Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 91: Goodbye Houston! Hello Again Woodlands!

So last week I got transferred out of the Houston 3rd Ward, and it definitely was hard to leave behind so much! But my new area, or old area you could say, is The Woodlands! Exactly a year ago I served here and I am so excited to be back! It was absolutely incredible being with and seeing so many families that I love! Plus we saw so many miracles this week as we put our faith in the Lord! Plus we had General Conference, so overall you could say that it was an incredible week! Let me tell y'all all about it!

My new companion is Elder Wells! He is from Alpine Utah! It's so weird having a companion from Utah and even weirder because we grew up so close to each other! But he's a stud, and has definitely worked me hard in this area! The best feeling is coming home and just feeling exhausted from all the hard work that we put in from the day! Missionary work is amazing! 

Alright time for some Miracles!!! One of the investigators that I was teaching a year ago, that was going through a lot of struggles, is being taught again, and has a date! His name is Julio and his moms name is Irma! They were a knocking miracle that Elder Phister and I had, and now they are progressing super well! Yesterday they followed us to General Conference and absolutely loved it!! Julio is 18 years old and he has a baptismal date for April 22nd and tonight we want to set a date with his mom Irma! We are super excited!

On Saturday we had a cita set up for this kid (he's like 18) named Mike (It was set up at the beginning on the afternoon session of conference), and we started teaching a tiny bit about the restoration and taught what prophets were! Then I had the prompting to clarify the difference between a disciple and a prophet! Then we turned on General Conference on his phone and literally 2 seconds after we turn it on, Elder Hales starts his talk on what it means to be a true disciple!!! Elder Wells and I looked at each other like, no way haha😄! At the end of the talk Mike loved how it talked about how we can't be part time disciples (I love this guy)! The Lords timing was absolutely perfect 👌!!  

So this week we had a commitment to find 5 new investigators and going into Sunday we had only found 1, but yesterday at 8pm Elder Wells was prompted to go to one of the houses that he thought was a former investigator. I don't think it was the right house with the former inv, but there we found 4 new investigators! We shared the new video prince of peace (if you haven't seen it, you definitely should), then got into this huge conversation about prophets, and religion! They loved it and are willing to learn more! We are going back on Tuesday! What miracles! 

I know this letter is a little bit long but I just wanted to add that I loved Conference! It was such a spiritual experience for me! One of the take aways that I had is that many of the talks if not all of them talked about how we can be more Christlike and become more like Him! I loved the emphasis on the Christlike attributes! I know that as we have faith in Jesus Christ and remember "His" atonement, we are diligent in doing all the small tasks (like reading the BOM, praying, going to church, etc.), we will be brought out of bondage! I definitely know that when we do our part line upon line precept upon precept that we will receive the light of the perfect day! Thanks y'all for everything! Make it a great week!

Love, Elder Heiner

This Is Heber from H3! Definitely going to miss him!

 Saying goodbye to some of my favorite families in Houston 3.

Elder Wells and I at the start of the new transfer!

Priesthood Session with the Elders Quorum! We had the best
dinnerand then we were spiritually fed! (Bendiciones 😁)

This is what happens after a long day of contacting!

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