Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 28: Es Poquito Frío Aquí (It's a little cold here)

Qué onda mis amigos. (What's up friends.) How y'all doin'. It's been a great week. We had a lot of fun moments, a lot of edifying experiences, and a lot of super sick events. So I will jump to it, literally.

This week we had exchanges and I went with Elder Thorne, and we partied in Navasota. But before we went on Exchanges Elder Aholelei had to go to MLC (Mission Leadership Council because he is the District Leader) so Elder Atkinson, Elder Thorne and I had a great time being in a trio for a lot of Tuesday. We taught James Garner, who has his baptism on the 31st of January, and I love him. He is so cool. He said one of the coolest things this last week, that just blew me away, he said:" After I get baptized, I'm so excited to come out with you guys from the morning to the night and share my story with everyone we meet". I love him. He is a stud. He is so prepared and he is so excited to get baptized. He is so apart of the branch now that it is crazy. He came to church yesterday for his 3rd week in a row and he loves it every time. I love how he desires to give back and serve the Lord. It is just amazing.

On Friday, one of our counselors in the mission presidencies wife died. President Vasquez lost his wife, and all the Spanish missionaries went down and sang a song in Spanish for it. It was a very spiritual experience. As everyone was sharing there experiences I got emotional. I didn't even know her but the spirit was so strong. It was the most touching when President Vasquez shared his thoughts about her. He said that he was sad that she was gone, but he's so happy that his queen is in paradise, waiting for him. It was a powerful funeral, and so edifying.

Yesterday was a tough day. I was pretty sick all day and I didn't want to work. After church I was super dead and I was laying on our couch, and thinking you can either stay right here and call it a night or you can get up and serve the Lord. So I decided to fight it. We got the chance to take out one of our young men from our ward named Junior, and we had a scheduled appointment with a lady and when we got there she told us that she just got back home and that she didn't want to talk to anyone, then out of the blue, this kid on the street, who is like 16, yells to us and he said," are you guys the Mormons"? We told him we were and he said that he would like us to come talk to him. So we went to his house and showed him a quick video. He loved it and we got a return appointment with him. He has a hard life right now, and I knew that at that moment if I had not gotten up, the Lord would have never led us to Trevor. Throughout the rest of the night we had 3 amazing lessons, but the best moment was at the very end of the night. It was 10 o'clock and we had just finished planning, when we got this call from one of our friends who isn't a member. He has a problem with the word of wisdom, and we told him that anytime he is tempted that he needs to call us. So he did just that. At first I didn't really know what to say to him, but as we kept talking the spirit prompted me to say certain things. It was a very spiritual moment, and at times I honestly didn't know what I was saying. We closed with a prayer and he told me thanks so much, I really needed that. I know that the Lord will bless us, if we are doing what he asks us to do. Sometimes we won't want to do it AT ALL, but if we fight it and work through it, the Lord will bless us.

The last thing is that today we had a super fun day. Our whole zone got to do a zone Pday because we all invited someone to be baptized everyday for two weeks. So we all went out to veterans park in College Station and played some soccer and Football! It was a blast. The field we played on was turf and Elder Atkinson got a huge rip in his shorts and I had some bad turf burns on my knees but it was so much fun.

I'm sorry that this is getting long but I heard this quote that I would love to share:  "If our lives and our faith are centered upon Jesus Christ and his restored gospel, nothing can ever go permanently wrong.” I love all of y'all. Have a great week.

Love Elder Heiner

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