Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 77: Feliz Navidad Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha!

Alright where do I begin! This week was amazing! We worked really hard and saw a lot of blessings! We worked hard at getting some splits in (where one of us takes a member and visits our investigators and the others go out and tract)! We were very successful in our finding efforts as we found 8 more new investigators and set two more baptismal dates for January with a guy named Justin and we reset the date we had with Areli! Areli is getting baptized in a couple weeks and we are super excited! 

Plus we had a merry merry Christmas! We had the chance to eat with the Pineda family on Christmas Eve and they stuffed us to the brim! And then on Christmas we talked to our families and it was amazing to talk to my family! I love y'all so much! It was such a great Christmas but what made it even more amazing was sharing the Christmas light with all of Gods children! We passed out so many cards and I know it made a difference here in Northside Houston! 

Well I hope y'alls Christmas was as Jolly as ours! If you're not having a jolly Christmas vacation, remember the first half of Christmas! Remember Christ, and what He did for us! But not only remember Him, but follow Him and He will give us the joy! I love you all so much! Keep making memories! 

Love, Elder Heiner


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