Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 72: I'm stealing my Companions Weekly Email 😎

I had a baptism in Sealy! It was incredible! Maria got baptized and it was amazing!

I didn't have enough time to write a weekly so I snagged Elder Fitt's email, so this is our week in his words! Haha! Also transfers are here and I'm staying and Elder Fitt is out! I find out who my new comp is tonight! It's going to be amazing, but sad! So here it is!

"Monday: We had a typical P-day. Then afterward we had FHE and had three of our investigators show up. The two baptismal dates that we have are looking very good for the 17 of December.

Tuesday: Today we had Zone Conference and it was so amazing!! We talked about why we have the commandments and how they are just our direction to return safely back to our Heavenly Father. Then we had all of our lessons fall through that night and so we just went out knocking until the end of the night. 

Wednesday: We woke up early and hit the road to a service project. The project was called "Project smiles". We helped 2nd graders learn about how to floss and brush their teeth. So that took up all the morning and most of the afternoon. Then after the service project, we decided to go on an "emergency exchange". So I went to H5 for the rest of the day. We had 2 lessons with the people they have on date right now and they were just super powerful and awesome. Then to end the night, we went to a families house and taught them Matthew 14 and talked about the storms in our lives. It was the most powerful lesson I have ever taught in my entire mission! When we read in the scriptures about a burning sensation in our chest when we feel the spirit, That was exactly what I felt. The Spirit was able to use me to say what he needed to say and then after I was done speaking, the power and the warmth in which I had felt went away. I know that it was the Spirit that was in that lesson and that it was able to use me to speak on his behalf.

Thursday: Well back to project smiles! :D

Friday: We had an amazing district meeting and I was able to give the spiritual thought. Then afterward, we went finding for hours. We found two new investigators that are so awesome. One of them was just outside hanging up her Christmas decorations and one thing led to another and we were outside teaching the Restoration. Then we had this huge ward party for Thanksgiving!

Saturday: Road Trip!! We went to the English wards party for lunch! Then we went and did some finding. Then after that we went to a baptism in Sealy. So that was a good hour drive. So while Elder Heiner drove, I took the LDS tools out and invited everyone in our ward to church.

Sunday: Church was just super good! Then after church we went over to the Robles house for dinner with their family and then afterward they let us use their house to teach one of our investigators. Then we had transfer calls. Looks like I am the only one out from the District. So farewell to H3..."

Back to me again! Here are some pictures from this last week!

Love, Elder Fitt & Elder Heiner :)

 Zone Conference

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