Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Hello, Hello, family and friends!! How are you all doing.  I love getting all of your emails. I love hearing about your lives. Each one of you has blessed my life and I love hearing how the Lord is shaping yours. It's crazy how time goes by so fast. It's even more crazy when you think about how fast time goes in the eyes of God. 2 years is only a couple minutes in the eyes of our Heavenly Father, and that is why every second counts. This week though time was going really slow for the first few days, but then picked up speed by the end. Did anyone else feel like that, because I'm positive that God tampered with time and made one minute feel like two minutes. Even when I slept during the night I felt like I had the longest sleep on my mission (that was actually really cool, I love when God makes sleep feel longer). God definitely has a sense of humor. But I love Him, because He has opened the way before me and has created a path for success. 

My new cowboy boots from my parents. Now they match Elder Pesci's.

We had a couple huge miracles that happened this week. The first was: we had a huge youth event on Wednesday where the primary, young men, and young woman, were going to be combining and all making Ginger Bread houses. Activities like these are huge for us missionaries because we have a possibility of getting investigators there and less actives. So that was the focus. We were focusing on one less active family in particular. We have tried countless times to get this family to activities, and church, but they just won't do anything. So on Wednesday about an hour before the activity, we went to their house and two of the members in our ward showed up at the same time, we all focused on getting them to the activity. They were both heaven sent. The father and the three kids were all able to make it to the activity, and they had a great time. The only reason why they came though (this is my thought), is because the members were there and helped them feel loved. The members are the key, that keeps recent converts from going inactive. If an investigator gets baptized and doesn't have a good relationship with the members, it will be really tough getting that person to stay active. Well that was one miracle on Wednesday, but something even cooler happened, is we had a investigator come to the ginger bread house making activity, who just showed up out of the blue and brought her two kids. Plus she even brought her friend. Then we had another member pick up another investigator and bring her to the activity, and she loved it. All around it was amazing.

On Friday we had a zone conference. A zone conference is a big training that we get from President on how we can better our efforts in the work. Well the main focus was working with members. It was perfect because it was exactly the training we needed to help better our branch. One of the tips that he gave us that we are really working much harder at, is filling up the "things to do" box on our planner. He told us that box should be chock-full, and if it's not we need to repent. We made that a focus and has really paid off over the past few days. I have seen the blessings come more fully as we are looking for ways to involve members in the work. The Lord is able to bless the missionaries efforts but also bless the Branches efforts, as we unite with the lord in hastening his work.

Elder Pesci and I have created something that is really cool (I don't know if other missionaries have used this, but if they have, then I give credit to you, wonderful missionaries out in the world, haha). Well In our planning studies each night, one of our most common used commitments that we plan to give investigators: is come to Church, Pray, and Read in the scriptures. We know that if people are willing to do these three things it will start a path for success. Well E Pesci and I like to call this your spiritual CPR. How are we reviving our own lives. Are we giving our all by reading, praying and going to church? Or are we casually going to church, dozing off in our reading, and or saying repetitive prayers with no real thought and feeling? As I have been on this journey I have found that the spiritual CPR only works, when we put in our all. This is my invitation to all of you. Are you putting your all into the Spiritual CPR? If you don't feel like you are on the right path, or have a lot of trials in your life; serve a friend or neighbor, or go out with the missionaries, or invite them to your home (missionaries love having dinner with members because it strengthens the bond between them, and the love that is shared is amazing, plus food is always a good thing!!!). I promise that as you go to church (which includes giving service), read diligently and pray sincerely to our loving Heavenly Father; you will see miracles in your life, but also in the lives of those you love. I know when ever I need to be revived from a slump I'm in, I focus on my spiritual CPR, and what needs to be better.

I love all of you guys so much. I hope you have a lovely week and day and hour and minute, and if it gets to that point, even second. Make it a great day or not the choice is yours. Every day is a good day, but some days are better than others, so GO have a better one!!

Love Elder Heiner

Here is an awesome sun rise on the way to zone conference.

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