Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 4: District Leader, Mr. Friendly and ADD ;)


The weeks just fly by. I can't believe that today I will have been in the MTC for a month. It feels like just yesterday that we were dropping me off. This week has had it's ups and downs. Pero (but) most of the time it's had it's ups. We had a lesson every day this last week and one thing that I have realized especially while I am here, is that I always need to plan for the specific person that I am teaching that day. Last Thursday Elder Fitt and I had the opportunity to teach our (role play investigator, who is actually our teacher) Rafael. We hadn't planned too much, but we had a commitment set in place and we were planning on following one of our lesson plans from a previous lesson. It didn't go very well. I was all over the place and I wasn't sure what to say next. Elder Fitt kind of kept us in the right direction, but it was just a rough lesson all around. So whoever is reading this, MAKE SURE YOU PLAN. Porque esta es muy importante (because it is very important). Entonces (So) on the yesterday of today, we were teaching Naeli, our TRC investigator (who might be LDS or might not be), and we planned really hard for it. At the beginning we shared a joke with her, and it's Que hace un Pez . . . NADA hahahaha, so anyhways ya that was really funny, and if you don't know what it says, well lo siento (I'm sorry). Naeli had a lot of trials in her life, and the message that we wanted to share with her is the restoración (restoration) and how we can pray to Dios (God) and how he can help us. A little side note: Dad when we taught the Restoration we did it exactly how we used to practice it back home, pero (but) it was in Spanish instead of English. So that was neat. Ok back on track: we also showed her a video (this is one of my favorite mormon messages, it's called The Hope Of God's Light. I really encourage you to watch it because it is increíble (incredible)) and the spirit was so strong in the room. The lesson went so much better when we had prepared a lesson that was based on her needs. I love it when a plan comes together!! 

Ok, so the week was pretty much fantastic. We received a new district in our zone with 13 people in it. It's crazy, and they are all so awesome. I've got to know them all really well. But one of the sad things that happened, well its kind of sad, is that the district that was two weeks ahead of us left on Monday. I had grown so close to those Elders and Sisters, that it was hard to see them go. In sacrament meeting we sang God Be With Us Till We Meet Again. I just broke down. Elder Craig and I were crying pretty bad, and it wouldn't stop. It was even worse because my make-up was running and my hair wasn't #perfect and so that was just super cray cray. But really I miss them so much. They taught me so much. But they're going to have a fiesta down in Argentina. Sunday was also a cool day. I became the district leader for our district, its funny because we were having bets on who would be district leader and Elder Craig was pretty positive it was me, and he said if it's not you I'll give you 6 dollars. Pero 6 dollars is like more money that I get in a week on my special card of fun. So it was sad when I got called to district leader because I didn't get 6 dollars. Pero (but) it's going to be a cool experience.

Elder Heiner (second from left on bottom) and his new district while serving in the MTC

I'm sorry I'm all jumbled in my email today. Pero (but) its alright. So yesterday we had a devotional and testimony meeting, for the special Tuesday fun night that the MTC does, it is indeed super sweet. But what sound system does it have (name that movie). Yeah so we had a devotional and the topic was based on prayer and how we can receive revelation. It was amazing. One of the things that I got out of the meeting, was that the speaker said that we need to make our prayers super sincere, and make sure that we are talking to God like we are talking to our parents. It was a great devotional, pero it twas a bit boring, pero that's was alright, I forgive him, who spoke. I say him cause I can't remember his name at this moment. But I'll probably remember later, so remind me Pero #Imightseeitinaweek soooo #swag. Another little side note, my favorite thing to say is #swag or #wusup. It's pretty fun. The testimony meeting was great afterwards as well. The spirit is so powerful when everyone bears their testimony in our district. #ESMUYBIEN (it's very good). Mi español (my spanish) es still mas o menos (is still more or less). Pero (but) it's coming along. 

Me encanta (I love) hearing from all y'all, it's great to hear how your lives are going. It's funny that you just got that letter that I sent you, because I sent that so long ago. Pero its all good. If you want to send me candy you can, but you don't have to, it's just up to you, because I wuv you guys so mucho (much) it's just muy (very) cwazy.

Elder Heiner and his companion Elder Fitt from Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the Provo Temple. 

A funny thing that happened is yesterday, in a leadership meeting, our branch president called me Mr. Friendly, and yesterday my companion thought that I have ADD because I have been so crazy, but don't worry its a good crazy. It's kind of like a Brady Heiner crazy and almost a Maddy Heiner friendly. Pero I still am not as cool as Sarah Heiner, cause she's just too cool you know. Also one more side note is that my favorite word is pero (but) if you didn't figure that out by now. 

Soooo LOLTTYL Y Hasta Luego (laugh out loud, talk to you later and goodbye)

Me ama usted mucho (I love you a lot)

Love Elder Heiner

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