Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 33: Happy Valentines Day

Dear family and friends. This week was fan-flipping-tastic! We saw a lot of great blessings from putting in some real hard work. We found 6 new investigators, set a baptismal date, and got to go to a birthday party! I'm pumped to tell y'all about it!

Tuesday: We went finding for a long time and we got the chance to see some of our investigators named Kelly and Asencion. They didn't read but we talked a lot about repentance with them. We got the chance to take out a priest in our ward named Clayton. He shared a powerful testimony about repentance. He is going to be an amazing missionary. All the kids here in Navasota are going to be amazing missionaries.

Wednesday: Since finding has been a huge focus in the mission right now, we did all that we could do to get our contacts. People were driving really slowly and we would slow them down and talk to them. We are doing everything possible to find people to teach. We found a Hispanic family that we have a lot of high hopes for. There are 4 of them and they have a lot of potential we had another set appointment with them for Saturday. We are so pumped!

Thursday: We went finding again, like always! And we tried to do some car contacting. That is when we pull up to someone and talk to them about the gospel. Well we pulled up to this guy and we were like: Hey how are you doing, well he looked us with big eyes and bolted in the other direction. It was literally hilarious. I think he thought we were going to jump him. I promise I wasn't going to to jump him. I was going to give him peace and happiness. But that's ok!

Friday: We went on an exchange and I was with Elder Thorne here in Navasota. We went finding and we found some potentials. While finding we went up to this house and there were super creepy pictures in their window. Then out of the blue this black cat came out of nowhere. It was literally the creepiest house I have ever knocked on in my mission. We also got to teach a less active named Derek a baptism/Restoration lesson. He is a stud, he really wants to be baptized again, so we talked a lot about the sacrament and when we take the sacrament we can be clean once again. He committed to come to church. But didn't make it to church which was so sad.

Saturday: the exchange ended and Elder Atkinson and I got the chance to go to a birthday party. The Fair family's daughter, Emma turned two and we had a big party at Pizza Hut. The Fairs had a lot of their family there and we had the chance to talk to all of them. The Fairs parents are all really nice, and they are all not members of our church, so it was a great opportunity for us to talk to them and just get to know them. Also we had the chance to see the Nava family again. They were the Hispanic family we saw earlier in the week. We taught them the Restoration and it was a really good lesson. Three of the people in the family loved the message, but the Mom who is really Catholic, did not like it as much. But they have a lot of potential. We are psyched!

Sunday: Was absolutely a stellar day. Probably one of the best I've had in a long time. During church there were a lot of blessings. I felt very honored to be able to renew my covenants with the lord, and start anew. After church we got the chance to teach Andrew Pruitt the 2nd part of the Plan of Salvation. We talked about how the Celestial Kingdom is our highest goal. Andrew said that that would be his ultimate goal. He has actually been praying and fasting for help from being a better father. As he shared that I felt the spirit so strong. In that moment we got the chance to set a Baptismal date with him for March 20. We weren't planning on setting the date for him in that lesson but I really felt prompted to set the goal for him right then. It was an incredible experience and a great lesson. We are so excited for his potential. Later that night we went finding and we taught 5 lessons throughout finding. We found another Hispanic family and taught the first part of the Restoration. It was a great lesson again
and they have a ton of potential.

It was an amazing week. My spiritual thought for the week is I encourage you all to read Ether 12 again. It really hit me hard in personal study this week as I read that chapter. As we have faith in Jesus Christ I know weak things will become strong. I love you all, have a great week!

Love, Elder Heiner

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