Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 89: Prayer Brings Miracles

Hello family and friends. This last week was a good one! I feel like I say that every week. Ahhh the time is going so fast as well! Weeks are turning into days and days are turning into minutes. I wish there was a button to slow time down! But I know there isn't so the goal is to make every day just the best, and this last week there were a ton of blessings and miracles that we saw as we made each day great! 

On Tuesday I got to go on exchange with Elder Barton. He is a stud, and just talks to everyone! We were in Burger King getting a late lunch / early dinner, and there was this couple that was in line right behind us, and we started talking to them and got on a topic of religion, and she started telling us that she just lost her husband. So we were inspired to share the Mormon Message Mountains to Climb with them. They went to a booth and watched it, and came back in tears and they told us that that was exactly what they needed! It was incredible! Then later I got to give Samuel Acosta his baptismal interview, he is the H3 Hermanas investigator. He is a great kid. I got the chance to perform the baptism, and give him the gift of the Holy Ghost (in Spanish). That was one of the only things that I haven't done, is give someone the gift of the Holy Ghost in Spanish, so now I can check that off the bucket list! But Samuel definitely has a lot of desires to follow Jesus Christ, and I'm super excited for him to learn more about the gospel y crecer cada dia!

On Wednesday we had a money day! Started it off with teaching Rodney and Jennifer, our Burger King miracle! We taught a great lesson on prayer with them, and talked about how Heavenly Father always wants to answer our prayers! So we invited them to cry out to him, and ask for help! It was awesome! Then later that night we shared a lesson with Maria Escobar, one of the investigators that we've been teaching a while. We bore powerful testimony on the Book of Mormon and on the power of prayer! The spirit was sooo strong! This week we have been inviting so many people to not only read in the BOM, but also to pray each and every day and to literally cry out to him during our struggles! Maria at the end of the lesson prayed and thanked God for everything she has been given like 4 times in a row. Oh my goodness, the power of prayer is so powerful! Our Heavenly Father wants to hear us, and not just for a couple minutes before we go to bed and after we wake up, but he want to us to talk with him. To express all our feeling to him! 

So this week we were doing prayer texts, where we continually texted members to say their prayers. We followed up with them yesterday and each one who was part of the challenge to pray each day, said that their week was so much better, than the weeks before. I know that prayer is so important! I feel so much love, knowing that my Heavenly Father is cheering me on. Where ever we are and whatever situation we are in, our Heavenly Father is waiting to answer our prayer, but he can't unless we CRY out! Unless we truly ask! Remember that he will always answer us! He won't let us quit through the hard times, and he will challenge us through the comfortable times! As a father he always wants us to improve! So my invitation to y'all is to truly pray. Give thanks for everything you've been given, and communicate whats going on in your life! He loves you! 

Miracles always come as we put our faith in our savior Jesus Christ and we are continually communicating with our Father in Heaven! I love y'all so much! Make this week the best week you possibly can! I love y'all!

Love, Elder Heiner

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