Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 70: The Power Of Prayer!

Back: Elder Stulce, Front L-R: Elder Fitt, Elder Heiner, Elder Fong

Hey y'all this week was all about sifting, finding, and listing to the promptings of the spirit! We had so many people that we invited to come closer to Jesus Christ from last week, so we worked hard to find which ones would follow the savior's command of repenting and being baptized. We found that many of them had a hard time acting, based on their living conditions. So we helped many of them understand the importance of the restored gospel, and gave them the chance to talk to missionaries when they are ready to act! So that meant that this week we worked extremely hard at finding those willing to act, and it all started on Monday (Halloween)!

We had to start off on a good note on Monday! Last Monday, since it was Halloween we had to be back in our apartments by 7 pm, so we had a solid 1 hour to go contacting and find those prepared! We prayerfully searched for those who were ready and at 6:55 pm we found our man! We just asked Heavenly Father to lead us to someone we could invite to come unto Jesus Christ and the last door we went up to they invited us to come back! So we were feeling pumped and ready to do work from the start!

Heavenly Father continued to bless us this week as he put people into our paths! On Tuesday we were in an area that we thought didn't have very many Hispanics, but we specifically prayed to lead us to the place we needed to go! The first guy we talked to wasn't very interested, but gave us the direction of where to go, we then followed that direction and found a community of Hispanics! And many of them let us come back!

On Friday we had such an inspiring day! We had Zone Meeting, and we were taught all about unity and diligence! Each companionship has the goal to baptize 2 people by the end of this year and we all strapped on the seat belts and committed ourselves to accomplishing that goal! We are doing whatever it takes to accomplish it! We also were taught how to better apply the Book of Mormon and the stories to our investigators! It was inspiring and I know we all were left very edified! Later that day, we had a couple lessons fall through, and we were scrambling to know what to do. I then received a prompting to call a potential investigator we found earlier in the week, and visit her! She answered and said "that would be alright!" So we went down to her house and gave an amazing Restoration lesson with her! She had so many questions, and loved knowing that the priesthood power is again on the earth! She is so solid and we have high hopes for her in the future!

Sunday was a great way to end the week! We had a few investigators come to church, and they loved it! After church we also had an amazing lesson with one of our investigators in the home of our Ward Mission Leader! His family, fed our investigator and us dinner, and then we gave a powerful Plan of Salvation lesson! We invited her to be baptized and she said she needed to pray about it first! But don't worry, prayer is powerful and she will baptized before you know it! We also went on splits last night, and Elder Fong and one of our priests in our ward, went knocking and found a guy named Israel, and taught the whole restoration, and set a baptismal date with him for Dec 17!!! Pretty incredible! Elder Fitt and I had a couple lessons fall through so we went contacting! It was a little bit too late to go to people's houses, so we did my favorite type of contacting, talking to people in the parking lot at the store Fiesta! We talked to some interesting people, but one of the guys we talked to was from Mexico and he told us that a few of his friends were Mormon and he's always wanted to learn more about our religion! So we are going back to see him this week! I'm so excited!!

So it was another successful week, all because we prayed and listened to the spirit to lead and guide us! It was incredible as we put our shoulder to the wheel and worked together! I love this work! It truly is amazing! I also love my Savior Jesus Christ! I got to study a lot on the atonement this week in my personal studies, and it truly is incredible the love and compassion that our savior showed to the world, but mainly to you and to me! I love Him so much! I'm glad I get the chance to do this work with Him! I love you all! I hope y'all have a fantastic day week!

Love, Elder Heiner

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