Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 42: Tornadoes and Flooding!!

Man! This place is amazing! Elder Phister and I have been working so hard and the blessings really piled in this week. We saw so many miracles and the members have been helping us out so much. It took us a long time for this area to start picking up and now it is so cool the blessings that we are receiving. I'm pumped to tell y'all a few of the miracles that happened this week! 

We got the chance the chance to teach Carlos again and this time his wife's sisters husband (I hope you got that) was there. So we got the chance to share the Restoration with him again and I'm glad we did because they forgot some of the most important parts but we explained them again and the spirit was so powerful. At the end we were explaining the Book of Mormon and the Why of it and Carlos' wife bore her testimony, about how the church has to be true because it all makes sense. It was such a powerful moment.

Another miracle that we had was we had the chance to go on splits with a member yesterday and Hermano Chavez and I went to go see a new person we are teaching. We had found them a couple weeks back, and they seemed so solid and yesterday was the first time we could see them when they were all there. So we taught a 13 year old kid named Dominique, and a mom and a dad named Sarah and Jose. Sarah is from here, and doesn't speak too much Spanish, and Jose is from Guatemala and doesn't speak too much English (Sarah and Jose are married and I'm not quite sure how that works, people are fun!). So during the lesson we taught Sarah and her son Dominique in English and then translated everything to Jose in Spanish. It was so cool! The lesson was so powerful! They are so golden. When we were finishing up the lesson we told them we need to get going and they said, oh dang it do you have to leave, we Love This! It was so powerful and the spirit was so strong!

This week was great! I’m so grateful for the blessings that are occurring here in The Woodlands. We have been doing a lot of finding and working hard at bringing light into others’ lives. I invite all y'all to find someone to reach out to this week, who may need more light in their life!

I love all of you! Work hard and always stay faithful. Throughout this transfer Jesus Christ has been carrying Elder Phister and I and now we are running alongside of him, finding those lost sheep and bringing them back into the fold!

Love Elder Heiner

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