Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 29: Time is Going So FAST!

Hello family and friends! This week was a really good week and had a lot of great learning moments. First I want to give a shout out to my dad who turned 30 this week. He's been 30 now for 13 years (it's kind of like a Peter Pan thing, where he doesn't get older). I love him so much and he has blessed me so much. Thanks so much dad!!! So this week not too much happened. All of our lessons kept falling through and it was a bit of a discouraging week teaching wise. But we got the chance to do a lot of finding and now we have some pretty exciting teaching visits this week lined up. So I'm super excited! So this week there were a few key highlights.

The first one was that I got the chance to go on exchanges with Elder Aholelei up in Bryan. It was so much fun. Saturday morning we got to go play ultimate frisbee with these return missionaries who live in the Bryan ward, 3 of the guys just got off their missions about a year ago and they are already married, crazy right. But anyways it was super fun and so tiring, mainly because I am so out of shape haha. We got to take out one of the youth from the Bryan Spanish ward named Oscar. He played Ultimate Frisbee with us and then later he went with us to this old Hispanic guy who was super funny. He could not understand Elder Aholelei's Spanish. We would have Aholelei say something and then Oscar say something and he would only understand Oscar. It was hilarious. During the day we found a few really good contacts, that could be huge potentials for the Brazos elders. Later we were going to have Lunch and we were trying to find a good restaurant, but we walked into this antique store (that also served food) and looked at these super cool antiques. Then later we went to this restaurant that was similar to a Kneader's from Utah, and we had some super good cheesecake. It was so fun. It was such a good exchange, but it was really funny because at the beginning of the exchange we were speaking so much Spanish and I was like, I hate all these lessons in Spanish (porque español es difícil) (but spanish is difficult) but then by the end of the exchange I said, I freaking love lessons in Spanish. So it was a great day. At the end of the Exchange we went to a members house in the Bryan ward and they fed us and we also did some Family History training with our whole district. It was so much fun! 

Yesterday was a pretty good day as well. We had 3 investigators at church. 1 of our investigators is super cool. Her name is Lupe and her husband (who we are also teaching) wasn't able to come to church, but she was able to come and she did it with her 3 kids, and 2 kids she was babysitting, and she even brought a member of our ward to church. She is stellar! She is a huge example to me, to show that much effort and dedication to go to church. Our other investigator named James is still set for being baptized on the 31st, but we get to help him get married to a girl he is living with. So now we are looking forward to having a wedding and a baptism. It's going to be so awesome! Yesterday we also got the chance to eat with the Foster family. They are a super fun family, and they kind of remind me of my family. We shared the video He Lives with them and it was really spiritual. We gave them the commitment that I give to all of you as well: everyday look for at least one person who you can bless. Talk to a random person who is alone, do something for a friend or a family member. How are you going to bless the lives of others.

I love all of you. Keep being you and have a great week. Thank you for your experiences, your testimonies and your sweet spirits. I love this work and am grateful for the opportunity to serve others and help change the lives of others.

Love Elder Heiner


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