Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 71: 7 Months Of Consecration

Mission Presidents Fireside!

Wow what another inspiring week! We have truly been blessed here in Houston! I absolutely loved this week and felt the love of my Heavenly Father! I feel that I have been changing into the person my Heavenly Father needs me to be! This week I really focused on being a more consecrated missionary, based from the talk Consecrated Missionary by Tad R Callister (great talk, if you haven't read it. I invite y'all to look at it)! I know I only have 7 months left, so I made a plan to do 7 Months to consecration! I have already felt so much change and love! Ahhh, I just love the mission so much!!!

So with this week we had a lot of random amazing things happen! Some of 
these amazing things were an amazing service! The temple! Spanish Leadership Council! And a mission presidents fireside! Plus we set two
baptismal dates with the two most prepared people in Houston! So where do I begin!

I'll start here on last Monday! We received a couple referrals from one of my favorite families in the mission, the Castillos! Their friend’s names are Hugo and Areli and they are amazing! Apparently I taught Hugo once when I was here a year ago, but back then he definitely wasn't as ready for the gospel to change his life! So we taught an amazing restoration lesson with them, like literally spiritually mind blowing! They understood so well, and when we introduced the BOM they just lit up even more! When we extended the date, Hermana Castillo told us that they can't be baptized because they’re not married, but then Areli says, "Don’t worry I already got the ring". Hugo and Areli just got engaged, and we are planning on having their baptism and wedding on the same day, December 17th!! Plus yesterday they went to church and had read 6 chapters in the BOM! They are on fire! Plus there are so many members reaching out and helping them out! The Lord is truly blessing!

On Tuesday we had an amazing service opportunity where we got to help out kids who were in 2nd grade learn more about the dentist and prepare to get their teeth checked! A lot of the missionaries got to teach but my job was to pump all the kids up before they got their teeth checked! It was soooo fun! I saw one of the kids crying as he got his teeth checked, and I was like oh no, that's not happening again! So I helped them understand that that field trip is the best field trip ever! None of them were afraid after they got done talking to me! It was awesome! Kids are great and so funny and random! We got on the most random stories haha! Like, we went from talking about Halloween and then how one kid has the cutest dog in the world haha! I just laughed so hard!

Then on Thursday we got to go to the temple as a district! I just love the temple sooo soooo much! Such a spiritually uplifting experience! It really humbled me literally! I was in the celestial room and I just pulled open the scriptures and I opened up to Alma 5:27! Slap to the face! I guess I need to work harder on being more humble! Humility really does bring blessings! But the temple was truly an amazing experience!

Then on Friday we had Spanish Leadership Council! That's a meeting where all the leaders in Spanish get together to learn how to better the obra misional! It was a great meeting and I learned a lot! Also in District Meeting I centered my topic on the atonement! Whoa it was amazing! Such a spiritual meeting! The atonement is my favorite topic and is just oh so powerful! It was such a powerful one, the spirit really took over!

We've had plenty of amazing moments! Then on Sunday we had an amazing mission president’s fireside! That's a one in a 4 month experience it was so powerful! Well this week was incredible! Make sure y'all have
a great one as well! Remember our savior and all he did for us! Love y'all!

Love, Elder Heiner

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