Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week 22: 5 Months Down! 19 More To Go!

Estimado Amigos Comó estan? (Dear Friends, how are you? Ojalá que ustedes tuvieron un buen semana. (I hope you all had a good week). Anyways, this week was boss. It also made my stomach hurt from all the food. Man, we had a bunch of food, it was crazy!! So the highlights of this week were: Thanksgiving, cash money jack, Albert, Blitz the heck out of Navasota, and Elder Pesci got hit on by an Old dude at an old folks home. Let's jump right into it!

So Thanksgiving was sweet. We went and ate with the Stuart family in our branch. They cooked up some fried turkey, and so much other food. I stuffed my self to the max. I couldn't walk afterwards, and then they said "ok now we have pie!!" I barely scarfed it down!! It was so good but it made me so sick and sleepy. La lucha fue (the fight was) real.

On Wednesday we were going through our area book and decided to go to an old investigators house named Albert. He is like 17 and he is super cool. Well on the way over to his house, we were walking and this guy comes over and he's like: "Hey my name is cash money jack and I want you guys to preach to me". Next thing ya know he is giving E. Pesci and I hugs. After he's like you (me) are super and cold, but you (E Pesci) are super warm (in a super gangster accent btw). Then coincidently Albert came over and we started talking to him, and he said, "I see that you've met the crazy guy who is always on crack. We just laughed. It was so funny. But Albert had so many questions about the gospel that it was crazy. We taught him the restoration, and it was stellar. He has been so prepared, and we are so excited to go back and see him.

On Saturday we had the opportunity to go on a BLITZ in our area. Now what that is, is when other missionaries from your zone come down into your area and help find more people. Well we had Elders Aholele, Jones, Moon and Lee come down, and we all went contacting for 2 hours. One miracle that happened, happened to Elder Aholele and Elder Jones. They were knocking a a door in a trailer park and after they knocked it, the people inside opened the door and quickly said, "come in, come in, it's too cold." Next thing they knew they were seated down at their dinner table and started eating dinner with them. They taught family history, and at the end they said a prayer. The father told them that he was feeling something that he had never felt before, and that he liked it. They told the father that it was the Holy Ghost. He told them to come back. They found an entire family of 6 people!!! It was absolutely incredible! Also on the Blitz, we split up companionships and I went with Elder Moon and we went to this area where there is only people who speak English. Well on one house in general we knocked, a lady opened. We talked to her and she said that she has lost her son, and that actually she was talking to her aunt who is a Jehovah Witness and she was doing bible study with her, but she wasn't too thrilled about talking to her aunt. She said that it wasn't a coincidence that we came over. We gave her a BOM and read the third paragraph, and explained that this book will help you gain more peace in your life. She told us that earlier she was talking to someone about how she can find more peace in her life, because life is so hectic. She was so excited. We got a return appointment for Tuesday, and we are so excited to teach her. She has been so prepared by the Lord to hear our message.

So every Tuesday and Wednesday we do service at the old folks home here in Navasota, and call out Bingo. Well this old geezer went up to Elder Pesci and just was whispering really quietly. Elder Pesci looked really creeped out and went back to calling bingo. Well later he told me that the old man that he was talking to him was completely hitting on him. He said that was the weirdest experience ever. Well miracles keep coming, and it is so fun to see. I love serving. It is amazing! I love hearing how all y'all are doing. If any of you feel like you are struggling, focus on your relationship with our Father in heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ. Those two have been my best friends out here, and I know They will bless all y'alls lives as well. I love you all!!!

Love Elder Heiner

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