Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 92: Finding Brings Blessings!

What a week! Elder Wells and I really hit it hard his week! The faith is building so strong here! I was so happy with the success that we had! Every day was a grinder but we never put our heads down, and at the end of every day we saw miracles! It was nuts!

This week we went finding like crazy! It was probably the week of my mission where I have gone finding the most! We found a ton of new investigators! I have never found so many people in The Woodlands! Every single time we found a new investigator, it was when we had knocked for hours, and we had a forth floor last door moment! 

The best day of the week was Friday though by far! We had an amazing zone meeting and I learned all about charity, and how I can be more like our savior Jesus Christ! We then got to go to lunch while the Zone Leader and District Leaders were in a meeting, and while we were there a man approached me and he asked, I just want to know the difference between modern Christianity and Mormonism. I talked to him a little bit about prophets and how God always calls prophets, which led to the Book of Mormon. He had questions on the Book of Mormon and I just bore testimony about what it is and also what are the promised blessings he will receive when he reads! He said he would read it! We gave him a book and set up a time to see him! It was incredible! Then I got the chance to go on an exchange with Elder Christensen up in the Louetta area! It was amazing! Elder Christensen planned a whole day of finding! We went from 3-9pm with a 20 min break for dinner! We passed out at least 100 pass along cards but Elder Christensen told me, "we are finding a family of 5 today"!! We went all day with a lot of rejections, talking to UFO fanatics, asking to use the restroom in strangers homes (it's one of my favorite contact ideas haha), getting a ton of potatoes and fruit from people, but still no success! Until 9:05pm! We were getting ready to leave and we talked to one more person, who . . . let us in ūüėā! We shared the prince of peace video and then tied it into the Restoration, and gave them all a copy of The Book of Mormon! The spirit was so strong in the lesson. When Elder Christensen bore his testimony about the BOM the spirit filled the room! Plus guess what, they were a family of 7!!! After the lesson we got back in the car, and I looked at Elder Christensen, and said, I can't believe that just happened!!! It was absolutely crazy! It was one of the biggest miracles of my mission! And topped off an incredible exchange!

Spiritual thought: 
Esta semana pasada estaba leyendo sobre las historias de Ammon, Aarón y sus hermanos en El Libro de Mormon, y me encanta uno versículo en Alma cuando Alma se libró sus hermanos. Es Alma 20:29 que dice: Y cuando Ammón los vio, se entristeció mucho, porque he aquí, se hallaban desnudos y tenían la piel sumamente excoriada, por haber estado atados con fuertes cuerdas; y también habían padecido hambre, sed y toda clase de aflicciones; sin embargo, fueron pacientes en todos sus sufrimientos.

A veces es dif√≠cil a ver la luz adentro de la obscuridad. Me imagino que Aar√≥n y sus hermanos pudieran murmurar, quejarse, o perder su fe! Pero eso no es lo que hicieron! Ellos ten√≠an fe, ten√≠an caridad, obedec√≠an los mandamientos de Dios hasta que hubieran librados! Este historia es similar a nuestras vidas. Porque, vamos a pasar por medio de aflicciones que son tan dif√≠ciles, pero cuando recordamos la misericordia que Dios tiene, y damos nuestras vidas a El, eso es como podemos ser librados! Eso es como podemos ser mejores disc√≠pulos! Cuando leemos en el libro de Mormon y oramos y asistimos la iglesia, especialmente durante los tiempos que no quisi√©ramos,  pero cuando los hacemos porque estamos dispuestos a seguir, eso es cuando recibimos las bendiciones que deseamos.

Thanks y'all for all the prayers! I love y'all so much! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Heiner

Service at the Butterfly farm in Spring Tx
Elder Christensen represents! #Milagros 

We are ready for Star Wars!

Bowling with the District!

It's a Christmas miracle!

That security on that house tho! Haha

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