Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 17: The Gift Of Tongues is REAL!

This week was awesome. Elder Christensen and I have been doing so much work. Elder Christensen said that he has never been teaching this many people all at one time. But the week started on Wednesday. Literally though. I don't know what happened to Monday and Tuesday. If anyone knows where Monday and Tuesday went, can you tell me? Thanks:) On Wednesday I really tried to do things that I needed to get done, and not be the following trainee, and rely on my Elder Christensen to do everything. I kept thinking of the quote: See a need, Fill a need. There is always a need, like always, and It's our jobs to fill that need immediately. If you push the need off to the side, it will become lost or forgotten, that's why it is so important to fill that need immediately. Elder Christensen has taught me that when ever you have a good thought about something, write it down immediately. Don't wait, because if you wait, you will forget. So I give that same challenge to all of you: when you have a thought about doing something later, write it down, either on a piece of paper or in your phone, or somewhere where you can look back to it. Because the spirit gives amazing ideas, like really though, I think He is pretty good at it. So if you have a good thought, write it down!!!! 

Still on Wednesday (btw). We had a lesson with Milton, Lorenzo's son. We taught him the 3rd lesson: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I studied more for that lesson, than I think I have studied for any other lesson on the mission. We had a really good plan laid out prior to the lesson as well so we were expecting it to be a bomb lesson, and guess what? IT WAS!!! Not only was it good, but I understood everything that was said. It is usually super hard for me, especially because Milton and Lorenzo are from El Salvador, and have the strongest Salvadorian accent. But when Lorenzo was talking, I understood and was following along. In the lesson I was so overjoyed that I literally was laughing. I couldn't believe I could understand him. Usually I just sit there and nod my head, like yeah that makes sense, then I usually ask Christensen: what did he just say? But no!!! THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS FOR REALS!!!!! The spirit was so strong and I LOOOVVVVEEEEDDD it! I know that learning something new takes hard work and dedication. But if we really focus on accomplishing little goals at a time, the final goal will be right around the corner. It's just like my dad always said: "You can't eat a whole whale all at once, rather you take one bite at a time".

On Thursday everyone in our zone had interviews with our mission President. It was really nerve wracking, because my mission president scares me. I don't know why. But don't worry I got through it. He gave a lot of great tips and points on how I need to take action. He also said to read "Adjusting to Missionary Life" again. I remember doing that in the MTC, but I really skimmed over it, because it really didn't apply to me. But here in the field it is much different, and that booklet has really helped me. Every time I have free time (which is like never) I do it and it helps so much. So all you missionaries out there, I challenge you to read that again.

Friday and Saturday were both amazing. I'll start on Friday. Guess what? You'll probably never guess, so I'll tell you ;) I finally shaved!!! Yeah that's right. It took a whole 18 years for those facial hairs to be cut off, but it finally happened. I used Elder Christensen's old electric shaver, and I think I pressed too hard, because my face hurt for the whole day. But besides that, we had planned to teach 3 lessons with a member and another lesson but every single one canceled; it was so sad. But the positive thing was, was we taught English Class and we had 4 new dudes that showed up . . . and I'll tell you a bit more about those 4 dudes in a few lines down. Saturday's are the day that we go and visit all less active families. We got the opportunity to visit with 3 families. The Farley's, Raul (he is just a single dude, so I guess he isn't a family) and the Martinez'. They were all so amazing. We also invited them to the one and only Halloween party that the 3 wards in our building have. So yes, we had a Halloween party and it was so much fun. We had 10 less actives come and 8 investigators come. It was incredible!!!! It was great because the ward rented a bouncy house, made a gallon of dip and it was sick (name that movie). Great turn out, after we had worked so hard to get everyone there. The less actives and all the investigators met so many people in the ward. I loved it!!!

On Sunday, we were planning on getting a ton of people to church. But it was raining so hard on Saturday and Sunday, that the streets were flooded all over the place. So when church started we only had one investigator come, and we were pretty frustrated. But half way through sacrament meeting, those 4 dudes from English Class showed up. It was a miracle!!! They thought that English class was at 11 on Sunday, but in fact it was Church. After sacrament meeting a lot of the ward members went up to them and said hello and introduced themselves. T'was amazing. Even more amazing was that all 4 of them stayed for the 3 hour block. Also another amazing event that happened on Sunday was, we had a Mission President's Fireside. What happens is all the Spanish missionaries go and sing in a fireside, and recent converts and President Mortensen all give there testimonies. The best part, was at the very end when we sang Army of Helaman in Spanish. I got the chills so bad. The spirit was so strong.

I have one quick challenge before I go. This week we have been trying to focus our efforts on the youth. I have been sharing with them some of my favorite talks from General conference (Your four minutes by Gary Stevenson, and Mountains to Climb by Henry B Eyring; are two of my favorites) and encouraging them to read them and share them with a friend. Some of them came back and told me how it went on Sunday, and they said that it went great. That being said, I give the same challenge out to each one of you. Find one of your favorite talks or quotes or scriptures and share it with a friend. Help lift a person up this week. 

Have a great week all you lovely people. Remember that Heavenly Father will help us with any challenge or trial we face, as long as we have faith in him and WORK through our challenges. 

I love you all. 

Love Elder Heiner

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