Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 63: YEAH... FECHAS!! :)

Some of my best friends at Zone Meeting.

 This week was really great! There were a lot of things that went down that were just amazing, let me tell y'all about it! 

So on Tuesday we had MLC (Missionary Leadership Council)! It was such a powerful meeting! Usually it's a meeting that is just for the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders, but this time the District Leaders were invited. We talked a lot about finding and really having that true desire. President Chapel (one of our counselors in our mission presidency) shared with us some things that really stuck out to me, he said: "Imagine this: there is a man who you know who is very wealthy, but also is someone who is very honest and trustworthy. Imagine this man comes into this meeting and he looks at you and he tells you, if you accomplish every commitment that is extended to you, I will give you 100,000 dollars." He talked about how we need to always have this mindset, because we are not only receiving 100,000 dollars but instead we will receive all the father has! Because it is so true! We need to always be fighting for the commitments and covenants that we have been given from the Lord! So cool!

Zone Meeting Picture: Bound to the Commitments we make

On Wednesday we had a bomb lesson with the Castillos. But first when we went into their home they were pulling out a cake and presents and we then realized that it was their son Alanee's birthday. We were like oh dang it, we totally forgot😬! We had our ward mission leader there and we were planning to have this outstanding lesson, but we thought we would have to share it another time! So we talked for a while and had some cake, but then everyone had to go! I was like wow, we might get to share something with them! We then just start talking about the church and how much they loved it! Then baptism started to come into the conversation, and then the spirit just took the lesson! Holy moly it was cool! I didn't really know what I was saying! By the end of the lesson we set 3 dates with the mom and the dad and the son named Alex! It was insane! At the end of the lesson the mom said that she had never heard some of the things that were shared that day! It was just incredible! They will be getting baptized October 16! We are so excited!😂

This week we have been really trying to involve the branch in everything that we do! It was so cool because members kept saying, hey go visit this person, and this person, and this person! Many of them were less active but it was so cool because 3 of the families that were less active came to church! The Lord is really starting to bless Sealy! I absolutely love the work that is happening! 

Well another amazing week is in the books! Things are going absolutely wonderful! Just always remember that Heavenly Father is always waiting to answer our prayers and fulfill our dreams, but he can't . . . Until we pray and until we dream! Remember to always reach out to him! He loves us and will bless us every time!

I love you all! Make it a super splendid week😃👍!
Love Elder Heiner

Gerson Jr (one of our investigators) and I! He is probably the craziest 13 year old kid I know!

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