Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 83: Mas y Mas Milagros

 Good Afternoon Family and Friends! 

This week was great! But I'm sorry because this emails going to be long! But good news, there were so many things that happened, and I saw so many different faces and areas! I was on an exchange everyday except for Sunday this past week! It was absolutely nuts 🥜! It was definitely one of the fastest weeks yet! We also had a ton of great meetings and inspiring moments this week! Let's start with Monday!

The first exchange I got to go on was with Elder Hatch and we rocked in the Little York area! We taught their recent converts that just got baptized, Nick and Kristy! I love them so much! I got the chance to teach them a lot before their baptism and it was absolutely incredible to see their faces! We were also able to give their mom a blessing. She is going through Chemotherapy because of a cancer she received! It was such a spiritual moment! I love the sacerdocio and the opportunity that we have to  use it to bless the lives of those we love! 

Tuesday we had MLC and it was technically my first MLC being a zone leader, and it was so revelatory! Our second counselor in the Mission Presidency, Elder Chapel, talked about the science of excellence, and how we can be the best at anything we do! You know the phrase practice makes perfect? He shared with us that it's not Practice that makes perfect but rather Perfect Practice that makes perfect! When we practice perfectly that's when we see results! Also my favorite quote of the whole meeting was something that president Mortensen said, that was something oh so simple but true! He said, " Disciples are those who are willing to do it anyways!" I love that! It's so similar to the fishers of men where Jesus asked his disciples to come and follow and he would make them fishers of men, and what did they do? They immediately put down their nets and followed, just because it's what was right! 

Later that night I was still in Little York, and Elder Hatch and I got to put the "do it anyways" mindset into action! At 8pm our cita fell through so we decided to knock! We prayed and felt inspired to go to a couple streets! We knocked them both! We found so many willing people! It was incredible! We received a couple return citas and brought a lot of light into some families lives! 

On Wednesday we did a trio exchange with one of the APs, Elder Barton! He came down into our area, but he doesn't speak any Spanish and we didn't have any citas in English! But it was still a lot of fun! Since we were in a trio, we asked one of THE BEST members in our ward to come out on splits! His name is Fransisco and he's Elder Fitt's recent convert, and is just the man! We knocked doors for a couple hours and found some really cool people! Tons of fun!

Thursday I got to to go on another exchange with my ZL companion Elder Pogroszewski in the Hafer area! He's a stud! We had a bomb dinner appointment y la familia cocinó carne asada (bendiciones). También we got to teach English Class! Tons of fun as well! 

Friday we had Zone Meeting! It was awesome! The spirit was super strong and the trainings were all super good! It all came together very well for our zone and it's exactly we all needed! Then after I got to go on another exchange, crazy huh! This time with Elder Cabezas also in Hafer! We saw so many miracles in one day it was absolutely nuts! We first taught the Amaya family! Flashback: A few months ago Elder Pogroszewski and I were on an exchange and we met the Amaya family for the first time, and when we taught them we hard core bashed with them! We bore powerful testimonies on the BOM and she let the Elders come back! Long story short, she got baptized (I know right) and her daughter as well! Literally blew me away! But back to the present! We taught her son, who hasn't been home at all but happened to be home on Friday! We taught him the Restoration and he accepted to be baptized when he knows the BOM is true😆! Then the next appointment we had was Amilka and his family! The Elders had a hard time seeing him as well, but we got in and taught an amazing restoration lesson to all 4 of the family members, and same result, we invited them to be baptized and they said yes😲😂!!! We also stopped by an investigator they were teaching and as we were walking in the parking lot, their was a man behind me a little ways back and I felt a strong urge to talk to him! Come to find out, that he was baptized when he was 15 in our church (he's 50 now), got into drugs and alcohol, but wants to change his life around and wants to come back to church!!! Talk about Milagros! Everything that could have gone right, happened! It was literally amazing! I gotta give some props to Elder Cabezas! Because he rocked it!

Saturday and Sunday went by quick as well! And we continued to see miracles as we put our faith in our savior! It was such an incredible week! I love this work! It is incredible to be able to change the lives of so many people each and every day! 
I love you all so much! Have a fantastic week! 

Love Élder Heiner

Our Zone Leadership after MLC!

Trio pic in Houston

Elder Cabezas and I got to go to an 8 year olds baptism
and be the witnesses! So cool!

Francisco and I on our split!

Houston North Spanish Zone

Here's my favorite quote for the week!

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