Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 41: The Fair And The Church Is TRUE!

This week was loads of fun! Elder Phister and I are working so hard and we saw the blessings come! Here in the Woodlands it is really hard to find Hispanics. It’s like finding a needle in a hay stack. But Heavenly Father really guided us to find those needles. We found many new investigators this week, and 3 who are so promising. Before I get into my email I just want to express how grateful I am to be serving a mission here in the Houston area! I have seen so many blessings as I have worked to find those ready for the blessings Heavenly Father is ready to give them. I know that in this time Heavenly Father is strengthening my testimony as well. There are a lot of people who are confused and like to bash us, and disprove our beliefs; and yet in all their attempts our testimonies of the truth of the Gospel will never falter. How grateful we are to have the gospel in our lives, the same gospel that Jesus Christ taught and preached. I know THE CHURCH IS TRUE. Ok let’s get down to business. This week was super eventful; I’ll tell y'all the highlights!

On Tuesday I had the chance to do an exchange with Elder Sellers in the Woodlands. It was a great exchange. Elder Sellers and I came in together and we were in the same first district, so it was a ton of fun catching up on old times. We had a few lessons and had the chance to go contacting as well. I love learning how other missionaries teach. As Elder Sellers teaches he ties everything back to the Book of Mormon and it was amazing. 

On Thursday we had a lot of exciting things happen. We had interviews with President. I absolutely love talking with President Mortensen! He knows just what I need and what the ward and area needs. He got me all fired up to go out and serve with all my might! One of the things that I really liked was when he talked about the game of basketball. When we play basketball there is two different ways we can play, we can play to have fun, or we can play to win. When you play to win you play harder defense and get more aggressive, and fight for the boards. He talked about how this is the same with missionary work. So he asked me the question. Elder Heiner are you playing to win? I told him I AM! I got so pumped. He gave guidance for some of the ways to better effectively help this area . . .  THE CHURCH IS TRUE! It is amazing that we have leaders who are called of God to help us in our lives. I love President and I am grateful for the guidance he gives. Later Elder Phister and I went out on splits with the AP's. I got the chance to go with Elder Wagner finding. He is an amazing missionary and is amazing at contacting. In our efforts finding, we found 3 investigators who have a lot of potential. Elder Wagner showed me some of the ways that they like to contact. He said whenever you contact, always tie everything back to the Restoration. Because the Restoration is the greatest message we have. It was a great split. Elder Phister and Elder Murdoch also found 2 new investigators in there time finding. So overall the blessings are really starting to come in.

Every week we help at a special needs facility called Special Angels. On Friday they were going to the fair in Conroe Tx and asked us if we could help them out. So we went to the fair! Elder Phister kept saying that it reminded him of Wyoming (his home). It was a lot of fun. I got to go around with a guy named Aaron. He is so funny. He literally said yes to every question I gave him. He was so funny! It was a ton of fun. After I went on another exchange, this time with Elder Pog (I can't spell the rest of his name). We taught one of our main investigators named Angel. We taught him the Restoration again. He had heard it once, but not for a while. At the end of the lesson as we bore testimony of the Book of Mormon, Angel was getting emotional as we shared our testimonies. The spirit was strong! Basically what I'm trying to say is THE CHURCH IS TRUE! 

On Sunday we had another bomb day. We got a referral from a member from Magnolia. He has a friend he works with who only speaks Spanish, and the member (whose name is Creed) doesn't speak a whole lot of Spanish so he gave him to us. Creed was also able to come with us. The lesson was so fun, spiritual, and hard. Since Creed doesn't speak any Spanish, while Elder Phister was talking I would translate the lesson to Creed, and while I was talking Elder Phister would translate. It was a moment I will never forget. We taught Carlos, his wife, and his sister in law. All of them are so interested. They have been through a lot in their lives but have really seen the hand of God bless them. It was one of the best lessons I have had on my mission. After the lesson, Creed (who is an RM of about a month) said that was one of the best Restoration lessons he has heard in any language. It's pretty cool, when we teach by the spirit, the truth is easier to understand. I am grateful for that moment. What an amazing one it was. 

This week I was reading in Mosiah in my personal Book of Mormon reading and I was reading about Abinadi. I love the unfailing testimony of Abinadi. He has been called of God to relay the message unto King Noah, and he bears a powerful testimony about the atonement of our savior Jesus Christ. I invite y'all to read Mosiah Chapter 13, and Chapter 17. Each chapter is chalk full of great guidance! THE CHURCH IS TRUE! 

Nos Vemos! Tenga una buena semana! (See you! Have a nice week!)

Con Mucho Amor Elder Heiner (With much love Elder Heiner)

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