Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 69: This week = Blessed

All of us right outside the temple doors! Fransisco is in between Elder Fitt & Elder Fong!

Wow! That's all I can say is wow! This week was so good! We were oh so blessed! I don't think I have had a more successful week in my whole mission than this past week, and it's all because we were exactly obedient! We found some of the smallest things that we could work on, like dropping some of the slang in English and Spanish, and following the white handbook 100%; and then watched miracles come! I wish I could tell y'all how amazing the week was in one email, but I'll try my best!

So Monday was absolutely great we had a couple lessons and taught this girl named Eliana! She is about our age, and doesn't know too much about God so we did a lot of explaining which was really powerful! After we shared the first vision with her, she asked, " wow do you really believe that's true"? As we bore testimony of the truth and bore witness that it's by and though the Book of Mormon that we can know the truthfulness of the restoration of the gospel her eyes lit up😳! She told us that she would read and find out it's true😆! What a powerful way to start out the week!

Then we had Tuesday come around the corner!! First we got to have interviews with President Mortensen! He is such an inspired man! He shared with me the story of the Brother of Jared in the BOM! He talked about how whenever there is a story about someone traveling on or through the water, it always is applied to life! In the story of the Brother of Jared, the only way they were able to get to the promise land was by the winds that carried the barges! This family went through storms and were engulfed about in the sea, but because they put ALL their faith in the Lord, were HOPEFUL and were EXACTLY obedient, they made it to the promise land! It was ONLY through the winds and the waves that they could get to the promise land! Remember whatever you are going through that as you put your faith in the savior and are obedient he will deliver you through your struggles! I love our Mission President! So inspired! Then after interviews we went finding, and we found a whole family! We found them in one of the poorest areas in our mission! It's like being in a 3rd world country! We shared a very powerful message of hope, through the Restoration, with them! The mom wants to see a change in her life and her family’s lives so she committed to reading the BOM! It's moments like those where time is so treasured! I love the gospel y'all! This work changes people's lives!

Wednesday humbled us, with almost all of our lessons falling through! So we prayed where to go while looking and searching on a map, and then Elder Fitt and I were inspired and picked the same place to knock! So we were like, ok let's go! 2nd door we knocked, we found a family of 3😆!!! They were cooking outside and we went and stood with them and taught the whole restoration! They all accepted a baptismal invitation! It was amazing! Then we went back out on the street and there was a guy getting on his bike and we asked him if there were any Hispanics in this area, and then he said yeah and pointed out every Hispanics house haha! So we knocked them and had a couple return appointments after! Straight blessings🔆!

Thursday was a great day as well! But I'll skip to Friday! We had the opportunity to go to the temple with one of Elder Fitt's recent converts to do baptisms for the dead! It's a huge blessing having a temple only 40 minutes away! I know there are so many people who have to take a whole day to get to the temple! But the spirit was so strong, and as Fransisco did the baptisms for his Grandpa, the spirit became even stronger! He loved it and we could tell it was a powerful moment!

Saturday I had the opportunity to go up to H6 and do an exchange with one of my best friends Elder Pogroszewski! We had a lot of fun, and worked really hard! We both came out together and started in the areas we both are in right now! So it was great talking about ol times! We taught a powerful lesson with this one woman who would not believe the apostasy! We shared a scripture in Matthew and she switched topics, then we hammered the BOM, and she got quieter! She actually said she would read, which was really powerful! So we will see where that goes! The BOM is so amazing, and changes lives!

Sunday was a great way to finish the week! We had one of our main investigators named Blanca come to church! She loved it! She is absolutely incredible too! On the train ride to church she was sitting by someone and asked them if they would like to go to church or English class with her! Man, she's already doing missionary work and she's not even a member! I love her haha! Also we had a great lesson with a part member family and we taught like 5 kids The Plan of Salvation! It was awesome teaching it so simple, and helping the kids understand! It was powerful!

Well y'all! That's all I got! This week was so amazing, and I feel so blessed the Lord can trust two 19 year olds and one 21 year old, missionaries to do his work! Remember the Lord will always bless, but first we must act! I love acting! The blessings are incredible after! Thanks for all the support and love y'all give! Have an amazing week!

Love Elder Heiner

 Elder Fong and I at the temple!

Elder Pogroszewski and I

The trio!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 68: The Trio Has Begun!

Great news it's Monday and you know what that means? Yep, another week to serve the Lord! I'm so excited! But you want more good news? Ok, we  are going to be rocking it down in H-town with Elder Fong! Elder Fong was serving in the Chicago mission, but had to come home for a few weeks, but instead of him going home, he is going to be serving with Elder Fitt and I!!! We have the funnest trio ever! We've done work! I'm pumped to tell y'all about how this week went!

Tuesday: We had the chance to help out at a food bank in the morning for a few hours and we gave some people who are not so fortunate some food, to help them live a normal life! I loved seeing the smiles of the people as they received their only support of food! We also had a very powerful lesson on the Why of Church with one of our Less Active members. He has started coming back to church, but was completely active when I was here a year ago, so I'm not letting him slip through the cracks!

Let's jump down to Friday! We had a district meeting and we talked and hammered on the importance of the Book of Mormon! For about the last month we have been making the Book of Mormon a huge focus in everything that we do, and everything we share! We need to liken the BOM to ourselves and our investigators (or bridge the gap between understanding and living the gospel) the BOM is the only way to gain a testimony of the truth of the gospel! As we have bore testimony of the BOM, and have helped them understand it for themselves, we have seen more blessings come than at any other time in my whole mission! It's awesome! We then received a training from the APs on how to be more effective planners! They talked about before you do anything, you 
should always start with a vision! That is with anything that we do! I learned how to better plan my weeks, months, transfers, and my life! But the biggest and most important thing to remember is to always start with a vision! And then go out and accomplish it with goals, plans, and action! I loved the insights😊!

Ok Saturday! Let's start with a miracle! So Saturday morning we had a English Class Training up at the stake center, but I have already been to one of those meetings, so we decided to get splits set up! So I went out on splits with Larry, a return missionary of about a year! We had a couple lessons set up, but they both canceled! But as we were getting back into our car, a man pulls up to the curb in his truck right behind us! So we contacted him, and then went and had an amazing Restoration lesson with him! He said that he had been praying for "messengers" to stop by! He is solid! Later that night we picked up Elder Fong and had a great rest of the day!

Sunday was great! I had the opportunity to go out finding with Elder Jones and his trainee Elder Hatch and we gave 4 Book of Mormons in like 30 minutes! It was amazing! We saw some miracles yesterday! Sadly our family of four that we had last week didn't go to church, but Elder Fitt and Elder Fong taught them and had a great lesson on the BOM! So there is still hope for that family!

But I'm just so glad and happy I have the opportunity to serve the
Lord! There are so many miracles that come into our lives as we trust
in the Lord and do his work! I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Heiner
We went down town on assignment!

Elder Fong down here in the fifth Ward!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 67: Take Me Back to the Paradise City!!!

This week was absolutely fantastic! So I got good news and I got good news! The first good news is that President has called me back to Houston!! I'm talking baby area, H3, right outside of downtown Houston!!! The next good news is that I'm going to be rocking it down here with Elder Fitt my MTC companion! I'm so excited! This week we seriously worked hard and saw so many bendiciones! (blessings!) Where do I begin?! 

So throughout the whole week we saw so many miracles, and it was amazing seeing some of the old families and friends! But the miracles all began to start raining down on the weekend, especially on Sunday! So on Sunday we had an outstanding 5 people at church! It was incredible! It's pretty crazy because we only have like 6 investigators! Bendiciones! (blessings!) This week we also had a goal of hitting 5 new investigators in our finding efforts, and we had one day left to get it! Sunday is the day for the work of the Lord and we saw blessings! We knocked literally all day! But get this, we were knocking on this street for a good 2 hours and saw no success, until literally, I kid you not, the last house on the street opened up, and let us in. They had a family of 4 😂.  We taught them the whole restoration and they all loved it! Elder Fitt and I were in awe. We couldn't even believe it! Then the rest of the night we found soooo many potentials, it was absolutely nuts! I absolutely love it here! Sealy prepared me so much for this place! It's so good to be back! This city is straight paradise. 

I love this work! It is absolutely incredible! Remember to always put your faith in Christ through any difficulty! Because he will lead and guide! Thanks for all the prayers yall! Make it a fantastic week! 

Love, Elder Heiner

All those statues randomly down in the city!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 66: 🐖🐄El fin de Sealy🐄🐖 (The End Of Sealy)

(The Garcia's are one of my favorite families!)

Hello again! Just to let y'all know, that this week was awesome! But to start off, we got transfer info and I am out of Sealy! It was an amazing 3 months. I got the chance to watch this area turn a 180! When I got here the members didn't really like the missionaries, the work was going no where, and the area was nick named: outer darkness! But after 3 months of working our tails off, and having a "It's time to ball out" and a "let's get pumped" mindset, we turned this place around to now be the promised land!! Also yesterday we had the chance to talk to our branch president, and he told us that, you know both of you were sent here for a reason because there were people who only y'all could help come back! And it is so true, because all of us (no matter if we are a full time missionary or not) are at a certain place to bless at least one of Heavenly Father's children! It's also amazing because as we put in our part, and give our all to the work of the Lord, not only will we be blessed but so many other people will be blessed! I just love the work of the Lord! It's so amazing😊!!

So let's kick off the week with last Monday! We had the chance to teach Maria! They all read in the Book of Mormon, so we got the opportunity to teach them the Plan of Salvation! It was a super powerful lesson! She usually doesn't understand that much when we teach, because she has short term memory loss, but she actually understood a lot! We were planning on setting a date with her this past week, but she had a family emergency to go to in Mexico, so the Elders will set the date in a couple of weeks😀!

Then Tuesday comes around the corner, and Tuesday and Wednesday are the two days we go harder than ever! We always have 4-5 hours of knocking planned out and we go hard! On Tuesday we found a lot of really open people! One of the people that we met was from the Philippines but she happened to live in Utah. She said that she loved the church there, and was about to get baptized but then moved to Texas . She said that when they moved, their daughter began to change and hung out with the wrong crowd, and then there was a downhill slope in their family! So we are planning to teach them this week, and see where it takes us! She could be a huge blessing! Later that night we went and visited the Rodriguez family (the miracle family from last week). When we got there they hadn't read in the Book of Mormon, but Jarrod had been watching bible videos and other videos about Christ for like 3 days straight after our first visit with him! He told us, "I'm sorry I didn't read the BOM, I just don't know anything, so I want to get a little bit more information on Jesus Christ before I read the Book" haha!! His wife was telling us that he should be a youth pastor haha! Don't worry by the time we are done with him he will be a young men's leader ☺️! So we read with them in the BOM, and helped answer a lot of questions! They weren't able to go to church, because of work, but we are still in the beginning stages with them, and I can see them having a baptismal date in the near future!

On Friday we had Zone Meeting and learned a lot of our vision as a zone and what we are going to do to accomplish our goals! It was really good and it helped us understand what we need to do to see more and more success in our zone!
(The Katy Zone!)

(Elders of Katy Zone! We all wore animal ties!)

Then let's jump on down to Sunday, church was amazing! We got the chance to teach the teenagers Sunday school class, and we had like 5 minutes to make something up! But we have a cool tool called "the spirit"!! I love the spirit😃!! We watched a talk called: It's never too early, It's never to late; by Bradley D Foster in the October 2015 General Conference! It talked a lot about how parents can better teach their children, but we related it to how we as members of the church of Jesus Christ can better teach our friends! Everyone was on-board and is excited to bring a friend to the next mutual activity! Salvation can be gained by one invitation! So are we going to be the ones to invite? It was cool to see the unity of that class! They are going to bless so many of their friends lives!

Well that is it y'all! I just want to let y'all know that the greatest 
missionaries/members are those who put their trust in the Lord and choose the harder right, rather than the easier wrong! Keep choosing the right and the Lord will bless! I love you all! Make it a great week!

Love, Elder Heiner
(Elder Knight is dying and we had his funeral in District Meeting last week ;)

(Sealy, Texas: Oh how much I'm going to miss this place!)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 65: 🔆💥Nombre, Hay Milagros en Sealy!!!💥🔆 (Miracles Happen in Sealy)

So on Thursday Elder Child and I wanted to put this new way of finding to the test! We were out contacting in Columbus, and we both felt impressed to go down this road. I didn't think we were going to find anything on this road, because I had gone down it many times looking for places to knock, but nothing seemed good! But this time when we went down this road, we both saw a trailer park that was not too far off the main road, THAT WE HAD NEVER SEEN BEFORE! So we started to knock it! Our 3rd door a man (named Jarrod) opens up, and Elder Child put the idea to the test and asked him, hey can we share this message with you RIGHT NOW! The guy then said, oh sure let me go put a shirt on first! We were like, NO WAY😯! He comes back and we got into a great discussion! He has been looking for the gospel all his life, but can't find the right church! He told us that his wife helps understand the gospel, but it just doesn't seem right to him! When we finished, we set something up for Saturday!

So Saturday comes around and first conference was amazing! But then we had one of the best lessons I have ever had! When we got there Jarrod's whole family was just waiting for us to come in! As we sat down Jarrod tells us that his family had a miracle right after he got done talking to us. He has been looking for a job, and he said he got a phone call for a job opportunity right out of the blue, literally right after he talked to us! #MILAGROS! (Miracles) So the family (which consists of a mom and a dad, a 15 year old daughter, 12 year old son, and an 8 year old daughter) already loves us it felt like, and we started teaching the Restoration and hey just devoured it! They understood it so well! They are Golden👍! At the end of the lesson Jarrod said, you know if the Book of Mormon is true, I'm moving to Utah, haha😆! All 5 of them were so solid, and want to learn more!

Then there was conference! I loved conference, and it taught me so much about what I need to do to be a better person, brother, son, friend, and missionary! Here are some of my favorite quotes: Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, God offered us the opportunity to be here and we chose it. So what shall we give in return for so much!! Dean M Davies said, if we fail to worship our God we will be missing a lot of the joy we could be receiving!

Pretty incredible! I loved conference and hope y'all loved it as well! Thanks for all the prayers y'all! Thank you for all y'all are doing to help people find more happiness! Keep it up! Find those miracles and keep trusting, believing and working with our savior! I love y'all so much! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Heiner