Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 54: Hey Are You Guatemalan?

Hey y'all this week was great! We worked really hard. Let me tell y'all, that is so much fun being a missionary. So many blessings each and everyday. This week we went finding so much, it was really great! It was really weird though because we met so many people from Guatemala, like, usually that's not weird, but it was like literally every single person we talked to! The Guatemalans also have a
different dialect and they call it their own language and I've been trying to pick it up! They are all like, how do you know my language, I'm just like, gift of tongues! It works! So it's been real fun! So funny story while we were contacting, I started talking to this girl and she was like, I've already talked to you, I was like where? She said in my apartment complex. Well we had just finished knocking that whole place so I was lost. Well, so I asked her what church she is going to and she responded, the right one!!! I was like oh no, she
must be a JW. She then said, you know I'm apart of your church right!!! I was like ohhh no, I do remember you!! It's funny because a week back I did the exact same thing to her! She was messing with me two times in a row! She is less active, but she won't be soon! Gods trying to tell us something haha! Also one of the ways we have been talking to people is we just drive around and if we see some people outside we drive up, get out of our car and talk to em! So great!! We got out one time and I asked a guy do you need help with anything? He said, well you could help me drink my beer haha! He had a buddy though
who wasn't as borracho and he seemed pretty interested! Entonces hay
bendiciones no! Contacting Works😂! We also went to H3 for Elder Barrus' recent converts baptism! It was a great moment for everyone! Elder Barrus had a huge smile on his face. I also got to see some of my favorite families from my baby area! I also got to see Elder Fitt, such good times!!! It's fun because he's in my baby area and I'm in his, so we just talked it up about old people we taught! Good times, good times! I hope all of y'all had a great 4th of July, keep working hard! Keep trusting in Heavenly Father! Keep following your Savior! Keep following the spirit! I love y'all!

Love, Elder Heiner

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