Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Week 21: Texas A&M, Baptisms and Family History

Aloha!!! This week was a good one. It was jam packed and filled with work. Elder Pesci and I were trying to go for the most lessons that we both have ever had in the mission. A solid 30!!! 30 lessons in one week is already extremely hard, but it is even harder when you are in one of the smallest areas in the mission. By the end of the week we finished with a solid 25. Even though we were just short, it was fun giving it all we got! We worked so hard! Like insanitly hard!! Plus we were so blessed for our efforts.

So last Tuesday we went up to College Station Texas, and we went and played volleyball with our zone. Well on the way up we decided to go to the Texas A&M Football stadium (Kyle Field), and the door was wide open so we decided to go in. We walked inside and there were a lot of workers, and we said hello and went on our way. Not one person told us to leave. We actually got all the way down to the field. It was so sweet!! That stadium is so big and was so sick!!!

Anyways, we have had so much training on a new curriculum. It's called Family History. I'm not sure if you guys have heard of it, but it's actually pretty cool. Because of it, we had a huge miracle come from it. Yesterday we knocked on a door and did the new "family history door approach" to a lady named Hope. She started telling us that she would absolutely love to find her ancestors. We gave her a My Family pamphlet and she was looking through it and kept telling us how happy she was that she can do this. She said that she is going to tell her whole family about it as well. We invited her to our family history class on Wednesday, and she said that she is definitely going to come. Absolutely amazing!!!! Family History can lead to so much. I invite each one of you to fill out a My Family pamphlet because it is a great resource and tool. I have definitely seen the blessings come from doing family history.

On Saturday my old investigator Milton got baptized, and I got permission to go all the way down to Houston to see it. It was amazing!!! It was probably the happiest I have been on my mission. I loved him so much. He is 18 years old and just a stud. The best part about it was that his dad Lorenzo (Elder Christensen and I's recent convert) was able to baptize him. It brought tears to my eyes as Milton came up out of the water with a huge smile on his face!!! This is why I am on a mission. To bring souls and families into the fold of God to live in happiness forever.

I love missionary work. We are all so blessed to have the gospel in our lives. I don't know where I'd be without the gospel. I know we hear that phrase a lot, but honestly, I would be in a rotten place without the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have seen he miracles come and come and come. It's pretty amazing. 

I love all you guys so much!!! Remember who you are and what you stand for. Because y'all are children of God!!!

Love Elder Heiner

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