Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 61: What's Up?... The Sealy is What's Up!

Our District at the Temple

6 weeks down in Sealy and at least 6 more to go! We got transfer calls last night and the Lord is keeping Elder Guzman and I here for another go at it! It should be really good! We are going to work extra hard this transfer to help get this place on track. We had a pretty solid week last week. We had a lot of blessings come from the work we were able to do! But the highlight of the week was when we got to go to the temple! A funny moment was when we were in the temple, Elder Guzman was baptizing me, and one of the guys who was by the font, was like, "Elder why don't you give this one a practice run first", so instead of doing the ordinance first, he practiced baptizing me, going all the way in the water and everything haha! It was the funniest thing! But it was so powerful doing all the ordinances for my ancestors! The best part was going into the Celestial room. The peace that is in there is so amazing! I'm so glad we have temples on this earth to bless our lives, but also the lives of our ancestors.

I invite y'all to do what ever it takes to make the temple a priority! It is so powerful and the Lord will bless his children as they make the temple a sacrifice! I testify that it is the house of the Lord! I also testify that the Book of Mormon is true. It is amazing what it can do for our lives, when we read each and every day! I love you all have a wonderful week! 

-Love Elder Heiner

Our Crew at the park last P-day

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