Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 24: Everyone Is Drunk In Navasota.

Dearest Family and Friends

How the flip are y'all doing (sorry for my language)! Everything is just dandy in good ol' Navasota Texas (my Texas accent is almost as good as my sister Maddy's, but I just can't get to that level of awesomeness haha). Random question, have you ever tried talking in scriptural terms? Well it's really fun! Like this: And it came to pass that this week was amazing, the Lord hast blessed us in in our trials, yea he has taken our infirmities and has made them light. Behold it has crossed the mind of our President that Elder Pesci shouldest no longer be staying in the place they call Navasota. So yeah it's really fun. But transfers are tomorrow and it has been a really fun, eventful and amazing 6 weeks with Elder Pesci. So I'm staying in Navasota and I'm so excited to take over the area and help Navasota branch. I get a new companion tomorrow, and I am excited for the lives we will bless together.

We had the opportunity of taking the two priests out in our ward on splits. The first ones name is Clayton. He is a stud. He helped teach our English Class, and did a pretty good job for only being in Spanish 2. I know that if the missionaries asked me to help teach English class, I don't know how willing I would have been. So he did a fantastic job. He also got to go out on a split with Elder Pesci and he got to experience what a missionary does. He got to meet a couple of drunk guys that wanted Pesci and Clayton to preach to them. But E Pesci and Clayton also went to a new investigators house that we have and showed them the Christmas initiative video: Why we need a savior. It was a great experience and the investigators (Poly and Patty) loved it. It is fun to see the experiences that we have as missionaries help bless the youth prepare for there opportunity to serve.

On Thursday we got to take Charlie, a 17 year old priest who was baptized only 10 months ago, out on splits as well (splits are when 1 missionary goes with another person who has the Aaronic Priesthood and is at least a priest, vice versa). Well this time it was Charlie and I who got to go on this split. Charlie is so cool, because he has literally no fear. He will do whatever you ask and more. So we went to an investigators house named Albert. Albert is 17 and has a lot of
great questions about the gospel. Well before we got there I invited Charlie to invite Albert to watch the Christmas initiative video: A savior is Born, and to put it on social media. Well before I tell you what happened, let me paint a picture of what this placed looked like. It is in the ghetto part of town, there were at least 6 African American dudes drinking and smoking. One of them had there car running right next to the house and was blasting some rap music. It was really dark, But it was awesome because Albert was home. We had a really cool
experience. We shared "A savior is born", and Charlie owned his invitation. He even invited him out to church without me even telling him. Right out of the blue one of the drunk guys came over and said: Hey guys I wanna listen to y'all but I'm drinking and smoking right now, so I can't, haha. But then Albert said the coolest thing I heard this week. He said, " I never want to drink or smoke or even drink coffee; because I always want to be in control of my body. That my
friends is the definition of a person being PREPARED by the LORD! After Charlie was telling me how excited he is to go on a mission to find people like Albert who are ready for the gospel. What an amazing night!

Yesterday was a tough day. I was really sick and my stomach was in knots all day long. I was taking a lot of medication but the pain would not stop. Last night I was laying on my bathroom floor and just praying to our Heavenly Father asking for the pain to stop. I swear I heard a soft whisper, that said: " Just be patient". Then 10 minutes later the pain just stopped. It went from excruciating pain to none at all. That moment was so powerful and it gives me the chills talking about it again. Everyone . . . I can testify to all of you that Heavenly Father answers prayers. He loves us. Even in that small moment of pain, he heard me, he blessed me, and he strengthened me. I know that if we are in the face of trials, and we cry unto our Father, if we are patient enough, eventually he will bless us, and take away our infirmities and make them light.

I love all of you. Have a great week, and Trust in the Lord!

Love Elder Heiner

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