couldn't remember what I had said in the lesson. The spirit was literally putting Spanish words in my mouth. It was amazing!!! Today was sad though, because we had our oldest district leave today. It was sad because I had become so close to a lot of the elders. They were all so awesome (Elder Davis, Elder Jones, Elder Barron, and Elder Dunn) they were the happiest people, and still are the happiest people. They are going to do great in the mission field.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to the Tuesday devotional, and it was by an Emeritus General Authority and he taught about how we can be better missionaries. He taught that the best missionaries love their companions, the people, and those they come into contact with before they worry about themselves. I've been trying my best to love everyone. After the devotional we had a testimony meeting and the spirit was so strong. I shared how in our lives we can't stray near to the cliff, and that we need to drive as far away as we possibly can. One bump can knock you off the edge. I also bore my testimony of those times in my life where I had fallen off the edge, and when I had those people to help me get back up. It was an amazing testimony meeting.

Don't worry dad I am getting all your emails, pero (but) I'm sending all the letters to mom just because mom is my HB. Pero (but) next week I'll send you my giant email. That is awesome that you have a Japanese exchange student, but its lame that right when an outgoing student comes, I leave. That's lame. It's also sad that Mad Mad is gone. I just cry da whole time. Pero (but) that's cool that she is doing humanitarian work in Guatemala. Well I miss y'all (another side note, is as elders we can't say the word, "guys", its like a swear word in the class, so I've been saying howdy and y'all a lot. So basically you can just say that I'm already a true Texan) and I love hearing from y'all. 

Gracias por (Thanks for) the cookies they are good, pero (but) I think I'm fine without cookies this week because we've been eating so much junk food already. So that's OK. Pero gracias por todas cosas (But thanks for all the things). I know that what I'm doing is what the lord wants me to be doing. It's tough, it really is. Nobody really talks about how hard the MTC is, but it is definitely really hard. But it has it's moments. I love this gospel and I'm so grateful for my savior Jesus Christ for bearing the sins of the world. He is amazing and I'm grateful that I will have the opportunity to go out and teach his gospel. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!!! 

Love, Elder Heiner

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