Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 79: How Far Away Is That Plane ✈️? About 5 Weeks Away!

Hey y'all, buenas tardes! (Good Afternoon!) So this week we got transfer calls and Elder Pigott and I are both kicking it again for 6 more weeks here in Liberty! And the good news is, is that I'm killing him😵! Not literally, but missionary wise😁! Elder Pigott is ending his mission and will be getting on the plane in almost 5 weeks! It's super crazy! We've been trying not to bring up things from home but for the first few days that's all we talked about, and let me tell you, the days went by oh so slow🐌! By Thursday not much work was getting done but then we flipped the switch! 

On Friday, we had a Noche de Hogar (family home evening activity), and it was so much fun! Our ward mission leader set it up. It was based upon how well we do in this life and what our reward is for the next! Each person got carnival tickets and there were a bunch of games set up, and food given out, but each one cost a couple tickets! Then Hermano Robles (our ward mission leader) had an audio of a plane taking off, flying, and crashing (don't ask me why), and we had everyone go up on the stage and sit in chairs while we played the audio! So everyone died!! Yep it was sad!! As we were dead the amount of tickets that we had left from the activities determined where we went next and which Kingdom we went into. Most people went to the Terrestrial kingdom and were saddened because they came up just short, and couldn't be with their families again! What a lesson it was for everyone there, to make sure that we follow ALL of Gods commandments so that we can live in the Celestial Kingdom with God, Jesus Christ and our families!

On Saturday we took two Priests out with us literally for 7 hours! We had planned to have them come out for a couple hours, but they planned to come out for the whole day! It was awesome! We had some of the best food of my life, taught some super great lessons, and also had a ton of people come to our sports night that we just set up! We also started teaching my recent converts family, the Escobars! Lorenzo's whole family of 5 just got here from El Salvador and we taught all of them the Restoration and it was so powerful! My dream would be to get this family sealed for time and all eternity! And nothing is going to stop us! 

On Sunday we had a lot of great moments but there was one that really hit home to me! We had a lesson with The Pineda family. They are a little bit less active, because satan is not happy with them! Their biggest desire is to be sealed in the temple in May, and yesterday the spirit took over the lesson as we bore testimony that the Lord will carry them to the temple! They know they can do it, and the Lord knows they can do it! It made me think of all of us! Each and every one of us pass through hardships mainly because satan really doesn't like us! He is the enemy and he will take us down by small and simple maneuvers. But one thing that I have come to love on my mission is that God is so much more powerful! Plus, the savior's atonement is something that really is REAL! And by his sacrifice he will always carry us to our desires, when we can't go on any further! I saw dedication in the eyes of these members as they looked determined to choose the right! I know that as we are determined to choose the right, especially through the trials of the adversary we will achieve the blessings the Lord has for us!

I know we all go through specific trials for a reason! I'm grateful for my trials for helping me be the person I am today! I love you all and hope y'all have a wonderful day!

Love, Elder Heiner

Latest News: Elder Taylor Heiner was made Zone Leader on January 3, 2017.  He has 162 days left as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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