Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week 30: It Really Was Freezing Cold!!

Hello family and Friends. This week was an awesome bounce back week. We had a lot of fun events and super sick moments. There was one day in particular that just stood out over all the rest, and that was when we went contacting in 25 degree for 3 hours with a light sweater. But for all of you who are in places that are cold, then I'm sorry (Elder Fong I'm really sorry). But let's get started...

So the stellar moments were: I got to go on an exchange with our Zone Leader Elder Moon. We were on the campus of Texas A&M and it was super fun. We went out contacting and it was so fun contacting people my age. We also saw this guy named Pat and taught him a lesson about temples and family history work. Half way through the lesson we were sharing with him about how our ancestors need the key of baptism to enter into the kingdom of God, when out of the blue he's like, so what your saying is I need to baptize my ancestors in these temples, so that they can live in the kingdom of God? We were like yeah!! That's exactly what needs to happen. He was super excited and it was a really good lesson.

Well before the exchange we got to watch a world wide mission broadcast. We heard from some of the apostles and quorum of the 70. It was really good and it helped me improve on things that I am lacking on. But it was really cool because President Mortensen has already taught us a lot of the things that was taught about. It was really cool. Well after the exchange, on Thursday morning we had interviews with President. It went really well. I love talking to President because he is so inspired and knows how to help all of the missionaries. I've come a long way, because at the beginning of my mission I feared our President, but now I love him. He's awesome. 

Later on Thursday we got to go on splits. Elder Atkinson got to go to a few lessons while a youth in our branch named Charlie, and I got to go contacting for 3 hours. When we went contacting though, it was about 50 degrees when we went out, so we were in light sweaters but as we kept going the temperature dropped to 25 degrees. We were absolutely freezing. It was the best but the worst. It was probably the coldest I've been on my mission. Although, Clayton, who is 16, had the opportunity to knock on doors all by himself. I gave him a basic contact approach, and a back up approach, and he did so good, at it. There was this one door that we knocked, and the neighboring door opened up as well, so I told Clayton to get that one and I got the other. He did so good in that little moment where I abandoned him. He told me later, that he was like, No Elder Heiner . . . And that I came back just at the right time. It kind of reminded me of a time when I was training and I knocked this door and I was so afraid to talk, that right as the person was opening the door Elder Christensen ran around the corner. Yep good times good times. Well, anyways, one of the last doors we went to, Clayton knocked it. They told us they were just about to put their kids to bed, but Clayton was very persistent and we got the opportunity to go in their home and teach them a quick lesson. It was super awesome, because (their names are Bruce and Casandra) Casandra said that she knew that Heavenly Father was watching over her because she was having a bad day, and we were sent to her. It was awesome. It was a great way to finish off the split.

The rest of the week was good. We had a really cool experience on 
Saturday. We had the opportunity to eat with a part member family in our branch. They fed us, don't make fun of me because I have no idea how to spell this. . . . shishcabobs. They were really good. They also invited one of their friends who has some interest in the church and I started talking with her and I was able to give her a Book of Mormon and she seemed excited to read it. It was super great. We got to take pics as well. The Morris' are the best (that's the family we ate with).

On Friday, we had our last district meeting with our district. The H
ermanas (Sister Missionaries) in our district are both leaving, so now we are down to us 4 Elders. So after district meeting we went to Outback steak house. It was really good. We got the cheapest things and then just kept eating the bread that they gave us. It was so fun. So transfers are tomorrow and nothing is changing for Elder Atkinson and I. We are both staying in Navasota. It's going to be another fun transfer.

Do something amazing this week, Just For Me!

I love each and every one of you!

Love, Elder Heiner

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