Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week 19: A Small Town in Texas called Navasota

Guess what? I'm in the middle of nowhere!!! Navasota Texas is my new area, and it has about 7000 people in it. Back home, whenever I thought of Texas, I thought of Cowboys and Ranch's and wide open plains. Then I went to Houston, and it wasn't like that at all, but here, I'm finally out in Texas. Transfers were crazy! I'm up here with an Elder named Elder Pesci. He is an awesome Elder. He has taught me a lot already in the week that I have been with him. Since we have such a small area, we have to work extra hard, and I like it!!!

A few things that happened this past week that stood out the most: I had the weirdest lesson of my life, we went to the temple to do baptisms for two recent converts and three of the youth in our branch who got to go for the first time, and I had THE biggest roller-coaster P day in the history of history. So let's jump into it!!!

My first day in Navasota we taught a lesson with to a man who is an English Professor at Sam Houston College and so smart. We were planning to teach him about the Restoration, but he had already been taught that lesson like 10 years ago. He told us that Elders 10 years ago had taught him and they drank Ice Tea together (I feel bad for those Elders because they probably didn't know what they were drinking haha). So we were prompted to share the Plan of Salvation with him. But right before we started he's like: evil really fascinates me. I was like "what!!!!!" I tried to tell him that everything has its opposites, and he's like: " no everything doesn't have its opposites". He wouldn't let us talk and this guy was just nuts. As we started up again on the P.O.S., he told us that stuff didn't really interest him, and that he is going to let God know all of that information. We then showed him the hope of God's light, but I forgot to explain the video in the beginning so he thought I was insulting him, when that wasn't the purpose at all. We were trying to tell him, that it is by the power of prayer and fasting that you can know the truth of all things but he took it in the wrong way. Overall, it was the craziest, weirdest and most frustrating lesson I've had. I was so excited to get out of there!!! But it was a great learning experience. Heavenly Father is pretty humorous because Elder Pesci and I just laugh every time we think of him.

The most spiritual part of the week was when we had the opportunity to go to the temple with a recent convert family named the Fairs. Billy and Maddy are recent converts and we got the opportunity to go to the temple with 3 other families who were going to the temple for the first time. It was the!!!! A older sister, who looks just like grandma (it's weird, they look so similar) brought like 100 names to do baptisms for the dead, and it was awesome!!!! The spirit was so strong and it was awesome because we had our Navasota family doing baptisms together. Billy and Maddy's sister, Melaine who was the first one to get baptized in there family, came as well, and it was her dream to have her family go to the temple together. The spirit touched everyone's hearts that night.

So P day was pretty weird. It had its super highs and lows. As a district we played Fruit ball. It's like baseball but with fruit. It was sooo much fun. Then a little later we went to the Navasota river because it is super full, and I pulled a super sad move; I locked the car keys in the car. We had to wait for a guy to come unlock the door for an hour and 15 minutes. Then that night we were driving and we were inches away from hitting a deer that bolted across the road. Oooohhhh man it was a roller coaster of a day.

I have a new favorite Mormon Message that I like to share with people, and it is "The Will of God". I love it because our Heavenly Father is the Gardner and sometimes we feel like we have been cut and can't grow back, but Heavenly Father gives us trials so we can be stronger, because he knows the past, present and future; and I know he knows what we need. So if any of you are going through a hard time, pray to our Heavenly Father for help. He knows you, and loves you, and will not let you falter forever. 

I love all of you. I love hearing about your lives. Maddy I'm so happy that you are still positive as ever and are fighting through Junior year. Anamarie I know you are going to be a professional cello player by the time I get home. Brett, you are going to easily beat me in basketball, and William is going to be a professional cleaner by the time I get back as well. Thanks Mom and Dad for all the support. I love you guys so much.

Love Elder Heiner

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