Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 58: The Pope is Mormon!!!

I don't have a lot of time but I will tell you all of the awesome things that went down this last week! So I will skip straight to Friday!!! We received 2 mini missionaries. Their names were Elder Knight and Elder Pope. Right, like the pope haha. We had fun with that one. Neither of them spoke any Spanish and we had a ton of lessons in Spanish with them. One cool thing is, that we got the chance to see the Gomez family and teach them the Restoration. It was a really cool lesson. The dad and the daughter had heard the Restoration before in Honduras but never understood why Joseph Smith was so important. When we helped them "see", they lit up with excitement!!! It was so cool! We have really high hopes for this family! The Lord continues to bless them. We did a lot of contacting as well, and I felt really bad for elders Pope and Knight because 75% of the doors we knocked were in Spanish. But it was so funny because by the end of the night Elder Pope was talking so much Spanish haha. Spanish 2 pays off yall!!! Elder Knight and I also found a ton of potentials, like this one girl named Jazelle who has been looking for the true church, and is so willing to find it! There were a lot of tender mercies that we had this week. As we worked hard, the Lord truly blessed us! It's like with anything, if we work our hardest at something the Lord will bless us eventually. Always remember Elder Hollands words, "Keep Trying, Keep Trusting, Keep Believing, Keep Growing, Heaven is Cheering you on Today, Tomorrow, and Forever"! 

I love this work. The Lord continues to bless his missionaries!!! There are so many people who's lives are changing!! It's absolutely incredible! I love you all! Have a wonderful week!!! 

Love, Elder Heiner

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