Monday, September 19, 2016


Hello family and friends! I hope y'alls week was just dandy, I'm super excited to tell y'all all of the happenings of this past week! This week was pretty golden and random! Dejame a explicar (let me explain) 😃!

So throughout the week we went finding a ton! Our teaching pool is super low right now so we having been working hard to bump it back up! We didn't have to much success, but we had little tender mercies every day! On Tuesday we had a few hours to go contacting in the middle of the day. During the day you always find some crazy people especially because we were in Eagle Lake (a little town in our area)! We talked to a prison guard who sprayed me with his hose (it was a great refresher from the heat), we talked to an Atheist who ripped up my tarjeta of Jesus Christ and threw it my face, and then we talked to the funniest 80 year old lady who was cracking jokes with us! She asked me what my name was, and I responded and said, Elder Heiner, she then asked again, and I repeated my name, and she said, oh tan feo (oh so ugly)!! Haha😂! She asked Elder Child his name and he told her and she said, Oh tan feo tambien, (so ugly too) haha! It was the funniest thing, and we both could not stop laughing! The best part was that she was doing a word search on her front porch and waved us over to help her find a word haha! I ended up doing like half the word search as we talked to her! Good times, good times! We also found this super solid guy named Fernando who we are excited to start teaching! He is living here with his brother from Mexico and he seemed super interested when we talked to him!

Then on Wednesday we did the same amount of finding at the same time of the day but in a different town! But we still had our adventures! One adventure we had was we were talking to this lady and she just wasn't having it with us, so I changed the subject, and she had little peppers that are called pepitos sitting in a cup on one of her outdoor tables, and she saw me looking at it and she said oh those are soooo spicy. I was like do you think I could eat one, she's like no! So I picked one up and put it in my mouth and ate it! It was like the size of a pea and right when I bit down, the spice just flew out! Santa Vaca it was hot! My whole tongue was just numb, but I played it off like it didn't do anything to me! Right then she started to open up more about the gospel! Even though she didn't go anywhere at least we planted a spicy seed😊! We also talked to this guy who tatted up from head to toe, and we asked him what he believed in and he said, oh la Santa Muerte (holy death). I was like, oh great! But Elder Child kept his cool and he said, what made you start believing in that, he said oh I'm just kidding with you guys, I'm Christian but I don't think God has a church for me! We got talking and he seemed super interested! He told us that everyone always judges him when they see him! We told him that the Lord would never judge him and we invited him to church! He said, you know what, don't be surprised when you see me there. So another seed planted, and fixing to be growing soon!

The rest of the week I probably saw the most appointments fall through in my whole mission, it was a big trial of our faith but we worked hard, despite the trials! Then on Sunday we had 3 investigators come to church! One of them, named Maria, loved church! We had a lesson with her after church and we invited her to pray to know that the BOM is true, but instead when she prayed she said, "Heavenly Father I'm grateful for knowing that the BOM is true". That prayer was straight power! The spirit was so strong, and she had a huge smile on her face! So incredible!

Also this week as a district we set 4 baptismal dates, and had 16 people come to church, in our district of 6 missionaries! The miracle texts were going off. Everyone is so pumped and the Lord is truly blessing the Sealy District! I'm so glad I get the chance to work with so many amazing missionaries, and amazing members! The branch is growing, and the spirit is booming! More and more people are coming into the waters of baptism right in front of our eyes! There is no better time to fulfill the work of the Lord than right now! Remember, we are the Angels spreading the gospel (Alma 13:24), and we will shine the light through the darkness, and lift those who need it most! I love this work! It is amazing! I love Texas! I love watching the spirit guide 19 and 20 year old young men and women to help people understand the complexity of the gospel! The gospel, in every way, is true!

I hope y'all have a great week!
Con mucho Amor (with much love) Elder Heiner


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