Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 43: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Hey y'all, how are y'all doing! This week it flooded a ton! So much rain! It only rained about 3 days and it was so much water! But also this week has been really mind blowing! We have had a ton of great experiences! Today I don't have too much time but I will tell you all about yesterday!

We had the chance to give a church tour to our 3 main investigators and they came to church. It was so cool to see them at church and they were amazing! It is so cool to see people come to church and feel the power of the spirit! I absolutely love going to church. The spirit is so strong and it is so much fun sharing the spirit to those who need it most in their lives! After church we had the chance to go finding, well when we left it was pretty clear but as we started, the rain began to come down hard. We got drenched! But we found a great family. It was funny because we started talking and they were having a Barbecue and they were like, oh come and eat. So they were pounding us with food as we were sharing our beliefs. It was so cool! We said a prayer with them at the end, and there were at least 10 people who we were talking too! It was so cool! You know what they say, when you go the extra mile, God is going to bless you! After, we got to go to a fireside and sing in front of a ton of people. Every 4 months, or so our Mission President does a fireside for all those who speak Spanish, including recent converts, members and investigators! It is so cool! The spirit was so strong, especially at the end, when we sang the EFY medley in Spanish. All the missionaries singing their hearts out! It was so amazing! The spirit just illuminated! Oh, on the random side, we got attacked by a Pitt-bull dog. It was so crazy because it charged Elder Phister at full speed jumped in the air to bite him, but then all of a sudden he flew back! We didn't see the rope around its neck, but it was literally inches from chomping Elder Phister's knee! So we were very blessed again.

This week I am in Alma chapter 1 and in this chapter the Nephites are going against the Lamanites to battle! In the chapter it says that the Lamanites are as many as the sands of the sea. Although the Nephites are outnumbered and the odds are against them, they looked to the Lord and they drove the Lamanites back!

I have seen the blessings from trusting in the Lord big time! When we trust in the Lord and work through our adversities anything is possible and we overcome the pruebas (tests) of this life!

I know this to be true! I love this Gospel and I am so happy to be out here serving! I love you all! Have a great week!

Love Elder Heiner

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