Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week 95: Last Full Month Of The Mission Starts Now!

I'm so glad for the opportunity I have to serve the Lord in this area! I absolutely love The Woodlands! It's definitely one of my favorite places I've ever been to. This week Elder Wells and I hit it hard again, setting two dates, increasing the faith of member missionaries and having amazing experiences! 

On Tuesday, to start it off we had such an inspiring zone Conference! We talked about the ways we can ignite members in the work! One thing I've learned is that we always need to be relevant! Make ourselves known and always inspire! Wherever we are there is someone who needs us! We were also instructed on ways how we can more effectively build the kingdom of God! We took all of our last former Investigators who had ever gone to church, or who received a date in The Woodlands Elders and Hermanas area and found 5 names who we prayed about and felt inspired could receive a baptismal date within the next 30 days! Throughout this last week we have had the chance to talk to so many of our members about the list, and we are excited to set some baptismal dates pretty soon! 

But speaking of baptismal dates, Elder Wells and I set two dates on Tuesday after the conference with David and Zurri, a couple of our new investigators! They are amazing, and really show great desires to change! They weren't able to go to church yesterday, but we know the Lord will definitely help them prepare for May 27! 

The best part of the whole week was yesterday! We had so many spiritual experiences! The first one was that after the sacrament was passed during church, I sat next to a less active that had come to church that day, and a couple minutes later he looked at me and asked if he could talk to me for a sec. We stand up and go to the foyer. He then started to ask me some questions about the church, things he definitely wasn't happy about! I could tell he was angry, and I was getting a little frustrated myself, but then I had this thought and I know it wasn't my own thought, but it said, look at him how I look at him!!! Then here's how our conversation went: Me: how has your reading in the Book of Mormon been? Him: I don't like reading it because it's boring, and I just can't do it. Me: What's holding you back from reading it? Him: well first I don't want to and second Obispo's asked me to read it and even the prophet has  asked me to read but I'm still not gonna read it! Me: Well, what do you like to read about? Him: well I like reading about WWll but that's about it. Me: you know I just finished the book of Alma and I know you'd really like it, because it talks about exactly what you like! Him: hmmm I guess I can try it! In that moment the spirit was the strongest! I gave him a hug and felt that maybe something might change within him! We went back into the chapel and then sat down! 

Later that day we had dinner with a family, and I was impressed to share Alma 48: 8-9, which talks about how we need to fortify our weaknesses to prepare for the world, and as we shared how we can, the spirit was really strong and the mom, told us that this was an answer to her prayers. That in Sunday school she received the same spiritual confirmation to pray and fast to find out what to fortify! It was so cool! Then later we had a musical Charla Fogenera that our ward put on, and it was a huge success! We at least 100 people show up and at least 30 of them were non members. It was awesome! It was super nerve racking though because I sang two songs being apart of a duet! It was the first time I had ever sang in front of a crowd that big, without a whole choir with me, but the spirit was there and it turned out really good! The whole charla fogenera was awesome though, and after we had the chance to meet all the non members that people had invited! A lot of seeds were planted! To finish off the Sunday we were in the area of one of the Less Active members in our ward. We didn't know what to talk to her about but in desperate measures the spirit always pulls through! She really opened up and told us a lot of personal trials she'd been through, and as I sat there I felt the spirit really strongly and was able to share a lot of my trials and how God has been able to help me. I had the thought to share the story from the Mormon message the hope of gods light, and how Todd was so close to taking his life, but because he showed his faith and "fasted", other people "true friends" were able to come into the picture and save his life! She told us that she had never thought about fasting about the answers she's been searching for! She told us she will fast for an answer, of what she needs to do! 

I just want to share with y'all the power that the spirit has in helping our lives! I know that without the spirit I would just be a 19 year old kid "trying" and probably failing at helping people make righteous changes! But we do have the spirit, and the blessings that come from it! I invite all of you to find out what you can do to fortify your weaknesses and fast and pray to know what you can improve, so that we can qualify to have the spirit! I love you all so much, sorry this letter was so long today😊! 
Make it a great one!

Love, Elder Heiner

This is Bryan, he came out with us for 9 hours on Wednesday! He's a stud!

That moment after a long day when you pull up to one of Gods most
beautiful creations! Miracles! Sorry the photo is a bit fuzzy. 

Thanks so much for the package mom! I love you!