Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 59: The Secret Life Of A Mini Missionary

Here is us after district meeting with all of our mini missionaries on the stairs in our church!

This week was really good! We went out and worked our tails off, like they were gone after! We don't have too many people we are working with right now so we had to do some major contacting! We did most of the finding on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! These were the days we had our mini missionaries with us! Having mini missionaries is so much fun, because they get to learn everything a missionary does for 2 years, but it's funny because you still get to watch some of the funny things that they say and do! The names of our mini missionaries were Daniel and Isaac! They were super cool cats! We split up so we could do twice the amount of work! For the 3 days they went with me they got the chance to do close to 3 hours of contacting! It was cool to see there progression with contacting! I told them that they would talk to everyone in English and I'd do everyone in Spanish! On Saturday, Daniel was struggling a little, so I told him to just practice like I'm the person in the home! Here's what he said " Daniel: Hey what have you been up to today? Me: I just got home from the store with my mom. Daniel: oh, so do you go with your mom to the store often?" After he said that I died laughing haha! He sounded like me when I was in Junior High talking to girls haha! He was laughing too! We did it again, and I said just talk to me about the gospel like how you would talk to yourself! As he began contacting again, it became so much better!

One of the coolest experiences that I had this week, was yesterday Isaac and I were contacting and I had no energy but I decided to just push through and get work done! Well we were knocking and we knocked this door and a guy opened up named Tommy. He actually lived in Utah for a while and he was telling me how he went through scores of missionaries, but that he doesn't believe in certain things about our church! We got talking about prophets, and how we can know Joseph Smith is a prophet through the BOM. He started talking about how the BOM was false, but I asked him if he had read it. He said yes. Then I asked him, how are you reading it? He was confused, and I told him about the invitation that the BOM gives to those who want to know that it is true, and that is to read, ponder and pray in faith. He told me he had never done this, and that he promises that he will. At that moment I saw a change, like the spirit slapped him in the face. We gave him a card and told him to call us when he knows the BOM is true! Then later last night we received this text that said this...

I felt so honored in that moment to have been able to push through my physical weakness to provide spiritual healing for another one of Heavenly Fathers children! I know that the Book of Mormon provides the answers behind the questions! I know that it's true, and has been given to us to bring peace into our lives! I know that we have a prophet on the earth today! I know he receives direct revelation from God! I know these things are true because I have read, pondered and prayed about the BOM. I love it! It provides comfort when ever I need it most! I invite y'all to really ponder the messages that it brings! They will help you! I love y'all so much and I hope you have an amazing week.

Love, Elder Heiner

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