Saturday, August 15, 2015

Week 6: Elder Heiner is Officially a Texan

Written by Sarah (mom):

Elder Taylor Heiner was unable to write home this week because his P-Day fell on the same day that he flew out to Houston, Texas. However, he did email a few pictures. The highlight was talking to him on the phone while he was waiting to board the plane. We talked about how the first week in the MTC was the longest week of his life and the last 5 weeks in the MCT were the quickest 5 weeks ever. He said how much he loved his district and was very sad on Monday when most of his district left for the mission field. He said how much he couldn't wait to get out to Houston so he could get to work and start helping others. He said he needed 3 more shirts (which his grandma bought for him), and thanked us for all the support, letters and goodies he's been getting while he was in the MTC.  He spoke to me in Spanish and it sounded so awesome!! His first letter will be on Monday, August 17th and I am so excited to hear about what fun adventures he has been on. It was so great talking to him and I am so proud him. I only wish I could have reached through that phone to hug him again. I love Elder Heiner!

Final district photo with almost everyone with here. Including our teacher Hermano Mella.
We are right outside of our classroom (which is on the left).

I bet this is the cutest picture you have ever seen. This is Elder Freeman and I a few weeks back. It's sad all the Elders have already left, and now it's just Elder Fitt and I in the MTC, from our district. So its getting crazy.
But this pic is totes cute right?

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