Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 93: Happy Easter!

Whoa this week was good! It went by extremely fast! We also had a ton of tender mercies as we were obedient! One thing that I've definitely seen in my mission is obedience brings blessing! We also had a very happy d铆a de la pascua! 馃悾 I hope y'all had a great Easter and really spent a lot of time with your families, and or remembering our savior Jesus Christ! It definitely was amazing learning more about him, and remembering his resurrection! 

So this week we had a lot of tender mercies like I said. Start it off on Tuesday! We got the chance to do service at Special Angels. If you don't remember what that is from a year ago, its where we get the chance to serve mentally disabled adults! They truly are angels 馃懠! We played Monopoly with them, and they are sooo fun! I know Heavenly Father has an amazing place for these people in the next life! 

Wednesday I got to go on another exchange with Elder Progroszewski. Don't ask me how many I've done with him, cause I couldn't tell you! We put up English class flyers and while we were doing so, we met a lot of cool people! We put one up at a salon and while we were there we got talking to one of the clients and got a lesson set up! While we there Elder Pogroszewski got his Eye Brows threaded haha! It looked so painful 馃槚! I literally died laughing! We later went contacting at a new apartment complex, and we only had one door open and she was a Hispanic, and she let us in! Blessings!!! We taught a great lesson and we are going back this week! 

Spiritual Thought:
Cada semana recibimos (toda la misi贸n) una carta de nuestro presidente de misi贸n por correo electr贸nico, y la semana pasada el escribi贸 algunas cosas que me impact贸, que yo quiero compartir con ustedes. En su carta el habl贸 sobre el proceso de aumentar la fe, el dijo: I have been reminded of my first experience of going to the gym after my mission. I quickly realized how much strength I had lost, and began the process of building strength back up. For muscle to grow, two things must happen: Muscles need to experience experience stress/tension. The stress needs to damage the muscle so the muscle can be built back up or repaired. If you want this process to happen faster, you need to lift more weight. There is one critical requirement that has to be present to protect you from injury if you are going to lift heavier weight: you need to have a "spotter". A spotter is a person who is there only to help you be successful. They don't necessarily touch the weight, if they don't need to, but they are there to make sure you succeed. A good spotter will push you beyond what you think you can do because they know what your objective is and they want to help you achieve it! He or she will hold you accountable.

Like President Mortensen said, the way for muscles (faith) to be built is that they must experience a huge amount of stress and by so doing must be damaged, so they can be built again! Now, I know that God gives trials of our faith so that our faith can be strengthened, but I also know that he calls amazing spotters! Some of these spotters may be bishops, leaders, parents, friends, and or neighbors. God has called specific spotters to bless our lives! We must always remember to trust the specific spotters that God has called. As we do so, our faith will be strengthened and we will be able to lift the heavier weight! 

Keep on trusting, reading, praying, attending (church), partaking (the sacrament) and following the spirit! As your spotters push you, you will be able to see more blessing come! 

I love y'all so much! 

Love, Elder Heiner

Confetti eggs before smashing them馃榿! 

Confetti eggs after smashing them馃榿!

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