Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Week 5: Last Week In The MTC

Here we go. It's crunch time!!! Can you believe that this is the last week in the MTC for me. I can't believe it. ITS CRAAAZZZZYYYY. So this past week I got my flight plans, so basicamente (basically) it's getting real. I am still not sure if I can call you before I get on the plane, but if I do, it will probably be from 7-9 am next Wednesday. Lucky for me, I get to wake up at 3:35 am next Wednesday, so I'm just super pumped. I was actually really, like super, muy (very) excited when we got our flight plans. I was jumping up and down, and just going crazy. Everyone in our district was an emotional high. Great times great times. 

Here is our whole zone on Sunday at the temple. 

So yes this past week has been the basicamente (basically), and its even better because my new favorite word is basicamente (basically) and it's super much fun to say. This last week has definitely had it's ups and its downs. Everyone is trying to stay focused but it is definitely really hard, because we are so excited to get out in the field next week. So our teachers have been trying to drill it into our heads that we need to keep working hard. I love seeing my friends around the MTC. It's awesome. I see Elder Fongy all over the place, I've also seen Elder Lister (JJ), Elder Chase (Jacob Ryan), Elder Okelberry (Steven), Elder Baxter (Dimitri), Elder Beeson (Buzz), Elder Frost (Colby), and a bunch more people from school. It's great to see them all out here, getting ready to go serve the lord. 

Here is our whole district, and both of our teachers who are on the top row edges.

So there have been a few events that have been really great. In both of the devotionals this week, both of the speakers were amazing. So the first one on Sunday was Sheri Dew, I don't know if you know her, but she is one of the best inspirational speakers in the church. She taught a lot about how we need to let the spirit always be the teacher. She also told a story of how this kid in preschool was so crazy at recess and so nice in the classroom. Always picking up his classmates when they were feeling down, and the teacher asked this little boy, why are you so nice? The little boy gave a confused look, like you should know this. Then he said, the reason I am so good is because Jesus has Rules, and I need to be good because he has rules. Jesus does have rules and when we follow those rules, God and Jesus both, bless us. She also taught a lot about engaging God in a spiritual wrestle. Because we need to wrestle with God to gain a pure and sure knowledge that he is there and ready to help us. On Tuesday (yesterday) we had another speaker. I don't think you'll know him, because very few people actually do. His name is Russell M Nelson. Yeah I didn't know who he was either. But I bet y'all know him, cause I hear he's pretty popular in the church for some reason. But yeah we got to hear him talk and right when he walked into the gym, you could feel the spirit illuminate. It was absolutely amazing. Anyone who was there could have known without a doubt that he is an apostle of the lord. Him and his wife talked and I loved one of the points his wife (Wendy Nelson) made. She said, " whenever you are feeling down as a missionary, just remember that there are 15 million people all around the world who are praying for you". She also said, " As missionaries you are all preparing the world for the second coming". Two really important concepts that she said and I know it touched everyone. President Nelson said something that was really amazing as well, he said, " Many and most of us have been wounded (as all of the 2000 stripling warriors were) but as you repent, you can overcome past temptations, doubt and behaviors; because God isn't disappointed with an of those who are willing to repent". The rest of his talk was amazing as well. When it was over, we were able to get out pretty fast because we were on the floor, next to the door. So we got to watch him get into his car and drive away. It was amazing because we were literally 10 feet away from him, and I know we made eye contact. Entonces, basicamente (Then, basically) it was a really cool experience. 

So why are you all doing such fun things right when I leave. It sounds like every week you are all doing something super fun. Also tell the Merrill's I say hi. Dang I was hoping that Cardon comes into today, I couldn't remember the date he came in, so it's sad that I won't get to see him. But it's great hearing from all y'all. I love getting the letters. You are all so awesome. That's awesome that Maddy had a really spiritual experience with her priesthood blessing. They are amazing. I have been able to give 3 blessings while I have been here, and been apart of 2 more, and they are all so amazing. This past week I had one of the most spiritual experiences while being part of a priesthood blessing. I love them so much. Well I hope y'all have so much fun in AF. I'm praying for all y'all. It's kinda crazy that the next time I send an Email, I'll most likely be in Houston. So remember who you are all are, and what you stand for. 

Adios y'all.  Stay cute always.

Love Elder Heiner

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