Thursday, March 10, 2016

Week 36: Adios Navasota!

Well transfer calls are in, and I am leaving the metropolis of Navasota. It has been so much fun and I learned so much! I have been taught so much through the spirit, members, Elder Atkinson , and our investigators. I'm going to miss it! 

Shout out to the coolest 16 year old girl ever named Madison Heiner! She's Turing 17 tomorrow!! Man, my sister is almost as old as me haha! Happy birthday Maddy!

Alright so this week was awesome! We had a lot of good things happen, and the spirit was amazing! I'm pumped to tell all y'all about it!

We shall start the week with Wednesday. We had a really good lesson with Pablo and Lupe. We had them teach us the Restoration, and they did really good. It was their first time teaching us a lesson and they had a whole outline, and they taught it way better than I ever did in the MTC. It was pretty incredible to watch. They are so prepared for baptism they just need to take that leap of faith, and watch the blessings come! Later we went on a Easter egg hunt in the dark. We filled Easter eggs with little finger lights and they glowed so well. With the huge help of a member in our ward we got Pablo and Lupe there, and they went Easter egg finding with their 3 kids. It was really fun!

We had a great day on Thursday, and did a lot of finding, we actually talked to a lot of borrachos (drunk people). We talked to this one who was preaching to us about the resurrection and he said, " This will blow y'alls minds, Jesus Christ died for us and then rose on the seventh day," his buddy said, no its the third day, and then the first guy was like, I know that's what I said; the third day, and he did it so we can live again, doesn't that just blow your mind (he said it all in a drunk accent)! We were like yeah, that's crazy man, haha! It was fun, but it is awesome to see that people, even when drunk, have a strong faith in Jesus Christ!

Friday we had Zone Conference and we learned a lot. I have been out for so long that a lot of the things that we talk about, I have already learned, so it was a great review! We also had the chance to do service at the Birthday Bash. It was a giant party in Navasota. We talked to a lot of good people, and did some great service.

Saturday was a ton of fun, but in the morning I had no desire to work, but then I had the idea to read Jacob 6 and it is very straight forward, and it was really powerful. After I had a change of heart the day went really well.

Sunday was really good as well and we had a lot of success. We shared a few lessons and all of them went well.

My spiritual message today is about Alma 36. In Alma 36 it talks about A
lma the younger and the experience he had with the Angel. In the chapter it talks about Alma being "harrowed" up. If you don't know what a harrow is, I invite you to look it up. But in that moment Alma was being harrowed up and was finally able to feel at peace. I know that when we look into our lives and let the spirit harrow us up we can feel at peace.

I love y'all so much and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Heiner

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