Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 57: Get Pumped :)

So before I forget, I will fill y'all in on what happened at the end of my email last week! And if you read lasts week email, sorry 'bout that, but if you didn't, you gotta read it to understand😆!!

Email from last week (July 25th) where Elder Heiner left us all wondering...

This week was crazy!!! First of all, my new companion drank beer, we
saw a ton of people, and we found quite a few new potential
investigators, and I'm back in the country. Overall it was solid, and
I'm so excited to tell you about it.

So I am in a tiny town named Sealy. There are like 4000 people here. I
think our president enjoys exiling me out to the country haha!!! My
new companion is named Elder Guzman, and he is originally from
Guatamala, so what I'm saying is, is he is not a gringo! Basically he
is a walking Spanish dictionary! It's a blessing! We came in together
from the Provo MTC so we've been great friends throughout the mission
and things have only gotten better, well sort of . . . Let me
explain!! So our first day we were together we went to go see one of
the families we are teaching! They have 10 kids! Talk about future
baptisms! So we knock on the door and their 12 year old son opens up
and yells, "Mom the stupid elders are here!" So we go in and the kids
are all playing Modern Warfare, the dad is drunk with his pistol on
his lap and the mom bashing on Mormons. So the plan was to teach the
word of wisdom. And we did! But it's sad because I'm out of time so I
can't tell you about my companion how he drank the beer. Next time!
But I love y'all so much! Have a great week!
Love, Elder Heiner be continued...

Back to this week...

 So there we were beginning to share the word of wisdom, when the Mom tells us that the only way that they will listen to the lesson is if we drink their beer! I was like "hecken no!, I would rather stand up and leave!" But my comp was like, "you promise?! If I drink one sip of beer you will listen to everything?" I couldn't believe my ears! Was Elder Guzman not thinking straight?!!! They had 3 bottles of Carona Light just sitting on the table, so they poured him a glass! I was like "What the heck is going on?!!!" I was in freak out mode and I was not going to let him drink this beer! He said again, "you promise you will listen"they said, "we will let you teach for hours if you want, you just gotta drink the beer"!!! So he raised it to his mouth and took a big sip😱😱😱! My life ended right then and there😲! I was so disappointed! They all started laughing, and I was stunned that my companion would do such a thing! The mom then stood up, walks over to me and says, "Hi Im sister Ohara welcome to Sealy"😮! I felt so happy and sad and mad and shocked! I didn't know what I was feeling! I WAS GETTING PRANKED! HARD CORE PRANKED! I got up and just gave Brother Ohara a huge hug, I WAS SO RELIEVED! You have no idea! But I gotta give them props! I fell for it sooooo hard! Ahhh man, that moment is going in the books for one of the biggest nerve wracking moment of my mission haha!!!

So this week we also had a ton of miracles! We were really pumped about all of them! So on Tuesday we were knocking doors in the middle of the day and no one was home, so we decided to go somewhere else. So we drove around and let the spirit guide us! We found a tiny trailer park and decided to knock it! We found a bunch of nobody's home and some not interested's,  and also a member in the English branch which was really random but nice at the same time! But we decided to knock one more door! They opened up!! They were all from Honduras and moved to the United States a month ago! And get this, 2 of them were members and baptized in Honduras, but 4 of them were not baptized, but had been taught some of the lessons! We invited them out to church, and they all showed up!!!😄 It was the biggest miracle ever! We had a lesson with them after church and they had some questions about eternal families, and about the temple! They want to learn so much more! It's SO sick!!! I'm so pumped!!! We are seeing them on Tuesday and I'll let y'all know how it goes with them😆! They are so prepared!!

We are seeing so many blessings out here, not only in our own area but our district is blowing it up as well! Like a bomb of miracles is going off in the Sealy district! It's so fun to see! We have been sending out miracle texts throughout the different areas and every day we get a miracle text! So legit!!! I love it out here! It's so amazing! I'm so grateful for the chance I get to be serving the Lord! Thank you soooo much for all of you who are serving! You are blessing
so many lives!

Well that's it! Hope y'all have a great week! Make it a great one!

Love, Elder Heiner

 Glow in the dark dodgeball... so much fun!

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