Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 37: Es Rico No? (Is It Not Rich?)

Hello, hello family and friends! I am so excited to tell you about this week. I am finally in an area that is pure Spanish. I am so excited! I am in The Woodlands. It is one of the richest areas in the whole mission, and there is a ton of people here. So it is much different than the country and different than the ghetto, but I am so happy to be here. I knew I was leaving Navasota, so I am pumped to be here in The Woodlands. My new companion is Elder Phister. He is a stud! He has been out for just over a year and we have been working really hard. I learned so much from Navasota, especially with contacting and talking to everyone because there were very few people there. Now that I'm back in the city, I talk to everyone still and it is so much fun, because there are SO many people, oh and there are a lot of stop lights too (which is not as fun)! But we had some really spiritual moments, and I'm excited to tell all y'all.

Tuesday: Elder Thorne and I left from Bryan/Navasota and drove down to the mission office. Elder Thorne finished his mission on Wednesday, and it was sad to see him go. I also had to say goodbye to one of the Hermanas, Hermana Larson, in my first district in the field leave. It is so crazy how fast time goes, it is literally mind blowing! Well I left with Elder Phister to The Woodlands. Elder Phister's companion was still with him, Elder Guzman, because he was waiting for his VISA 
and flew out to Trinidad that night. So we got to be in a trio companionship all day. It was a lot of fun! Trio companionships are the best! On Tuesdays we always get the chance to help out at a special needs facility for some of the older folks, and we get to play board games with them. It's so much fun and really cute to watch everyone. Service is amazing, it just makes you so happy for the opportunity to help those in need.

Wednesday: One of the members here is renovating his house, and we had the chance to go help him paint and work on his bathroom. We pulled a really funny move, we worked for 2 hours trying to get one of the sides of the shower in and right when we got it in, we realized the side was upside down. It was one of those moments when you just have to laugh, because it took us another 3 hours to get it all fixed. It was a funny but sad moment, but we finally got it done. That night we went and saw our main investigator named Angel. He has problems with the Word of Wisdom, and he is trying to stop his problem, and he is doing an excellent job at it. He is really close to stopping completely, and he feels so happy, because he really wants to be baptized. It was amazing to see the light in his eyes. Man, The Church is true!!!

Thursday: We have the chance to do Family History in the morning and find our ancestors. It is really fun, because we are all able to find our ancestors who have passed on. It is incredible! After, we had the chance to plan our week. This area is in need of a lot of help, and Elder Phister and I went over all of the concerns. So right now we are going to do a cleanse. We have planned to drop some of the investigators who are not progressing, and find those more prepared. We also have a lot of great plans for how we are going to help the members help the investigators. We are really excited for the blessings that we come our as we are faithful servants of the Lord.

Friday: We had a crazy lesson with an investigator. He had us read his religious text because we gave him a Book of Mormon. It had a lot of weird words in Spanish , and I didn't understand it very well. But he was really funny because he was obsessed with religious text. It was a fun lesson!

Saturday and Sunday: were pretty great we had the chance to see one of our investigators named Salvador and his mom, 
both days. We taught them the rest of the Rest . . . Oration haha! It was a really spiritual lesson. At the beginning I was struggling with my Spanish but then I stopped thinking and my Spanish just flowed. It was amazing! I also had the chance to meet a lot of the members in our barrio (neighborhood) and it was really cool to get to know new people! I love this area already and I'm happy to be here.

Today was a party. We had the chance to go to Top Golf with the new district. Then later we went to this burger place and it was sooo good. Then after we came back to our apartment and played beach
volleyball. We kept seeing people walk by and we invited them to come as well. It was a blast. It took me back to volleyball at home. It was so fun! It has been an amazing week!

Spiritual thought: One of the most powerful talks that I have listened to is Safety for the Soul by Jeffery R Holland April 2009 general conference. I invite all of you to watch the talk and when you are done, take a moment and listen to the spirit. This talk gave me the chills when I listened to it, and it definitely strengthened my testimony of the divine witness of the Book of Mormon! The Book of Mormon is true. I know it is with all my heart! It is amazing and I will never deny the truth of the Book of Mormon. When you know the Book of Mormon is true, you will know with out of doubt the Church of Jesus Christ is true!
I love you all so much! Have a great week and enjoy the pics! The Word of the day made me laugh so hard! Enjoy!

Love, Elder Heiner

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