Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 11: A Cute Dog, Lorenzo and Dia De Hispanidad

It's really weird to think that It's already been 2 1/2 months since the start. Time flies, on a mission, it really does. Well I'm absolutely loving the missionary life. Its fun, hard, hot (but finally cooling down), sooo spiritual, nerve racking, a little bit scary, and fun, and really spiritual for some odd reason;) The reason it is fun is because every day is so packed. We have appointment after appointment after appointment, and the time just flies because there are so many people in Houston, its so cool to just talk to people all day. It's like a dream come true. I also see dogs everywhere. Like each street I will see at least 1 or 2 dogs. Like for reals y'all. But most of them aren't very cute, but don't worry I did find one cute dog this week, and I picked him up and held him. It was totes preciousness.

There are not very many cute dogs here in Houston, but don't worry I found one.
And he was just supo cuwte. I woved him supo supo mucho.

Also going along with the dog subject, Elder Christensen absolutely hates dogs, and one of them went up to him and he was like Elder Heiner come play with the dog, cause I'm not touching it. Entonces this week just flew right by and it felt like a #blur to be honest, but there were some really cool events of the week that I want to share. 

The first one was that on Wednesday I got to go on an Exchange with Elder Sellers. We got to go out and ride bikes, and hang up English Class flyers, and talk to people for like 3 hours. And it was funny because Elder Sellers is super shy, and won't talk to anyone. So I felt like the senior comp a little bit and was making all the decisions. So that was fun. We also got a lot of contacts, who said they would love to come to church. Sadly none of them came yesterday, but it's that one invitation that can really change someone's life down the road. 

The second one is that we are still teaching Achilles. He is 18 years old and how we met him was he was laying on his front porch praying (a couple weeks back), who I spotted out biking, that I was prompted to go talk to. Well we were teaching him on Saturday, and reading with him in the Book of Mormon. He was loving the book and chapter we were reading, when out of the blue he asked us:" When can I get baptized"? I was kind of stunned. It was awesome. He then told us that he knows that the Mormon church is the one, and that he knows that he will die a Mormon. So we got a baptismal date for him in the middle of October. So we are excited for him, and the path that he is taking.

The last event that was awesome and was by far the biggest highlight, was our investigator Lorenzo got baptized yesterday. He has definitely come a long way. It's amazing because he is the first investigator that I started teaching in the field, but it was also the first time E. Christensen had taught him as well. I remember my second day in the field, we had the opportunity to visit him, and he had a tiny little apartment that was really cluttered, he had no chairs so we had to stand, but was just ready to learn. Now his apartment is clean, he bought some furniture and is nice inside, and he now has this light in his eyes; that is incredible. The person who baptized him was Hermano Robles (our ward mission leader, and also Lorenzo's neighbor). When he went in and out of the water he just stood in the font for like 10 seconds and then made his way out. In that moment I know that he was taking in that moment where he was perfectly clean. For the rest of the day he was smiling so much (except for in pictures, in his culture they don't smile in pictures) but he was absolutely soooo happy. He had a bounce in his step and was just so filled with the spirit.

Our first baptism: On the far left is Elder Christensen, then Hermano Robles then Lorenzo and me on the right.

Here is Hermano robles on the far left, Lorenzo in the middle, and me on the right. First baptism was
and absolutely amazing.

I love you all. Keep being amazing. Remember to always look for opportunities to change someones life, because there are always those people who need help, and you may not know it, but you are the person who will impact their lives the most. My sister Maddy was able to realize that last year in her first year of High School. She impacted this kids life who was really going through a lot of struggles, and she helped him feel loved, in a time when he was stuck in a rut. People need your help, and all of you are chosen by our Heavenly Father to be here for a reason. I have a testimony of this. I also know that you can be a missionary no matter what. Every member a missionary. This girl in my ward who is like 15 said: "goodbye, have fun being a missionary", and I said "you too". She looked at me a little bit funny, but it is true, because every member is a missionary and is part of Gods plan to help someone. Always listen to the el espiritu santo (holy ghost) because He will lead you to people, and help you, in ways that you can't imagine. You are all children of our Heavenly Father and he loves you. He will not give you a trial that you cannot overcome. 

I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I am grateful to have the opportunity to be serving. My testimony has definitely been strengthened each and every day, on the mission. I can definitely see how Heavenly Father blesses his children. He has helped me so much, but also helped so many people here in Houston. I am grateful for my savior Jesus Christ who has paid the price for all the sins of the world. I know through him that all of us, no matter the struggle or trial, can live with our Heavenly Father again. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost, and the comfort he brings. 

Once again I love you all, and am excited for the paths that each one of you are taking. You are all amazing. On to another week. See y'all next time.

We were setting up for dia de hispanidad. A party that happens once a year, where everyone from different cultures brings food. So this is us posing in or sombreros. On the far left is Hermana Perry, then Hermana Larson, then Elder Sellers, then me, then Elder Bonzo, then Elder chin chin chin  (Christensen).

Funny sign that says: I'm glad when you're here, but I'm more comfortable when you leave :)

Love Elder Heiner

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