Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 94: Living In Paradise!

This past week was stacked with good stuff! It's already a blessing being in one of the prettiest places in Texas, but what's better is that here in The Woodlands you have so many different types of people, food, cultures, and what's best is that when your a missionary you get to experience all of it! We met so many people from Venezuela, El Salvador, Honduras, Argentina, Columbia, and of course Mexico! It was absolutely incredible being able to meet so many people from so many different places and teach them all about the gospel! 

One of our new investigators that we have is named Dora. Si, como Dora la exploradora jaja! She doesn't like her name because she says that's what everyone tells her! But she had a lot of great questions about the Plan of Salvation! She is visiting a member in our ward for a couple months, which is perfect time to get her on board with baptism!! 

Ok I gotta write about the food that we ate this last week! It was hmmm hmmm good! The members definitely spoiled us! For our dinners we had: Carne Asada (de Honduras), Subway (de América), gnoiquis (de Argentina), lo mejor arroz con frijoles y carne (de Honduras), más carne asada con pan (de Argentina), and top it off with some Arepas (de Venezuela)! It was so good! It was probably one of the best weeks of food I've had in a long time! Ahh it was so good!!! 😋 

On Friday I got to kick it with Elder Barrus my old companion. We had our exchange in The Woodlands! It was just like old times, except for now we are old and feeble! We went contacting and after going for a bit, we knock the door of this Argentine guy, and he lets us in! Honestly I could only understand about 50% of what he was saying haha! But he let us in and he told us that he was a member! It was awesome! He told us that he was actually thinking about coming back to church, and then next thing he found, were two missionaries on his doorstep! That's pretty awesome if you ask me! But half way through the discussion, he asked us, "puede entender mi español"? I was gonna say like, umm not really, but then Elder Barrus says, "si entendemos todo"! I was like, dang it haha! He was really cool though and is excited to come back to church! At the end of the lesson I asked Elder Barrus if he could actually understand, and he was like, not at all haha! Then later that night we went and taught Dora (la exploradora) again! One thing about Dora is she can talk!!! 😲 She went off at the beginning of the lesson for 30 min until we could get anything out of our mouths! But once we finally could speak we taught a great restoration lesson! Dora told us that she already knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet! We want to set a date for baptism with her this week! We are so excited!

We are also teaching someone named Irma! She has a baptismal date for next month but has been going through a lot of trials! Elder Wells and I taught a powerful Plan of Salvation lesson with her yesterday, and we hit hard on our purpose in this life and the atonement! I've definitely seen a lot of trials in my life and I felt the spirit so powerfully as I bore my testimony of the atonement and cleansing and liberating feeling it brings! Her and her kids promised to read the Book of Mormon and find the peace that it brings! 

Spiritual Thought:
Our ward is really missionary minded and it is absolutely incredible! Yesterday in Priesthood we taught everyone how they can give a Book of Mormon to a friend! We asked those to raise their hand who had given one away, and we asked how they did it!. One member said that they had talked about the church before, and it was a easy transition! We then asked all the elders quorum and jóvenes if they had ever shared their beliefs with their friends and almost all of there hands shot up! The Hermano that gave the Book of Mormon away, talked about the amazing feeling that he had when he gave it away! We then role played with one of the youth on how to give a BOM to a friend! After we finished and testified of the power of the Book of Mormon we asked all the brethren, who would want a Book of Mormon to give to their friends? We had about 20 people raise their hand, after giving each one a copy, I knew that there would be so many more people learning about the Book of Mormon! My invitation is the same to all of you! Who is one person that you know, or maybe even kind of know that could receive of Book of Mormon? I invite you to pray about who could receive one, and give that person a Book of Mormon! I know that you will feel a different kind of spirit as you do so! 

Thanks y'all I hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much! 

Love, Elder Heiner!

Elder Barrus and I!

The Woodlands

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