Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 8: Miracles and The Best Coach Ever!

Oh man the weeks are flying in the hot Texas weather. This past week has been tough, amazing, and so spiritual. Last Tuesday we had a zone conference, and it was aawweesssommmee. There were about 40 missionaries who came to one of the church buildings and we all learned how we can better ourselves as missionaries. It was really cool, and it was also really cool getting to know a lot of the missionaries, cause I know literally no one here, except for the people in my zone. So 'twas fun.

The reason that it has been tough is because missionary work is like learning how to play an entirely new sport (this could also be related to life but right now its relating to missionary work) that I call the MWA, or missionary work association. I have definitely dribbled the ball out of bounds quite a few times, but it's awesome because practice makes better. But don't worry, cause I have the best team. I have an amazing coach who's name is Jesus Christ who has set the perfect example and is helping me become the better me, and helping other people become better, through me. The coach is always working hard at keeping me on the straight path. He has been conditioning me all my life, with my trial conditioning, High School Sprints, and Temple Tuesday water breaks. I love him and he is helping me so much. But I love how he is not the only one helping me. I have an amazing assistant coach, President Mortensen, who is helping me fulfill my missionary purpose. But I'm most grateful for the coach for giving me an amazing trainer. My fitness trainer, Elder Christensen, has helped me so much. He has worked me out, but he has also gone through the tough times, and has relied his faith on the coach for guidance, so it is easy for me to look up to him. Then when I know that times are really tough, I know that I have fans back home cheering me on. So I have nothing to worry about. The MWA is tough and sweaty, but it sure is fun.

Elder Christensen and I have had a few miracles this past week. The first one was, that last Wednesday Elder Christensen were both out on our back porch. Now to give you a visual, we are on the 3rd floor of our apartment building and the back porch sticks out about 5 ft, and it is about 10 ft wide. Well I was studying and role playing with E. Christensen who was fixing his bike, when a guy about 20 years old came out to his porch about 30 ft away from ours to the right. He was jamming out to rap music, and then looked over to us. I had this overwhelming feeling to wave, then he waved back. Then he got up and started talking to us about bikes, then one thing led to another, and I was talking to him about the gospel. He knew a lot, and he wants a change in his life. So we gave him a Book of Mormon and gave him our number. So the most important part of the story, is always listen to the spirit, and be kind to people. Because you never know when one wave can change a persons life. 

2nd miracle is that our primary progressing investigator, has been improving so much. He has gone to church the last 3 weeks, and yesterday he agreed to be baptized on the 13th of September. It was amazing. He is so ready. He even told us yesterday that we are on this Earth not to do what we want, but to do what God would have us do. It was amazing. 

3rd miracle: Elder Christensen and I were out biking on Saturday and we went up to this house and there was a girl outside. We started talking to her, and she was a little bit interested. But not really. But as we were getting ready to leave, I saw someone who was laying on the ground of a porch. He wasn't wearing a shirt, and he kind of looked a bit sketchy. But something told me to go talk to him. This time I blew it off, because I didn't want to talk to him. But I finally decided to go. I went over to him and started the normal  door knock approach. Come to find out that he is 18 years old, just got done exercising, and the reason he was on the ground was because he was praying, and right when he got done was when I went up to him. His name is Achilles, and he wants a huge change in his life. He has had a problem with drinking beer, and drugs, and he has been to a lot of churches, and all of them (he said) wouldn't help him with his problems. So when we said that we are here to help you change your life, he told us:"This might be the one I have been looking for". Overall it was an amazing event, and again moral of the story, is listen to the spirit, and even when you don't want to listen, do it anyways. 

So it has been a great week, and I am excited for the next one. Side notes. I love my ward. They are all so happy. We have been doing a lot of service and that's fun. We have been dying in the heat and that's been fun too. But today was a party. We played ball with two zones, and it was so fun. #totesfun. And then we played volleyball, with our zone and the AP's and that was even funnerer. But literally I don't think I have sweat more in my life. But you know what they say, when you sweat, your going to want a cookie to go with it. 

Hasta Luego mis amigos. y nos vemos.

With much love from above and from me,

Elder Heiner

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