Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 68: The Trio Has Begun!

Great news it's Monday and you know what that means? Yep, another week to serve the Lord! I'm so excited! But you want more good news? Ok, we  are going to be rocking it down in H-town with Elder Fong! Elder Fong was serving in the Chicago mission, but had to come home for a few weeks, but instead of him going home, he is going to be serving with Elder Fitt and I!!! We have the funnest trio ever! We've done work! I'm pumped to tell y'all about how this week went!

Tuesday: We had the chance to help out at a food bank in the morning for a few hours and we gave some people who are not so fortunate some food, to help them live a normal life! I loved seeing the smiles of the people as they received their only support of food! We also had a very powerful lesson on the Why of Church with one of our Less Active members. He has started coming back to church, but was completely active when I was here a year ago, so I'm not letting him slip through the cracks!

Let's jump down to Friday! We had a district meeting and we talked and hammered on the importance of the Book of Mormon! For about the last month we have been making the Book of Mormon a huge focus in everything that we do, and everything we share! We need to liken the BOM to ourselves and our investigators (or bridge the gap between understanding and living the gospel) the BOM is the only way to gain a testimony of the truth of the gospel! As we have bore testimony of the BOM, and have helped them understand it for themselves, we have seen more blessings come than at any other time in my whole mission! It's awesome! We then received a training from the APs on how to be more effective planners! They talked about before you do anything, you 
should always start with a vision! That is with anything that we do! I learned how to better plan my weeks, months, transfers, and my life! But the biggest and most important thing to remember is to always start with a vision! And then go out and accomplish it with goals, plans, and action! I loved the insights๐Ÿ˜Š!

Ok Saturday! Let's start with a miracle! So Saturday morning we had a English Class Training up at the stake center, but I have already been to one of those meetings, so we decided to get splits set up! So I went out on splits with Larry, a return missionary of about a year! We had a couple lessons set up, but they both canceled! But as we were getting back into our car, a man pulls up to the curb in his truck right behind us! So we contacted him, and then went and had an amazing Restoration lesson with him! He said that he had been praying for "messengers" to stop by! He is solid! Later that night we picked up Elder Fong and had a great rest of the day!

Sunday was great! I had the opportunity to go out finding with Elder Jones and his trainee Elder Hatch and we gave 4 Book of Mormons in like 30 minutes! It was amazing! We saw some miracles yesterday! Sadly our family of four that we had last week didn't go to church, but Elder Fitt and Elder Fong taught them and had a great lesson on the BOM! So there is still hope for that family!

But I'm just so glad and happy I have the opportunity to serve the
Lord! There are so many miracles that come into our lives as we trust
in the Lord and do his work! I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Heiner
We went down town on assignment!

Elder Fong down here in the fifth Ward!

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