Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 44: Is It Almost Christmas?

Hello Family and friends it is so good to talk to you again!!! This week was really great! Because we are losing missionaries, the Hermanas in our ward got taken out, so our area is now huge!! It’s been a lot of fun going out and exploring the new area! There are so many Hispanics!! Its a happy day! So since we are exploring, we are finding like nobody's bees wax! We have found a lot of stubborn Hispanics!!! We literally knocked for 5 hours and didn't find anyone super solid yesterday! The problem with Hispanics is, that here in the States, every person works soooooo much! I don't know how they can live life! Basically what I'm saying is life is fun!

So some of the highlights this week were that we got the chance to see Carlos, Janet, Fransisco, and Carol. They are doing so good! We followed up on their reading and they told us that they are in 2 Nephi chapter 1. They said that they are all studying together! They are so amazing! They have the biggest desires to follow God. I love them so much. The only thing they struggle with is work! They work sooo much, and all of them are only 20 years old! Its so sad! We are working with them though. Carlos is thinking about quitting his job so he can go to church, which is what we are praying for! They are all so amazing!!!!

We have been doing a lot of contacting, but not only out in neighborhoods, but we are also going through so many people in our area book! While we are driving, one person is usually on the phone contacting old investigators. On one of the calls that I gave, I was talking to a man named Jose, we asked if he was interested in hearing a message about Jesus Christ and also the family, and he said, ohh si si hermano, cual dia? I was so pumped! We are seeing them today so we are pumped to teach them!

As a Spanish missionary, it is definitely hard finding Hispanic people, so the only way we can know if it's a Hispanic home without knocking on their door and checking, is by looking for the clues which are:
  1. Christmas lights/decorations
  2. Frog statues
  3. Aloe vera plants
  4. If they have a Chevy Silverado
  5. Virgin Mary pics
  6. depending on the smell, but this email doesn't allow me to send smells sadly!
So with that being said, here is an example of one of the houses we contacted...

I love the mission!!!

But on the Spiritual side of things we have seen so many blessings from the Lord this week! Even though we weren't able to find too many new investigators, the Lord kept us staying positive and faithful! One of the things that really helped me this week is a picture that my Mom sent me that I want to share with all of yall . . .

I love this picture. Because it is so true! We can do this!!! Whatever trial we have, whatever adversity, blessing or in between moment we have, we can do this! We can overcome our challenges!! We can make it to the promised land, and when we get there, we can help others row on home with us! How grateful I am to help people make it to the safety of the Gospel. In our lives right now, the water may be smooth for a moment, but it will get choppy again! But with the Savior, you can do this!! Whatever "this" is, you have a Father in Heaven who loves you so much, and that is why he sent his son! Oh, How blessed are we to have this truth! I know these things are true!! I love this work and am grateful for it especially in the hard times! I love my family, my Heavenly Father and especially my Savior! I love all of you as well! I hope you all have a great week and a very happy Mother’s day next Sunday!!

Love Elder Heiner!!!

It's hot and humid here and the mosquitoes are getting us.

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